Shower Routine?

In this post, I am super excited to talk about my shower routine/the products that I use in the shower. It might not excite everybody that much, but sometimes I can get a bit nosy just to see what products everybody is using in their shower. I know showering is a necessity already but it is almost like a ritual for me.from dry-brushing to moisturising. I love having that intimate relationship with my own skin, and in the end it becomes almost an indulgence for me.

1. Dry-Brush

I discovered the benefits of dry-brushing last year when I went on Kora Organics blog. It is like reactivating your skin again as it feels very rejuvenating. The method has been used for many centuries even the ancient Greek athletes back then. It is one of the most important step for me personally as our bodies are increasingly exposed to environmental stressors daily. I do this once a day, before I pop into the shower every morning starting from my left feet. Besides exfoliating dead skin cells, it especially helps to encourage blood circulation and assist in lymphatic drainage that controls the supply of oxygen and nutrients to your body. 

This is my favourite dry brush that I got from SpiritBeautyLounge by Hydrea London ($14) which also includes wooden pegs that you can massage your cellulite and sore/tired muscles with. The bristles hardness here are medium, so if you are a beginner you can buy one at your local store with a more gentle bristles. In Australia, I know Woolworth sells them.

2. Shampoo + Conditioner

I always change my shampoo and conditioner even though I know it's bad. I just haven't found the ones that I can always rely on and stick with. Anyway, right now I'm using O&M Fine intellect shampoo and conditioner and... it is great! not for the wallet though. I never bought a shampoo/conditioner that costs $24 each before so it does lean more towards a higher-end one. It boosts up my hair volume although still does not reduce (but not increase) my excessive hair fall. The smell is okay, it's like bubblegum but it does smell artificial and does not last long.

3. Soap

I always change soap as well just because I get bored of smells easily. I am usually looking for 'aromatherapy' feeling when finding soaps. So this Honey Shower Gel by Greenscape ($17.95 at David Jones) is definitely something different from what I usually buy. The smell is sweet just like honey! literally like honey, I just want to eat it up. Because of the absence of sulfates, it still actually lathers up pretty well when I use loofah. It does not leave my skin taught, but still leaves it feeling clean. For the size and the commitment to sustainability and health, the price is justified. I just wish that it comes in a travel size! 

4. Exfoliator

I know that dry-brushing is already a part of exfoliating your dead skin cells, but if I want something extra (which I do once every 3-4 days) I use my Aurora Spa Rituals' Resurfacing Skin Cream ($62 at Mecca Cosmetica). It is the only body exfoliator that works on the odd bumps that I get on my arms when I thought they won't ever go away. It smells strong like cardamom and uses Walnut & Wattleseed + Papaya & Pineapple enzymes to physically and chemically exfoliate your skin. I love that it is a cream, so it does not feel abrasive on your skin. I also love love the smell, it's like its been made straight from the kitchen. I will definitely purchase this again in a heartbeat, it does last long given the frequency of the usage + the performance is superb.

Just one thing that I dislike is the wooden lid, I do not recommend you to put it in the shower. I understand that it wants to give that 'spa' kind of product but is quite unpractical at home.

5. Moisturizer

I am a huge fan of slathering body oils and I do this right away after drying myself out of the shower. Slathering body oil when your skin is damp helps it to absorb better. I use Loving Earth's Coconut Butter/Oil ($12.90 at 450ml) and I use it for cooking/juicing too! Anyway, their texture is very similar to RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream, it is super smooth just like a butter and has very mild coconutty flavour. So luscious and good for you!


After hydrating my skin with oil, I typically apply a cream/lotion based moisturiser. Spirit told me that although lotions won't penetrate deeper like oils (hence why I used body oils first), it helps to protect the moisture from escaping. I go for lighter lotions, like the Lavender from L'occitane ($39) or Mandarin & Rosemary Leaf from Grown Organics ($27.50). Greenescape has a body moisturiser that comes in the same Honey scent but I am not a fan of the texture.

I also do not use perfumes, I can end up liking some scents but then they smell too overwhelming for me and makes me feel sick. I usually find my scent from body oils/moisturiser that I use. Body oils that contain essential oils in them usually last longer than creams/ lotions. I am a fan of Tata Harper's Revitalizing body oil because the smell lasts all day but the price hurts (at $90 for 120ml) given the base of the oils are sunflower & grapeseed. 

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