Sultry Smokey Eyes

This is my take on the sultry smoky eye using RMS Beauty's Magentic & Karma eyeshadows.

1. Apply light foundation/concealer on the face. I was using RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-Up in 33.
2. Using the finger, dab a little bit of RMS Beauty Magnetic all over the lid also take it to the side like the third photo. 
3. Take a fine liner brush (I use Alima Pure's), dip it in into Magnetic and line it under the eyes. Smudge it out. My favourite is just to use cotton buds but spongey eyeshadow applicator should do too.
4. Using fine liner brush again, dip it into RMS Beauty Karma and define your eyes.
5. Using Living Luminizer, dab it in the corner of your eyes to really open them up.
6. Finalize the look by dabbing RMS Beauty's Lip Shine in Moment on your lips. The flash might have made the colour to appear pink, but it is supposed to be nude-ish. 

This is a very quick and easy look when I want more oomph on a friday night out. I hope you like the look, I personally love how the nudy lips have balanced the heaviness of the eyes. I really enjoy experimenting with RMS Beauty's cream eyeshadows because they're so easy to wear +++ it really adds dimensions to your eyes without having to use more than one colour. I am especially loving the use of Karma here as it really defines the eyes. 

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