Holiday Gift Guide Under $40

With the holiday season around the corner, it's the time of the year when I'm the most confused in choosing and buying gifts for friends and family. If it wasn't for the choosing paper and matching ribbon part, I think I would have given up. Whilst I was at it and getting all excited this week, I picked out a bunch of items that you could possibly get for and under $40. I think they will be perfect as a gift or to spoil yourself with. You can, of course mix and match and replace this with that, depending on how you feel. Check it out below. 

For The Most Nourished Skin

This Ambre Botanicals' Bath oil smells like Rosemary, Mint & Thyme with the base blend of Safflower, Macademia and Castor oils. So, not only it is invigorating for the mind and aches on the body, the oils in this are very nourishing! It is also 100% raw, natural, no-filler, vegan and everything is cold pressed. 150 ml $28 from being content and ambre botanicals. If you want your gift to be even more awesome, top it off with this carbonized bamboo exfoliating gloves by Hydrea London for an extra $12 from Being Content or SBL . These gloves are much more gentle than dry brushes. Use it in the shower along with the bath oil to ensure the silkiest and most nourished skin ever. Both products are ideal for all skin types including sensitive skin. Total value = $40 (The price of the bath oil is after conversion from Pounds. Therefore, outside EU pays cheaper w.o tax)

For Healthy and Pretty nails

Fig + Yarrow Nail + Cuticle Salve ($20 | 50 ml or $14 | 25 ml) is a blend of herbs, oils and plant essences specifically made to nourish the health of your nails and culticle, like described! It contains Horsetail, Oatstraw and Nettles which contains highest amount of Silica, excellent to bring your nails and cuticles to their best state. No fillers, just rich and beneficial ingredients. Any excess can be used to moisturise the dry hands too. An excellent alternative to this salve is Vapour Beauty's nail & cuticle oil ($12). Make the nails even prettier with Kure Bazaar 4-frees ($16) in Cherie from SBL, a sultry cherry red colour. Zoya's Isla  ($16) is also a nice alternative. Total value = $36. 

Inspired by Hortense, I found this charm bracelet by Realmoxie's etsy for $10. I have always loved an understated charm-like bracelet that you can use alone or layer. This "Love Knot" is a 22K  gold plated pewter bead strung on waxed cotton cord. Help them feel more joyful, full of laughter and playful with Joy Juice, a flower elixir by Lotus Wei that you consume internally. Also available from SBL and I am Natural Store . Total Value = $45. Yes, I know I am over $40 but you can get crafty! Get a charm of your choice and a quality cotton cord to make the bracelet. Or, a cheaper alternative to Joy Juice that is also great is Buddha Nose's Hearty Spray at $24 (makes the total = $34) .

The Morning Routine

Start the day with this Spirulina Sea Mud facial mask, by Peridot Botanicals ($15 | 4 oz). It is full of beneficial anti-oxidants and minerals to detoxify, cleanse and nurture the skin. Whilst waiting for the mask to do its job for 15 to 20 minutes, enjoy it with Gabrielle Aunt's Morning Routine candle here ($12 | 6 oz), 100% natural, soy and veggie waxes-based with essential oils and other botanical. It is scented with Coffee Absolute, Vanilla, Hazelnut & Orange. So yummy to start the day with! Total Value = $28. 

To Heal and Feel Tranquil  

In the midst of this increasingly busy lifestyle, it is good to take sometime alone and meditate. I love this Binchotan Eye mask by Morihata ($25) because it doubles as a healing mask (lasts for a long time!). The charcoals contained really help to relieve fatigue by easing pressure on the eye nerve, promote blood circulation and soothes away tension headache. Lay down, and enjoy it with Tibetan Incese Lotus in Tranqulity ($8.95) as well as a cup of Pukka's Lemongrass & Ginger tea ($6.95). You can get the mask and incense from I am Natural Store and the tea from SBLTotal value = $40.95.

I would love to know what you have got in your shopping carts currently that make a perfect gift. The more ideas the better! 

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