Dr. Alkaitis' Soothing Gel

First Impression

Dr. Alkaitis has two packaging versions; Europe (as pictured) and US (transparent green). I personally like the European one more because it is so very sleek and screams 'Dr. Alkaitis' name! It is slightly more expensive though buying from the Europe, I am not sure if it is also due to the packaging on top of tax, but it just stands so beautifully on the vanity anyway.

One thing that I absolutely love about Dr. Alkaitis is that it is unisex. The scent is herbal and won't refrain male or female users! Although the European packaging is more classy, the US one is also very neutral which important because the males tend to not want to be judged from using over-florally skin care. One interesting fact is that many skin care brands have higher percentage of female users, but Dr. Alkaitis has 50% of male customers which is quite unusual in the beauty industry.

What I think 

Soothing gel by Dr. Alkaitis is exactly what it is. Everything about the texture, the ingredients, the scent, they are absolutely calming to the body and mind. Unfortunately, I am unable to use this on my face as I develop irritations, probably due to the essential oils contained in it. As much as I wish I could, I am only able to use this on my body where I get irritated red bumps after I shower (on my neck, chest and arms) and also as a post-waxing treatment. This gives such an instant calming effect. Yes, instant! It's funny how my face and my body have different tolerance to products and smells, however, I am glad that I still can use it. My brother who is prone to acne uses this on his face and really likes it as it is a light gel but also moisturising to keep his face smooth and supple.

I find the scent very lasting, but I love the lasting therapeutic benefit I get from it.

Would I recommend it? 

The texture of the soothing gel is definitely a gel but more fluid, so it is very easy and quick to spread and get absorbed by the skin. If you are keen to try this (as long as you are not sensitive to strong scent from essential oils), it is perfect to use as an acne-treatment where you can slather it all over your face and neck as it gives a deeply comforting feeling and is also anti-bacterial and hydrating enough if you have combination to oily skin types. It is also good for people who have eczema and rosacea and the use is not only limited as an acne treatment, but also as a post-waxing treatment  I am not sure if it would sting, but I personally use this after waxing or shaving and it does not sting at all on me. The reason I am mentioning this is that Dr. Alkaitis blends their base of Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel in organically grown Grape Alcohol. It is supposed to be gentle on the skin because it has been formulated in a specified formulas and quantities that it actually acts as a hydrating tonic for oily skin rather than drying it out. 


  1. Dr. Alkaitis toner, gel, and oil are my HG products for acne. I recently strayed to try something new, but my skin freaked out. Back to Dr. Alkaitis and things calmed down the next day.

    1. That is so so so great to hear. Dr Alkaitis has amazing ingredients!

  2. Dr. Alkaitis is amazing! Their products are packed with good ACTIVE ingredients... therefore some may have sensitivity. I love this gel on my skin after plucking eyebrows, shaving or just on the pimples. It soothes, calms and heals so fast. I love your blog by the way... browsing it through as we speak and want more after every post.

    Take care!

    1. Hi Maris,

      Dr Alkaitis IS a fantastic line. The products are all raw, wildcrafted and therefore active. I think I might have a sensitivity towards one of two ingredients in it (not sure what it is though!). Their facial creams are fine with me though, but the toner and the gel might be too astringent for me. However, this soothing gel is very effective on areas that I just shave.

      Thank you for your kind comment Maris. Loving your blog too.