Full review on Vapour Beauty Soft Focus Perfector in S903 & Foundation in S125

I have been using Vapour's products for the past couple of weeks. I love that this duo survives in 38 degrees Celsius in Australia without melting or being cakey. As if you cannot tell already, I certainly fell in love with it.  From the foundation to the blush and bronzer, they blend and glide so seamlessly. I just haven't actually used anything like it. Without further ado, lets jump onto each of the product review.. 

First Impression

'Vapour, like the name suggests captures their 
'light-as-air' weight and texture in their packaging'

I really like that the inside of the box packaging is neon pink which contrasts with indigo blue hues, so beautiful. Vapour, like the name suggests captures their 'light as air' weight and texture in a semi-translucent and weightless containers such as their Soft Focus Foundation and Skin Perfector. Both products come in a pump dispenser to preserve the product from possible contaminations- not that it contains any water in the first place in which bacteria likes to grow

I am currently on vacation and I bring both products with me. In terms of travel-friendliness, they are not a problem at all to carry since they weigh very light!

Stratus Soft Focus - Skin Perfector in S903

'I am not usually one that goes for shimmers, but these are gorgeous!'
'Foundation, blushes, bronzers applications have never been easier to use, 
you will thank Stratus.'

Vapour Beauty Skin Perfector | 30 ml | $54

Don't you just love those gorgeous gold shimmers? I am usually not one that goes for shimmers, but I love subtle pretty sheen. The mica particles are quite undetectable unless you go real close and really analyse yourself. The way after it's applied onto the skin and as your face moves in different angles really give that healthy glow-from-within look. 

Stratus claims to be the revolutionary organic BB-cream that moisturises, primes and evens out skin tone. I come from Asian ethnicity and it's hard to find a foundation for me without making my face looks grey and dull. Thus, Stratus has done such a great job as it makes my face appears very even and it is brightened up too! Plus, it leaves the skin very velvety to touch. Foundation, blushes, bronzers applications have never been easier to use, you will thank Stratus. 

Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation in 125

' the foundation is comparable to a really good tinted moisturiser'
'It feels very light on your skin, feels like your own skin and
 just so very comfortable!'

Vapour Beauty Foundation | 30 ml | $48

The foundation is said to have medium to full coverage, although I could never make it to full. Refer to my previous post to see how well this foundation covers. In terms of coverage, the foundation is comparable to a really good tinted moisturiser instead of a foundation that you expect to have full coverage. It feels very light on your skin, feels like your own skin and just so very comfortable! What impresses me even more is that I would usually need two colour foundations as my forehead is slightly darker. But the number 125 is perfect at evening out my skin tone, along with the Stratus, it is like a chameleon! It just blends so seamlessly and does not hide but only enhances your true skin. The finish is semi-matte which is a nice alternative to RMS "Un" Cover-Up that I use too as a concealer, but can sometimes feels heavy on the skin as a full-face foundation.

Would I recommend it? 

Definitely, yes yes yes. If you're wondering about the scent, Stratus smells like fruit essences which is very pleasing and uplifting whereas the foundation smells kind of funky, it smells like.. I am not sure.. almost like Cumin but smells green? It can be off-putting, but I don't mind it since I love the foundation so much. I have normal to dry skin, I am not sure how it will work on oily skin but I think that it will be just fine. I do not feel the oiliness at all from this product which I do from RMS. The coverage is decent and the lasting power is really good. It survives through the 38 degrees Celcius summer in Melbourne and also helps to protects the harsh dry winter in where I am currently at. In terms of skin care qualities, you may skip your moisturiser if you feel that they are already moisturising. I personally still use my facial oil or my Vive Sana sunscreen depending what my skin needs. What is nice is that the ingredients work synergistically with each other to provide anti-oxidants and they also balance the skin and thus won't aggravate acne.

Being that it's a natural and organic line, the brand actually offers a decent range of colours available from really fair to dark. The foundation range is categorized into pink and olive undertones and the stratus comes in 3 different shades; for light to medium sallow/olive skin, fair to medium skin with neutral to pink undertones, and medium tan skin with yellow/olive undertone and dark skin which I use. 

I am pretty sure some of you have heard of Vapour Organics Beauty, would love to hear what products you have tried from them and what you think! 

About The Brand.. 

Image credit goes to Vapour Organic Beauty
Have you heard of the name Eric Sakas? I have always been a fan of Kevyn Aucoin products and he was previously the president of the brand before he joined Vapour Beauty team. So, what got him interested in developing Vapour Beauty? Krysa, the founder, came to let him try Vapour Beauty products, and he was pleasantly surprised by the texture and just the way that the product feels on the skin. He was actually very shocked to find out that the product is plant-derived, "Vapour felt light-as-air on my skin and replicated the look of dewy, youthful skin like nothing I'd ever seen" - Eric. Take that from someone who has worked in the cosmetic industry for so long. 

Vapour commits to performance, quality, sustainability and definitely ethical. 70% of the ingredients are certified organic whereas the rest is comprised mineral pigments and natural vitamins. No water, means no fillers. You get what you get.

I bought mine at I am Natural Store


  1. Thank you for the review!I'm curious about this coverage.I think this is more like a tinted moisturizer.Btw,do you have any other liquid foundie that has good coverage?

    1. Hey, I agree with you. I also mentioned it as a really good tinted moisturiser rather than a full-coverage foundation. It's weird though, I seem to get a better coverage from the tester pot when the product had turned into thicker consistency rather than when it is liquidy.

      I'm sorry the only thing I have tried in terms of concealing/foundation is RMS Beauty (which is amaaaazing)and Vapour Beauty. I have heard of Nvey Eco but I doubt it's any better than this one. Sorry, cannot help you with that one!

    2. Ah,I'm planning on ordering some tester pot and somehow I'm not sure if tester pot can represent the product enough(esp.its coverage)since it'll turn into thicker consistency during shipment.Gladdd you tell me this!Thank you*peluk*^^v

      RMS beauty,of course it's better in term of coverage.It's cream,it's sure thicker.It's just I prefer to use cream as concealer,not foundie.Cream foundie in Indonesia hot weather..@_@ Need to search more liquid foundie I guess :/

    3. Living Nature has got a liquid foundation that feel light on the skin, although I haven't personally tried it myself I have read some great reviews. http://www.naturisimo.com/products_other.cfm?id=1602&type=Foundation&makeup=1

      There's also this one by an Australian brand called INIKA http://www.naturisimo.com/products_other.cfm?id=120&type=Foundation&makeup=1

      Let me know which one you choose and which one works out well for you. I hope you will love Vapour as much as I do. I tried wearing "Un" Cover-Up in Indonesia, I guess it really depends on your skin type as well. For me, it does not create heaviness on my skin which I thought it would. My tip would just be to use a lighter moisturiser underneath when I use "Un" Cover-Up. My favourite is only two drops of preferred facial oil when I feel a bit oily. You can also dab some translucent powder to keep your cream/liquid foundations fresh and matte.

      Have you heard of One Love Organics' waterless balm? I looked into the product deeper and the balm can be multi-tasked to create a base for your mineral powder foundation. Although it is balm-based, because you mix your mineral powder into the balm, the consistency is entirely up to you. If you decide to try this, try it out with Alima Pure Mineral Foundation.

  2. I bought samples of these. Crossing my fingers that they'll work for me. However... I'm still getting RMS un cover-up no matter what. :)

  3. I use this foundation, and I would say it has medium coverage. I use the green Alima primer powder to help reduce redness before I use the foundation. I also layer Alima Pure foundation over the top for more coverage and Make Up For Ever setting powder over everything. It helps keep the shine down and the makeup to stay in place. I love Vapour's soft focus foundation and soft focus stratus...really, really love them. :)

    1. Wow, so glad to hear that! I still yet need to try face products from Alima Pure. Thanks for the tip, I am definitely going to try it out.