The Jeneral Store Haul

The Jeneral Store is as cute as a button that I just have to post about my shopping haul right away. When Jenny first reached out to me, I was so pleasantly surprised by how clean and fresh the website looks. Her small range but a careful curation of great products seem personal rather than 'commercial', it's like as if I was browsing through Jenny's very own beauty vanity. All the beauty products are organic, natural or wild-crafted. The Jeneral Store would be a perfect destination for gifting ideas where you can also browse for adorable wrapping papers, cards and Japanese tapes (seriously who can get enough of this?!).

1. Alexis Smart - About Face Flower Essence
Remember my post awhile back about flower essences and how much I like them? Ever since started using Lotus Wei's ones, I am in the hunt for flower essences by another brand and Alexis Smart it is, guys! Since I still have got my stock of 'Inspired Action' and 'Joy Juice' by Lotus Wei in hand, I thought I would try out About Face instead. This is said to help with my confidence for my physical imperfections. The Jeneral Store does not carry the full range but does carry the important ones such as My Personal Assistant, Ganesh, Wholehearted and In Love. Alexis recommends to concentrate on 1 flower essence at a time for highest effectiveness rather than mixing it up.

2. BAGGU shopping bag - Alpaca pattern
I cannot get enough of these BAGGU shopping bags after getting one for free from SBL - I got the seahorse in turquoise, so freaking cute! Not only it's super handy (when I have enough of supplies of the plastic bags to be recycled into plastic bins), the material is absolutely durable and I have carried quite heavy stuff in there. Also use it to pack your lunch or get creative with your gifting ideas.

3. May Lindstrom The Good Stuff - Body Oil
I am quite obsessed with MLS products. From her exfoliating cleanser, her mask, her facial oil.. and finally this body oil that makes you feel so good and awakens up all your senses. The magical blend of Cocoa, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Lavender are just so enchanting and if you love a bit of shimmer, this body oil contains golden mica that will leave you glowing without being too much. This is a total body elixir to me.

4. The Balm Diggity Pack - Combat Ready Balm + Brew Lip Balm
The ultimate winter duo. The Combat Ready Balm is specially made for eczema, sunburn, insect bites, diaper rash and blisters. The consistency is very thick, would be useful to hydrate very dry skin and at the same time  this gives such a calming effect to alleviate skin symptoms. I have also only been using the Brew Lip Balm for a couple of days but this stuff is crazy good. I usually used Hurraw religiously but find that it just kinda coats my lips sometimes without truly penetrating it. Well, this Brew lip balm has the perfect texture because it is so creamy but not oily. I am especially fascinated by the rare use of ingredients in a lip balm such as apricot kernel oil, fish oil, star anise and myrrh. 

5. Pure Relief Roll On by Helios
When the package arrives, it was a coincidence that my arms have been quite sore for a couple of days so this Relief Roll-On was a godsend. It soothes the soreness right away and has such a refreshing smell to it - like minty balsam mixed with healing spices and Lavender. I am usually not a fan of smelling like peppermint but this has got the right amount of 'mintiness' in it that I love.

6. Crystal Essence Deodorant - Chamomile & Green Tea
I have a good first impression with this deodorant as it lasted throughout a very hot day yesterday without losing its effectiveness to eliminate odours. The scent of Chamomile & Green Tea is also so soft and not cloying like others. The ingredients are: Water/Aqua, Potassium Alum, Hydroxyethyl-cellulose, Chamomilla Recutia (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Sodium Bicarbonate. I was a bit wary to find that there is sodium bicarbonate in this (from past experiences of using natural deodorants), but since it's the last ingredient in the list so I will have to give it time before I fully review on this.

PS: I just want to give a shout out to Jenny, thank you for the 'thank you' card and the very well packaged- goodies with the adorable Japanese tapes that I still cannot get over.

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