How do you consume your coconut oil?

I'm pretty sure you have heard many many times the discussion on coconut oil. It is included in many skin care products because of its highly moisturising property for all skin types. It is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and many more that is beneficial even for acne-prone skin. A make up line such as RMS Beauty is boasting with raw coconut oil that gives your skin such a beautiful glow and hydration (combined with other ingredients). It also acts as a preservative in RMS products because of those properties.

Personally, I use coconut oil to take off my make up (when I have ran out of my normal make up remover) as it melts into such a silky texture on the skin. When I cleanse with it, there is no need to actually moisturise afterwards. It gives such a nice moisturise film on my face, and gives it a healthy a glow the next day. There is no doubt that I would always have a supply of coconut oil in my home due to its millions benefits.

I am writing this post because I want to ask you guys, do you internally take coconut oil as your daily 'supplement'? If so, how do you take yours?

I have been consuming it daily now, sometimes straight up from the jar (3 teaspoons daily throughout the day) and other times in my cooking, my hot beverage or my smoothies. When consuming it just like that, especially me who have only just started a couple of weeks, I get an upset stomach. My tip for a starter is to take a minimum dose (in accordance to your body weight), and never take it with empty stomach. I have also tried other 'beauty' oils and experienced a similar thing. Therefore, start slow and build up until you think it is good to do so.

'Coconut oil contains two powerful anti microbial agents in capric acid and lauric acid. Your body converts lauric acid into monolaurin, which has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti protoza properties.' (source). As I am typing this, I am indulging in my green tea that I have mixed with coconut oil. No sweetener, just tea and coconut oil. The taste of the coconut oil (I use RAW & organic coconut 'butter' by Loving Earth) is actually very light that it does not interrupt with the green tea taste but adds a bit of sweetness to it. I love it! Just don't mix it in when the tea is too hot or else the oil will get too hot and scald your tongue. Do it when it's warm enough. I mixed 1 tsp tsp in there. Oh, my lips are also getting so moisturised as I'm drinking this.

Other ways is to put it in the salad. I recently made this tarragon salad that I got from Jamie Oliver book and mix coconut and olive oil in. You can barely taste it, probably because tarragon is very aromatic in the first place. But it was so very delicious! Replacing your usual cooking oil with it is also great.

Why consume coconut oil?
- An all around beauty oil inside and out: improves skin tone, improves dry itchy skin, heals and reduces acne, adds health and shine to hair and nails, reduce the appearance of stretch marks (your skin is more hydrated thus also prevents) (source)
- Promotes weight loss and also maintains your weight as it is detoxifying; balances digestion and nourishes all cells in the body (source)
- A good fat - it is a saturated fat which means that it is needed to absorb all the nutrients (source)
- Supports your immune system, boosts your thyroid to help with metabolism, energy and endurance (sourcesource 2)
- Maintains oral health and it has been discussed if it could actually combat food decay (source)
- Have a positive impact on blood sugar control and can improve insulin use within the body (source ).
- and ect!!

But, can coconut oil be bad for you? It has been a long controversy, as always, two sides. I believe everything must be taken in moderation and everyone's body is different so it's best to talk to an expert for a guarantee. Saying that, it is a very good 'fat' as it is saturated and is made up of medium chain triglycerides that your body find the easiest to metabolize. You must only use virgin coconut oil, and preferably organic and raw. Products can say coconut oil but if it is not virgin, it is trans fats which are bad news to your 'good' cholesterol (it prevents your body's natural ability to utilize HDL), and good news to your 'bad cholesterol (increases the level which can be bad for your heart) (source).

So, how do you take yours?


Volumizing Hair Care & do you like scalp massages?

A hair with volume? Yes, I want that. I have never really gone into depth with my hair care routine, not that I ever had an exciting one but I feel the need to talk about it since ever I have been using John Master Organics deep scalp treatment for the past few weeks. Long story short, my hair is quite thin, falling out, and I want volume.


Impulse Purchase! 'Ultimate Nude' by Nude by Nature + New Burt Bee's Lipglosses

I was over the moon when I saw the new line of Burt's Bees lip glosses at David Jones. Mind you, we don't get shipped new items fast here in Australia, it's usually a season late. Anyway, I have been following Katey Denno, the author of The Beauty of It Is. She is a make up artist and has been partnering up with the brand to give you the best lip colour you could have! I also browsed around Priceline pharmacy today and found out that Nude by Nature has a new pressed eyeshadow palette that comes in two packets: Smokey Eyes and Ultimate Nude. I obviously got the Ultimate Nude one. Read more below for swatches. 


Femme Fatale Eyeshadows

(from left to right with wet left swatch): wavemender, naga mask, effloresence, phantasm, frozen flame, cosmic power, amber eyes, pumpkin shrine, sour suckerpop

Femme Fatale eyshadows are duochrome mineral eyeshadows that has a beautiful complexity to the base colours. As you can probably can tell, I was in my summer to spring mode when I bought these. I was looking for some fun colours that could be used as an eyeliner. I was very satisfied, overall, with how they turn out. The pigments are amazing and they contain small particles of shimmers, not too in your face. I was only disappointed with the colour 'Sour Suckerpop' though, it somehow ends up looking white on my hand? Anyway, this is my first time working with loose powder eyeshadows, and as expected I had a difficult time with the fall-out. But for the price, it is definitely worth it! Especially the versatility of loose eyeshadows that can be used as an eyeliner when the brush is dipped in water. The colours are so mesmerizing it's almost like looking at a galaxy of swatches, but you won't find any completely matte colours. My favourites from these swatches are all the peach shades and Naga Mask.

Femme Fatale cosmetics also offers a variety of sizes with different prices. I bought these small samples for $1.10 each whereas the full size is priced at $5.75. Ingredients for each colours must be checked because there might be slight difference, some colours are not safe for lips and not vegan but some others are. They also sell natural nail polishes, face blushes and illuminators.

Head over to femme fatale cosmestics to purchase.


Products that I would repurchase (Green Beauty Collaboration)

May Lindstrom Skin line is healing, beautifying and yummy you must absolutely try! If I could, I would put all of her products in my re-purchase list. Cyrstal Essence has the best deodorant ever with the smell that is so soft but lasts all day. Kora Organics is an Eco-Cert certified Australian brand that is hands-down so good. I am actually tempted to put their hydrating day & night cream and tinted moisturiser because they leave my skin super super soft and supple, and also protects. Lotus Wei balancing serums are also a joy to use, very healing to the mind. It really helps me to carry positiveness in day to day basis. Brew lip balm by Skincando is just the best lip balm I have ever used. RMS Beauty makes a really good multitasking products with colours that I believe would suit most skin types. The siren lipsticks by Vapour Organics deliver nice pigments and goes on so very creamy, and I also love the lip conditioners by Ilia BeautyMOA Green balm is my make up remover, facial cleanser and moisturiser in the summer but can also be multi-tasked to heal your sore throat or put anywhere on the body! Last but not least, I am not too familiar with eyeshadows, but Kjaer Weis eyeshadows are ones that I am always attracted to.


Madara Sun Flower Tinted Moisturiser

Madara tinted moisturiser is something that I have been wanting to try out for awhile. My skin is not even in general, I have got a discolouration on my forehead and my cheeks. When my skin is being good, I still would like a light coverage tint that won't feel heavy on my skin. Therefore, the tester sachet that I got from my first I Am Natural Store order is perfect. It contains an adequate amount of the moisturiser for 2-3 uses, this is enough to see the colour and have a play with the texture and longevity for a few times.

Madara tinted moisturiser claims to:
tints, illuminates and lightly moisturises
evens out skin tone
perfect skin's appearance
masks imperfection and fine lines
a lighter alternative to foundation - does not create a layer of make up, does not clog pores

Madara tinted moisturiser contains really small particles of shimmers that have seamless illuminating quality to it. I would compare it to RMS' Living Luminizer Mica particles that are almost undetectable but still leaving the skin glowy in a subtle way. This is so very pretty so I would agree that it illuminates and 'perfects' skin's appearance in a sense that it gives you a healthy looking skin.

I can also vouch for evening out the skin tone, but be alarmed that it won't be a drastic coverage. This is best suited to someone who doesn't have problematic skin such as redness or acne scars. It does however still 'evens' out very well but lightly, and it does not feel like you are wearing make up. I wouldn't say that this is an alternative to a foundation as well, it is what it is, a tinted moisturiser. It does not go cakey or settle into my fine lines so I say try it out if you already have a pretty good skin but does not want a no-fuss make up routine.

The scent is refreshing like a freshly cut grass. I must admit it does not fall into my favourite scent but it is bearable. The ingredients are 100% natural and 15% organic.

Available in two colours: Golden Beige (Sun Flower) and Rose Beige (Moon Flower).

aqua, alcohol, glycerin***, rosa damascena (rose) flower water*, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil*, helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil*, cetearyl alcohol, cetearyl glucoside, rosa canina (rosehip) fruit extract*, calendula officinalis (calendula) flower extract*, chamomilla recutita (camomile) flower extract*, plantago major (plantain) leaf extract*, algae (algae) extract, stearic acid, palmitic acid, tocopherol, ascorbyl palmitate, xantham gum, sodium phytate, aroma**, [+/- (may contain) CI 77019 (mica), CI 77891 (titanium dioxide), CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499 (iron oxides)]****.
*ingredients from organic farming
** natural essential oils
***made using organic ingredients
****pure mineral pigments


Gold & Salmon

RMS Beauty Powder, May Lindstrom The Youth Dew, Vapour Organics Beauty Soft Focus Foundation in 135, RMS Beauty eyeshadows in Solar and Seduce, RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-up in 33, RMS Beauty lip2cheek Promise

I took an advantage of Zuneta 20% member sale awhile back and ordered RMS Beauty "Un" Powder + RMS Beauty lip2cheek in Promise. I must say that I am so happy with the colours that I decided to do a make up look inspired by the warm pink/salmon look (as described by RMS) with a very subtle golden shimmer. 


RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek 'Rapture' & Ilia Beauty Lipstick 'Femme Fatale'

(left to right) Ilia Beauty in Femme Fatale & RMS Beauty in Rapture 
(left to right) Ilia Beauty in Femme Fatale & RMS Beauty in Rapture 
I am a massive fan of Ilia Beauty lip range as well as RMS Beauty lip2cheek. I have not personally purchased any tinted lip conditioners by ILIA but 3 of their lipsticks are absolutely amazing. As for RMS, I love their versatility and universal colours. Anyway, I needed a deep colour but ended up picking up Femme Fatale and Rapture. Read more for swatches and descriptions. 

3 natural deodorants that I have tried

Courtesy of Spirit Beauty Lounge

Finding a natural deodorant has definitely been a venture for me. Not only it must be effective, but just because it is natural, it still has a potential to cause irritation for my underarms. As an example, I am easily irritated by baking soda which is the main ingredient in many of natural deodorants nowadays. Below, are my top 3 natural deodorants that I recommend to try out. 2 of them contain baking soda which I have mentioned before, but it is worth a shot to try out if you are not sensitive to it.