Femme Fatale Eyeshadows

(from left to right with wet left swatch): wavemender, naga mask, effloresence, phantasm, frozen flame, cosmic power, amber eyes, pumpkin shrine, sour suckerpop

Femme Fatale eyshadows are duochrome mineral eyeshadows that has a beautiful complexity to the base colours. As you can probably can tell, I was in my summer to spring mode when I bought these. I was looking for some fun colours that could be used as an eyeliner. I was very satisfied, overall, with how they turn out. The pigments are amazing and they contain small particles of shimmers, not too in your face. I was only disappointed with the colour 'Sour Suckerpop' though, it somehow ends up looking white on my hand? Anyway, this is my first time working with loose powder eyeshadows, and as expected I had a difficult time with the fall-out. But for the price, it is definitely worth it! Especially the versatility of loose eyeshadows that can be used as an eyeliner when the brush is dipped in water. The colours are so mesmerizing it's almost like looking at a galaxy of swatches, but you won't find any completely matte colours. My favourites from these swatches are all the peach shades and Naga Mask.

Femme Fatale cosmetics also offers a variety of sizes with different prices. I bought these small samples for $1.10 each whereas the full size is priced at $5.75. Ingredients for each colours must be checked because there might be slight difference, some colours are not safe for lips and not vegan but some others are. They also sell natural nail polishes, face blushes and illuminators.

Head over to femme fatale cosmestics to purchase.


  1. Beautiful colors! I'm not sure I can wear them (I haven't tried pastels before) but the swatches definitely look pretty!

    1. I don't think I can ever wear those colours all over my lid. However, a few of the colours, I am going to use as a fun eyeliner :)