Gold & Salmon

RMS Beauty Powder, May Lindstrom The Youth Dew, Vapour Organics Beauty Soft Focus Foundation in 135, RMS Beauty eyeshadows in Solar and Seduce, RMS Beauty "Un" Cover-up in 33, RMS Beauty lip2cheek Promise

I took an advantage of Zuneta 20% member sale awhile back and ordered RMS Beauty "Un" Powder + RMS Beauty lip2cheek in Promise. I must say that I am so happy with the colours that I decided to do a make up look inspired by the warm pink/salmon look (as described by RMS) with a very subtle golden shimmer. 

I have been getting a lot of breakouts for these 2 past weeks due to new environment adjustment. I am a bit unfortunate because even when I don't pick on my pimples, they sometimes seem to leave a mark. However, Soft Focus Foundation by Vapour Beauty is lightweight and covers just enough for the redness and my dark acne scars (I reviewed the foundation and the skin perfector here). 

Anyway, I moisturised my skin with a drop of the Youth Dew by May Lindstrom. This is the best texture for a facial oil I have ever used because of the silk-like texture. Let it absorb. I then apply my foundation (in colour S135) with a Beauty Blender. My favourite is also to use "Un" Cover-Up in 33 for spot concealing. 

After my base is set, I used 'Promise' on my lip and cheeks to really tie the look together. Keep it simple. My tip for dabbing on the lips is to smile, and dab it little by little so that it does not really set into your cracked lines. 

For the eyes, I applied 'Solar' all over my lid which I love to use as a base. I then added a little bit of depth by using 'Seduce' on my crease and just blend. PS: sorry about the left eye, should have blended it a bit more. But you get the idea :D 

The last step is to powder. This is optional if you prefer the dewy look. But since it's crazy hot here, I don't want to risk my make up melting too much. I use "Un" Powder which is a translucent powder that will leave your skin soft not chalky. You can also use it to set your cream eyeshadows by RMS as they do tend to crease. However, you will lose the quality of the shine but it is good if you want your cream eyeshadows to be matte and lasts without creasing. 


  1. I am a new Youth Drew user. So a drop huh? i wasnt liking it too much since i was using a pump full for my face. It was greasy. I so badly want it to work for me....

    1. Depends on the skin type, I usually need just a drop. But when my skin is drier I use about 1 1/2 - 2 pumps. I can see why it can be unsuitable for some skin types though. Although it does not feel greasy on me, it is highly moisturising (but highly penetrating too), so maybe try using a less dense facial oil. Do you use any other facial oil? :) (do share! I am looking for a new one)

  2. Thinking of buying vapor foundation do you have any online store recommendations. I live in the US.

    & do you have an instagram? i would love to follow you :)

    1. I really recommend Spirit Beauty Louge! They have a good return policy in case the foudation does not work for you.

      My instagram account is Kasatella.