Products that I would repurchase (Green Beauty Collaboration)

May Lindstrom Skin line is healing, beautifying and yummy you must absolutely try! If I could, I would put all of her products in my re-purchase list. Cyrstal Essence has the best deodorant ever with the smell that is so soft but lasts all day. Kora Organics is an Eco-Cert certified Australian brand that is hands-down so good. I am actually tempted to put their hydrating day & night cream and tinted moisturiser because they leave my skin super super soft and supple, and also protects. Lotus Wei balancing serums are also a joy to use, very healing to the mind. It really helps me to carry positiveness in day to day basis. Brew lip balm by Skincando is just the best lip balm I have ever used. RMS Beauty makes a really good multitasking products with colours that I believe would suit most skin types. The siren lipsticks by Vapour Organics deliver nice pigments and goes on so very creamy, and I also love the lip conditioners by Ilia BeautyMOA Green balm is my make up remover, facial cleanser and moisturiser in the summer but can also be multi-tasked to heal your sore throat or put anywhere on the body! Last but not least, I am not too familiar with eyeshadows, but Kjaer Weis eyeshadows are ones that I am always attracted to.

1. May Lindstrom The Problem Solver

This intensive mask is so so good at counteracting my problematic skin aka acne! It tingles and warms up on my skin creating a nice relaxing sensation. Another reviewer has described it as a 'hot stone massage' for your face, which I so agree with. To top it off, it smells like chocolate with healing and beautiful spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cayenne pepper to name a few. However, it can be too intense so I only use it for once a week or every two weeks. It can be messy to take off, but it is incredible at removing blackheads and banishing whiteheads which are already at their peaks.

2. May Lindstrom The Good Stuff

Basically, I have tried all of May Lindstrom Skin products and love them all. Narrowing it down to 2 was hard and to 1 was even harder. So I cannot resist including The Good Stuff on the list as well. It is a shimmery body oil that makes you glow and makes your skin so silky and hydrated. I didn't think that I only need a little of this to keep my skin hydrated (I have dry to very dry skin). The texture, similar to the Youth Dew, feels like you're sliding cashmere on your skin. I am not a perfume person, but I like smelling good in subtle way with my body oils or moisturisers and this is the smell that I always crave for: cocoa, ylang ylang, rose and lavender.

3. Crystal Essence deodorant in Chamomile & Green Tea

As previously mentioned in my past deodorant reviews, this deodorant is very gentle on my underarms area. Natural ingredients can sometimes still irritate the skin, but this deodorant has a short list of ingredients which are straight forward. It does contain baking soda which I had a problem with in my Soapwalla deodorant but it is the last ingredient in the list. The scent is not too 'essential-oily', it is very fresh and lasts all day. It won't stop you from sweating though but it is effective and gentle that you can right away apply this after waxing.

4. Kora Organics Hand Cream

It is just a hand cream you think right? That's what I thought too. But I haven't tried any other hand creams as good as this. Absorbs crazy fast but keeps your hands super soft, supple and healthy. I have dry hands that tend to look a bit 'wrinkly' especially during winter. It helps to soften my cuticles too, so I massage this really well into the cuticles and the back of my hands a few times in the day. I have tried many many hand creams but this one absorbs crazy fast and won't leave greasy marks.

5. Kora Organics Balancing Rose Mist

I have tried pure rose mist alone but the sensory experience that I get from this is just priceless. The combination of rose, noni, aloe and hibiscus is incredibly beautiful. It sprays a fine mist that covers the face evenly so you don't end up spraying too much on one particular part. It is absolutely uplifting, replenishing and nourishing. I would always love to keep this one handy everywhere I go, it just makes me feel so so so good! Also useful to rehydrate your skin and set your make up to avoid looking cakey.

6. Lotus Wei Balancing Serum in 'Infinite Love' 

This is one other product that I also use as my 'perfume' oil. The balancing serums of Lotus Wei can smell a bit too strong for some people, but for me personally, this is what makes it so effective. The essential oils incorporated on top of the flower essences are so delicious - Rose, Red Mandarin and Honey. It is sweet rosey scent but not too sweet! I always feel more positive, calm and it encourages self-love everytime I use it. The balancing serum does not sink in right away as the texture is a bit heavy. During the summer, I just slather this on my arms, a bit on my legs and also my neck and shoulders.

7. Brew lip balm by Skincando

This lip balm is so so so so good! There are definitely far cheaper lip balms that I have tried, but nothing would moisturise my lip as well as this. Personally, every lip balm are moisturising for my lips but sometimes they lose its effectiveness after a few weeks of continuous use. I also prefer a creamy texture rather than something that melts to oil on the lips, because I'm just going to feel like it is coating my skin. Anyway, so I love this it is super creamy and stays creamy on the lips. Moisturises just enough, not too wet that I feel like it plumps my lips too. I also like how it incorporates fish oil and it tastes like star anise and myrrh, a bit like chai!

8. RMS Beauty lip2cheek in 'Illusive'

What I love about RMS lip2cheek is that it is so pigmented that you literally need a dab by dab. This stuff I love as a cream blush more so than as a lip colour. Often, cream blushes are 'too nourishing' for my skin because they contain moisturising ingredients to help your cheeks look dewy. The thing is, I don't like using powder but I love the ease of application of using cream blushes. Don't get me wrong, RMS lip2cheeks can be as nourishing and moisturising like the others but since it is so pigmented I don't have to use lots! I already get my dewyness from my foundation or tinted moisturiser usually so applying cream blushes on top of it just makes it a bit sticky sometimes. The colour is described as a matte burnt rose with a hint of plum. It is my natural blush colour and I don't really blush so I love this to brighten up my dull skin.

9 & 10. Vapour Organics Siren Lipstick in 'Intuition' & 'Au Pair'

I feel that Vapour's siren lipsticks are underrated, there are not enough reviews around the beauty bloggers or sites in comparison to how much I love their lipsticks. I have only got their Au Pair and only tried a sample of Intuition but they already got me. They don't transfer to my teeth but so moisturising and the colour payoff is quite amazing. Au Pair is a light berry colour, I usually top this off with my lip2cheek Promise to add a bit of a corally subtle shimmer. Whereas 'Intuition' is similar to 'Illusive', but has a bit more plum to it. I love pairing it with Illusive on my cheeks and Intuition on the lips.

11. Ilia Beauty in 'Blossom Lady'

I am never into light lip colours because the pigment usually sets into my cracked lips. Well.. until I tried this lip conditioner by Ilia! It moisturises really well and does not show up in the cracks. It pigments evenly and this muted pink is a colour that anyone can wear. I would never think that I can pull off a light pink colour such as this before. The scent, I can't quite put my finger on it but it is a combination of citrus mixed with vanilla.

12. MOA Green Balm

A multitasking green balm! It is not completely organic but it is 100% natural. The star ingredient in this is Yarrow which is a herb renowned for its nourishing and healing properties. I use this during the summer to take off my make up, cleanse my face and moisturise all in one step because it is moisturising enough for me to not moisturise again. Contains only 7 ingredients: Coconut oil, Sweet Almond oil, Soybean Oil, Beeswax, Yarrow, Water and Tea Tree Leaf oil. For my normal to dry, a bit sensitive and blemish-prone skin type, this does not congest my skin or aggravate any sensitiveness at all. The balm texture also does not create tugging when being glided on the skin.

13. Kjaer Weis eyeshadow in 'Wisdom'

I had a hard time to which favourite colour from Kjaer Weis I should pick! I was stuck between Wisdom and Earth Calm, but I ended up with Wisdom because I can dress it down or up with this eyeshadow. It is a taupe colour that contains a bit of shimmer but just the right amount. I don't know how to explain it but the Taupe is just so so nice it has some complexity to it. The texture is buttery and the eyeshadow lasts without creasing. Kjaer Weis eyeshadows are so beautiful and suits all eye colours. I don't tend to wear eyeshadows outside but the Kjaer Weis beautiful colours cannot be missed!

Thanks to Brianna for coming up with this green beauty colab idea #1! Check out who else is doing the tag here


  1. Kora products sounds amazing! I've been wanting to try them but they're not readily available here :(. Great post!

    1. I don't know if you know but they ship worldwide.. however it is very costly ($30 or $40 flat rate?). I wouldn't mind paying the postage price if they work out, but they don't do sales or they don't have many online stockist! :(

      If I'm not mistaken, they're going to have something (not sure what it is) that makes the shipping to the US so much cheaper without tax.

    2. I'm with you. Once I actually convert the cost of items and shipping to Canadian dollars, I might as well go with May Lindstrom. Crazy, Crazy!

    3. Equal conversion to May Lindstrom, really! There are a few organic and natural brands that are already as great or greater, wouldn't want you to pay that much for the products + the shipping if turns out they don't work out for you. I reallllllllllly wish they have sample products as it is an expensive line!

      Oh man, speaking of! Let me know if you try May Lindstrom Skin! I am in love with that line.

  2. Kora Organics! Woohoo! Been looking for reviews on these stuff from fellow bloggers. I read lots of horror reviews, too. But when I look at Miranda Kerr (I know, this sounds like a pathetic reason), I gravitate towards her products.

    1. Kora Organics is a brand that you either really love, really don't or just don't really care for. The fact that there are many horror reviews or good reviews I think it's got a lot to do with Miranda Kerr's public image as well, a lot of people would obvs wanna try the brand because of her name. I was curious too! I personally think some of her products live up to the brand hype though. Every brand definitely don't work out for everyone.

      I think that with the horror reviews, the ingredients can be 'over-nourishing' to some people that it clogs their pores (What I heard). Or that some ingredients such as essential oils (Kora products do smell really beautiful, might be due to them) that people get sensitive too. I hope Kora is going to come out with sample packs soon as they are quite an expensive range.

  3. Asti,seriously moa as a moisturizer in the summer?I'm acne prone,deffy can't stand to too much beeswax in it :/

    1. Haha! What I meant was I use MOA as a cleansing balm in the summer that I don't even have to use a separate moisturiser afterwards.. it leaves a nice layer of oil that does not clog my pores in the summer but still hydrates my face nicely :)

      I find that in the summer, where my face is more covered with oil and dirt, it is more beneficial to use an oil-based cleanser to lift up the excess oil (I find that it is more useful to fight oil with oil).

    2. Kalo cleansing oil doang mah aku cukup pake vco aja beres.Si moa ini rada lengket2 berminyak gitu di aku klo buat moisturizer,ga suka aja.Aku pake itu moa buat bagian lain kecuali wajah^^

    3. haha iya aku dulu juga vco aja. moa emang sedikit lebih lengket tp aku suka it deals with my skin type really well during the summer (which i thought it never would). i like the added ingredients such as yarrow and tea tree oil. I don't usually like the scent of tea tree oil, but this one is a bit mild and very soothing on my skin.