April post - (and happy earth day!)

I cannot stop taking pictures of plants nowadays, my picture gallery is just so full of it! I can't help it, leaves during fall season are just the most beautiful, they bring life and colours before winter brings all the grey. I am so excited for winter though. Mostly because there's this really good Groupon deal to Mt. Buller so my friends and I are going to head over there for a day or two. Can't ski, so probably just going to freeze our butt off, throwing snow balls and do some hiking. Excited. 

Also, my wishlist for this month is just endless. There are so many things that I want to try. On the top list is definitely the brand Live Native especially their toner and earth exfoliating cleanser. However, their women Frangipani moisturiser is very tempting.. it smells like roses. Their mask also sounds incredible.. a delicious blend of rhassoul clay, raw chocolate, acai, spirulina, MSM from pine trees, acerola, vanilla and 23K edible gold flakes.  It is a British brand made in the unspoilt land in isle of skye and their ingredients are raw. Get it from the Live Native, Being Content or Be Genki. They all ship to Australia. 

Vapour Organics Multi-Use blush & cheek. I have been wearing the colour Spark on my cheeks, it is a pretty peachy-pink colour. The texture is creamy so that application is a breeze and it finishes almost like powder but a bit dewy. I wouldn't say that this is nice on the lips as it feels dry but on cheeks, it is perfect. Not sticky and not overly dewy. Get it from I Am Natural Store

Vamp NY. I am so late on the bandwagon but this season... I am definitely going to get it. My first Honores De Pres perfume was the coconut one. I used it all up throughout the summer and it was so delightful. It stays all day without being too overpowering. Coming from someone who cannot stay wearing perfume after 10 minutes, this one surprises me. The scent is deep, woodsy and revolves around tuberose scent. 

Next up is INDAH Organics. It's made by Teisha Lowry, a former model who dedicates her time to create honest products using the best constitution of pure ingredients. The main star is her coconut oil. It comes from a rural and small village in Bali and it is hand pressed.  Her coconut oil contains 55 - 57% high Lauric acid, that can only be found naturally in breast milk. My Coconut Butter from Loving Earth is running out, so I am going to try hers next. She also makes solid perfumes as well as body butters that I am itching to try. I cannot make up my mind between Sari or Dreamland. But the perfume, definitely Dewi. Most online stockist in Australia have this. 

What does your wishlist look like?

Fruit salad and raw honey + raw bronies


  1. I've just hit the 3 months on my current Honeybee Gardens mascara, so I'm eyeballing a new one, most likely Ilia's but Kjaer Weis is releasing theirs in May! I will have to think more on that...

    After a long time of eyeballing RMS's lip shines in Sublime and Sacred, I clicked the order button on Sunday...well, I guess that can be checked off the wishlist.

    I got a sample of Vamp NY a bit back, and it smells divine.

    1. Oh my.. tell me about it. I have had a dilemma with which natural mascara to buy but I always end up sticking to the chemical-laden one. I just can't do it without a waterproof mascara. I hear some good stuff about the Ilia one. But since Kjaer Weis and RMS are coming out with one (and they are my top make up brands) I think I will try them :). I say try out the Kjaer Weis one because the RMS one will be due for another season or two (not sure).

      Oh my, lucky you! I don't think you will ever regret clicking that button ;) RMS lip shines are just too good to be passed. I never thought I would love the shade Sublime, but I do! Let us know how it goes :)

      Isn't it divine?!?! I am SO going to get it.

    2. Awww. Hopefully you will find a natural mascara that will work for you! With my silly, stick-straight eyelashes, I've found chemical and natural to work just about the same. Though, when it's pouring or when I'm pouring tears, I do miss the waterproofness.

      I just got Sacred and Sublime in the mail yesterday and oh my goodness...they're so beautiful...I was worried Sublime would be such an unnatural color for my complexion, but the way the color sort of adapts to my lips...I love them both!!!