First Impression of Sodashi from Peachy Clean

I finally decided that I would try out Sodashi after Seed To Serum raves about it so much. I had heard about the brand ages ago, but was reluctant to try out 'spa' products that are so expensive but there is a lack of reviews on it. After many thoughts and reading about their ingredients and the founder's background, I am so happy that I went all the way buying 3 of the full size + the travel size of the calming concentrate. Big thanks to Peachy Clean for the superb advice and recommendations . She is such an enthusiastic person and very knowledgeable, so much that you would love talking to her. I highly recommend going to her online store to shop! She offers an express overnight service for orders above $150. I got a free full-size floral body butter too, which I will be reviewing in the future. 

Calming Face & Neck Moisturiser, Clay Cleanser with Sandalwood, Calming Concentrate, Calming Skin Boost
First Impression 

First impression is an important one. The package arrived safe and sound, without a scratch or a fold. Although by now, I am a bit bored of seeing those dark blue-violet Myron glass bottles everywhere, I am still very intrigued by the hand-writing or signature styled fonts in general. It really adds more elegance and luxury value to the brand. Worth mentioning.. the size of each products are very generous (although still slightly pricer than most brands per ounce)!

Along with my order, Haley (the owner of Peachy Clean) gave me a full skin care regime booklet which contains products that suit my skin type. She recommends I choose products that fall under the same range, which is the 'calming' one unless advised. E.g: The Sodashi representation would love me to try the balancing concentrate but she feels I should start with the calming one first before moving on. I don't know about you, but I am always tempted to mix and match. Thankfully, Sodashi has another range called 'Everyface' that is for everyone.

Clay Cleanser with Sandalwood (200ml/6.8 oz, $80.70) 

Swatch: Clay Cleanser with Sandalwood

The creamy texture of this cleanser is slightly dense but once you start massaging it onto your damp face, it is very easy to glide on. From my experience, this has been the best cleanser I have ever used that doubles as a make-up remover (including the eye area) without needing to double cleanse. Won't sting. I use 2 pumps at night and 1 pump in the morning. Even though this cleanser contains clay, it uses white clay aka kaolin that won't dry out your skin and is gentle but still provides a deep cleansing.

ingredients: aqua (purified water), cetearyl alcohol (plant derived), citrus grandis (grapefruit seed extract), kaolin (white clay), macadamia integrifolia (macadamia oil), prunus armeniaca (apricot kernel oil), santalum album (sandalwood), simmondsia chinensis (jojoba oil), tocopherol (vitamin E), xantham gum. 

Calming Skin Boost (50ml/1.7oz, $109.30)

Swatch: Calming Skin Boost
I wasn't sure what the skin boost was for. I am a big time facial-oil lover and I thought the this skin boost served a similar purpose as the 'serum' but in a lighter gel form. However, after consulting with Haley, here is what she had to say:

"The difference between the boost and the serum is that the boost is a leave-on gel mask that you can wear under make up and pop on under a moisturiser for an extra 'boost' to your regular daily moisturiser. The serum is a super hydrating, nourishing treatment you only use 2-3 times a week and is more suited to night time (to allow it to really sink without making you shiny". 

I was already sold when she said it was a 'leave-on gel mask'. It almost sounds like to me it can act as a toner too but in a much greater efficacy. What I can say so far is that, this does kind of smoothens and evens out my skin, I don't know how it does it but it just does. Personally, I don't find that it adds any moisture to my skin (not that it claims to), so I highly recommend pairing it with the cream moisturiser. This only acts as a booster - an incredible one though.

Ingredients: aniba rosaeodora (brazilian rosewood), anthemis nobilis (roman chamomile), aqua (purified water), calendula officinalis (calendula), chamomilla matricaria (german chamomile), citrus aurantium (neroli), citrus grandis (grapefruit seed extract), lavandula angustifolia (lavender), mangesium oxide, sodium oxide, silicon oxide, pogostemon cablin (patchouli), rosa damascena (damask rose). 

Calming Face & Neck Moisturiser (50ml/1.7 oz, $109.30)

Swatch: Calming Face & Neck Moisturiser  
The consistency and the texture is ABSOLUTELY divine! I would go capslock crazy for you, but I wouldn't. It's like a whipped cream but it's not but it's creamy and slightly airy. This is the first time ever I have used a moisturiser like this, I just fell in love with the feel of it! Performance wise, it does not moisturise my face enough and the weather is only getting slightly cooler (with lots of wind!). This can be a plus for the warmer months because it is quiet light but not too light.

Ingredients: aniba rosaeodora (brazilian rosewood), anthemis nobilis (roman chamomile), aqua (purified water), butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), calendula officinalis (calendula oil), camellia sinnesis (camellia seed oil), centella asiatica (centella oil), cetearyl alcohol (plant derived), chamomilla matricaria (german chamomile), citrus aurantium (neroli), citrus grandids (grapefruit seed extract), lavandula angustifolia (lavender), macadamia integrifolia (macadamia oil), myrtus communis (myrtle hydrosol), panthenol (vitamin B5), phospholipids, prunus armeniaca (apricot kernel oil), rosa damascena (damask rose hydrosol), tocopherol (vitamin E). 

Would I recommend it? 

Overall, this range has gotta be the most calming range I have ever used. I am happy that I purchased this instead of the 'Balancing' one because what my skin needed was soothing ingredients. My skin gets irritated from time to time even though it is not very reactive. I would say that it is only slightly sensitive but having dry skin would send my skin to haywire (I would have those mosquito-like bumps on my face which then lead to congestions and pimples). This range has not only soothed but also helped to balance my skin. Don't be afraid of the essential oils contained, they are very pure and high in quality. I was afraid at first but I thought.. Sodashi is stocked at Four Seasons hotels around the world so maximum quality must be truly ensured. In fact, I am seeing a very dramatic difference after I put on the skin boost + moisturiser which I truly believe comes from the skilled infusion of the essential oils. No more uncomfortable itchiness, my pimples are drying up and my congestions are getting less! Within a week. So happy because it works even without the blemish treatment. I would only add a drop of any facial oils I have on hand (preferably the calming serum next time) to add more hydration.

If you're wondering about the scent, the scent is not cloying and not strong at all.

Because I have only used this for about a week, I am definitely going to give a more in-depth review of each product later on (including the concentrate which I have not mentioned much here) and updates on how my skin has fully adjusted to this range. Long ago, I decided to wait for my other skin care products to finish up and look more into products that are soothing & balancing instead of detoxifying and also non-abrasive on my skin. This gotta be it.

wearing: Kjaer Weis eyeshadow in 'Wisdom', UNE Breezy Cheeks Blush in B06, Lippy Girl lipstick in Very Vixen 


  1. Thanks for your review - I was intrigued about Sodashi also after seeing Seed to Serum's posts. I'm glad to see that the cleanser is a lovely looking cream as I was thinking it might be more clay like.

    1. Hi Meeta,

      Sodashi is such a wonderful brand. I have been completely transformed into a fan as well! The cleanser is very smooth and very creamy, you would be surprised to find that it contains clay (PS: it does smell like clay though. No note of the sandalwood at all. At least to my nose haha). Let me know if you end up trying the brand :)

  2. Hi Asti,

    Thanks for the interesting review. I have always been interested in Sodashi but not enough to purchase - until now. I was in the market for an organic cleanser and recently bought the MV Organic Gentle Cream Cleanser from Cult Beauty (still waiting for its arrival!). I think once I finish that, I will give the Sandalwood Clay Cleanser a try. Mind you, I still have two 'not so green' cleansers that I am working very hard to use up!


    1. Hi Yvonne!

      Yeah me too, I just took my chance and try it out. I am perfectly happy with it, so I hope you will be too when you get it.

      Btw, I have heard so much good things about MV organic cream cleanser. I personally prefer creamy cleansers, but finding one that won't clog my pores is hard. I was on the verge of buying the cleanser too but I bet I would be too lazy to follow the hot face-cloth method to remove it haha.

      My local store carries them, I really like the feel of their moisturiser! I will try the brand someday!

      Yess this sandalwood clay cleanser is super amazing. So creamy and smooth and it contains clay to really deep cleanse. I will do a review on this as soon as I am very 100% on the whole line.

  3. I hear you Asti! I may also be too lazy to use a muslin/face cloth with the MV but then isn't that another excuse to purchase a new cleanser? (I like to have options!)

    I was wondering about washing off the Sandalwood cleanser - it just rinses without a cloth? Looking forward to your 100% review.

    Actually, this just reminded me that I still have a lot of Kahina cleanser left. I love most Kahina products but find the cleanser too gentle. I still occasionally use it but only when I haven't been wearing makeup.


    1. Yes, that's true. I love facial cleansers, just something to addictive about removing dirt off of my face haha. I am going to try MV at some point. I am particularly fascinated by their moisturiser.. the whole line seems so creamy, which I love!!

      The Sodashi cleanser rinses without cloth. Truly amazing and with ease too. I am going to review it reaaal soon. So soorry for the late reply Yvonne!

      Oh yes! I have used Kahina. Both my mum and I used it, but found it very drying on the skin :( which is weird because it is very emollient and the texture (and scent) is quite nice and refreshing.

  4. Hi Asti,

    I have recently come across Sodashi products thru Instagram. Ive got extremely oily skin and have been using Dermalogica products and I must say they did work for my skin but I want to try something new.

    I've been doing my very own research (reading) some of Sodashi products and I can't wait to try one.

    Ive just ordered a Cleanser (lime one) which will arrive in the mail in the next few days and I must say I can't wait and a lil curious/nervous to see what the cleanser can do for my skin.

    So let me know what your thoughts are and if there is anything else that you have tried.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    1. Hi Sharon,

      I have not tried Demalogica personally, but Sodashi is a great brand. My hero products from them are their facial serum which is in an oil form. I use the Calming one, I like its moderately lightweight and silky texture and it is the most calming facial oil I have tried as well. If you are looking for a new water-based moisturizer, Sodashi also makes a great one. I'm not planning to repurchase it anytime soon.. but I love its semi-matte finish (truly it's so beautiful!).

      I hope you enjoy your new Sodashi Balancing cleanser. I would only recommend not to pump too much (probably 1 or 1 1/2 pumps) as my skin is a bit reactive to it overtime or when I'm too eager to use too much. Creamy and smooth unlike other clay cleansers! My mother is a huge fan of the rejuvenating line as it gets rid of her hyper-pigmentation after consistent use.

      Hope it has helped.