Loving Earth: Healthy, Sustainable & Fair

This week, I would love to give a brand spotlight. It's not a cosmetic brand. It is a brand that I have trusted for a couple of years now, full of all the goodness for your health but also a sustainable and fair trade business.

Loving Earth is an Australian brand that is based in Melbourne specifically. It commits to help the growers all the way from Mexico, Indonesia, Peru China and of course, Australia.. to source and manufacture the highest quality organic, fairly traded, and wild crafted functional foods available.

'Loving Earth's story begins in rural India not far from Mumbai, where our founding director Scott Fry had been living on an all fruit diet, studying yoga and working with the local Adivasi people on an organic farming project. Industry had begun creeping into the area and many local farmers were selling their topsoil to brickmakers, since agriculture just wasn't a viable source of income anymore. It was back in 2000 that David Suzuki's book From Naked Ape to Superspecies provoked Scott's realisation that to really support these communities, the key was having a brand in the marketplace.' 

I admire that the brand primarily started from observing the local needs. I am seeing it first hand in my home country where beautiful crops, lands and farms are quickly being replaced by modern tall concretes used for commercial purposes. It is truly sad that every year I come back, I only find the natural landscape to vanish. A person like Scott Fry, is whom I truly admire, who acts on his will, after knowing the long-term drawbacks this has on the small community and eventually affects the bigger picture.

Goji Berries from China

Kale Growers in Labertourche from Australia

Association of ecological Maca growers in Peru

Cashew Production from Indonesia
Up until now, Loving Earth has established long-term relationships with several indigenous cooperatives. The reason for this is that 'finding a way to support these people meant that finding ways to commercialising their commodities in a way that not only honoured them, but also allowed them to do what they've been doing for thousands of years.' For example, Scott went to Mexico where he sourced their Coffee and Cacao. It started to become apparent that the only real asset many of these communities had in the modern world were these crops that their ancestors had domesticated.

Therefore, this is how Loving Earth had come to strive for the idea, 'that the earth is a living organism and thus, we must pay an immense respect for our environment as well as our own physical bodies as part of that environment. Eating foods in their pure, minimally processed states, foods that are grown organically in a sustainable way'.

I don't know about you, but I have never came across a brand that offers an extensive range of from spread that is based on coconut oil and raw cashew nut to rare superfood that is sourced locally and internationally. I never had to run off here and there again because Loving Earth almost has everything I need. It can be slightly pricier than what you are used to, but their commitment to helping these local communities are shown and their enthusiasm is just so infectious! They also have their own mix of superfood such as their Rainbow Superfood Blend as well as their raw Agave and Luvju chocolate bars. What's not to love? They're delicious and work at the highest active so that you can receive the optimum benefit. My favourites are their Raw Coconut Butter (SO smooth!), Coconut Water Powder (mix it in a glass of water and it is so healing for dehydration), Rainbow Superfood Blend (a mixture of Maqui, AFA Blue Green Algae, Camu Camu, Acai, and Gubinge), and their selection of chocolates & spreads PLUS their Raw chocolate kits which include cacao butter and raw cacao. Delish! They have a lot more things that I haven't tried. They also have a great seasonal offers that can save you loads of bucks. Gotta love that for the wallet. I also thank Loving Earth for their dedication to write up "Meet The Growers" & "Recipes" section. I especially love the Meet The Growers section as well as the little 'health benefit & how to use' on each product because I get to see the natural forms of things that I eat, where it really roots from, how it is minimally processed, what is their background story and ect.

For those of you who are in Australia, I am sure that most of you have come across the brand stocked at many health stores and a few selected supermarkets. Have you tried? Which ones do you use on a daily basis?

Forgot to mention... their kale chips do not lack flavours! soo good!

My Loving Earth bunch.. Couldn't fit them all (there are some more) but my kitchen is so spaceless! (and messy lol) 

Check out their website here. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Recipes. Events & workshops. Meet The Growers.

All images are courtesy of Loving Earth. 

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