Dr. Hauschka Limited Edition Trio Eyeshadow Palette Spring 2013

I was very drawn to the rose-gold packaging that is just pure luxurious to look at. It is not made out of a heavy metal packaging like Kjaer Weis, but it does have that nice reflective property that makes it look magnificent. When I received this, I was actually more than impressed with the luxury feel I get from this product. It's not just about the packaging. The formula and the scent are so extravagantly beautiful. I hurried myself to rip the plastic cover and as soon as I opened it.. have you seen the movie cover of American Beauty? That's exactly how I felt - like laying on a bed of roses. This rose-scented eyeshadow really hits your smelling sensory in a delicate way. Read more below. 

The palette contains 3 colours that are very neutral and will probably suit all skin tones. I say this because you might be a bit disappointed or really glad about the pigmentations. For those who already own many eyeshadows, you probably think that the colours are not that exceptional either. For me though, this palette is just what I need; a matte chocolate, a pearly rose, and a sparkly nude. They are not ridiculously pigmented but the texture is very soft and buttery. I actually find that the lighter colours are more pigmented than the chocolate, but it's still very buildable though (without needing too much). I also didn't notice a fall-out when applying it although I read a couple of reviews which said otherwise. I don't know, I think with natural brands sometimes this can happen. Anyway, I am not crazy about eyeshadows but when I want to have that effortless 'dressed-up' look, I will grab this. 

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