The Basic Tag

1. Tell us about your favourite jeans 

I honestly don't like wearing jeans just because I am very picky when it comes to garments that must feel comfortable. Yes, some jeans from GAP, Acne and Nobody Jeans for example.. are absolutely soft, light and nicely tailored but waiting for them to go on sale is like waiting for rain to fall in Qatar. So, I was on a hunt for boyfriend jeans since forever, but for some reason it is hard to find one that is not heavily distressed and show 'skin'. I just wanted to be able to wear it 24/7 no matter the weather! Luckily, this gem I found sitting in the corner under a pile of other clothes and junks in my local thrift shop. For 5$!!!

PS: I don't know about you but I am in love with oversized sweaters. This sweater, I stole, from my dad which he bought in Carrefour. Yes, Carrefour. This one is unbelievably warm and snuggly.

2. What is your most-worn lip colour? 

So far it has been the lip shine in "Moment" by RMS Beauty. I recently bought another colour called Sublime which I have a feeling I won't get bored of. They are not very hydrating but they are a dream to touch and use. I tend to not like lip glosses so my best alternatives to those are these lip shines. They make my lips look healthy and plump, plus, you can never go wrong with any of the colours- that sublime colour is a babe btw.

3. Who are the youtubers whose videos you learn the most from?

I don't necessarily 'learn' a lot from youtube videos, but I do get inspired by them a lot! (and lush over more products too unfortunately)

In terms of beauty, I get giddy watching Essie Button - love her welcoming home setting and her thrift-shopping finds plus her make up always looks good, Breanne Bergs - make up falls so natural on her, unfortunately she has stopped making videos, Check In The Mirror - her enthusiasm and passion kill me and I always feel like I am getting pampered from her videos!, A Model Recommends - She has nice tips and tricks and I especially love her eye make-up looks and her skin care product updates! and last but not least, Goss Make-Up Artist and Daily Mix for in-depth make overs tips and tricks.

Fashion wise, I gotta love Clothes Encounters - cool galll from calii who sounds fun to talk to and her choice of clothes I really like, Essie Button - love that she loves sequins 'why be subtle', and Fashion Rocks My Socks - she is as cute as a button and I can relate to her sense of style. 

Health wise, I like Health Talks TV, I Luv Jesse - her infos about natural products and such are easy to digest, and The Beauty Plan. Food videos from random youtubers, I also like! I watch Cooking With A Dog religiously though, just because.

Some topics from THNKR TV can intrigue me sometimes. I enjoy watching people documenting their adventures, I love giggling at dog or cat videos, and most importantly I also love to get on to my guitar or piano after getting inspired from Zachyg whom I follow after watching their Marvin's Room by Drake cover.  They jam like there's no tomorrow. Youtube has just been the best medium to discover amazing tunes (thank goodness for infiniteloop too).

Wow I have been off the topic.

4. How do you store your makeup?

In these acrylic 3 drawers storages from Amazon.

5. How often, and how, do you wash your make up brushes?

Once a week (or less) because I don't have and use lots of brushes anyway. I wash them with Dr. Bronner's castile soap. Very effective.

6. What's your favourite red, nude and baby pink nail colour? 

I don't have much interest in wearing nail polishes but I have a few. I love sparkles and glitters and also metallic silver. If 'solid' colours, I like peaches and pastels. The best nail polish brand I have used so far is Seshwai. I had a phase where I only wanted to wear a transparent nail polish with colourful glitters on it, that's about it.

7. Do you make any beauty treatments at home?

Home made beauty treatments never work for me (and not that convenient too), except for body scrubs and lip scrubs.

8. What is your most-made meal at home?

Honestly, pasta. Because it is so easy and fast to make.

9. Best Multi-purpose products?

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek for blushes and lips. Lots of pigment so you only need a little bit. Non drying and non sticky.

Coconut oil for inside and out too.

10. Tell us about the bag you carry most often. 

Initially, it's gotta be my feather Baggu canvas backpack but it broke so currently I have been using this jeans bag from Urban Outfitters. Not my favourite but it's okay and it was on sale. I have been wanting this one from Jansport Heritage SO SO bad though. Would be perfect, please and thank you.

This tag is originally from IluvJesse's video. Do it! :) 

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