Sodashi Calming Skin Boost + Moisturiser

Simple and really clean ingredients with effective formulation. I really had to admit, the first time I hovered over the ingredient list.. I didn't notice anything fancy-pants. For the price, I expected something new.. something rare.. at least that's what always intrigues me when I look at high-end skin care products and thought 'oh, that's why it costs so much'.

So what sets Sodashi apart from other brands? Simplicity and effective formulation. They don't claim 'no filler' because they still do contain purified water as their second ingredient.But there's something beautiful in a way that they combine all these ingredients together, the right mixture of the oil, essential oils, hydrosols - they know it all. Yes. I have heard it all the time that essential oils are a 'hazard' for sensitive skin, but I truly believe, when being used in the right amount for even the most sensitive skin types.. they can be highly beneficial especially with well-researched ingredients and high attention-to-detail.That's how I trust Sodashi with my skin. Read more below. 

I chose the Calming range instead of the Balancing as my prime concern is dealing with sensitivity which usually triggers my congestion. The Calming Skin Boost, is a leave-on gel mask. It kind of acts as a toner in a  way that it tones your face and creates a smooth canvas for your moisturizer to glide on and absorb better. Ingredients such as Brazilian Rosewood, Roman & German Chamomile, and Calendula are at the top of the ingredient list, which are very well-known to be anti-inflammatory. Therefore, dull lacklustre skin and skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema or even skin cuts, wounds and burns will benefit hugely from this. Neroli, Lavender, Patchouli and Damask Rose are next to support cell renewal and balances sebum production to prevent acne and further enhance the 'anti-inflammatory' properties of the top ingredients. This Skin Boost is truly calming, but take a note that it won't add any hydration boost - at least from what I have noticed.

Ingredients: aniba rosaeodora (brazilian rosewood), anthemis nobilis (roman chamomile), aqua (purified water), calendula officinalis (calendula), chamomilla matricaria (german chamomile), citrus aurantium (neroli), citrus grandis (grapefruit seed extract), lavandula angustifolia (lavender), mangesium oxide, sodium oxide, silicon oxide, pogostemon cablin (patchouli), rosa damascena (damask rose). 

The moisturiser is a topping on top of my cake. It is freaking heaven. The texture is like a whipped-cream, which I have described before as 'airy and lightweight' but still moisturizes really well. It is quick to put on and does not take a lot of of product to feel moisturized. Literally. I use 1 pump to cover my whole face and I do a patting method after I apply my Skin Boost. The result? A nice semi-matte to dewy glow and a perfectly moisturized face, very fresh. I also feel like the combination of the skin boost and the moisturiser has not only made my face appear healthier but helped my pores appear smaller! I love it. The ingredients in the moisturiser are basically similar to the Skin Boost, but with added moisturizing ingredients such as Shea Butter and hydrating oils like Camellia, Calendula, Macadamia and Apricot Kernel. It also contains Myrtle and Damask Rose Hydrosol which take a less astringent quality of essential oil but hydrating, cooling and toning.

Ingredients: aniba rosaeodora (brazilian rosewood), anthemis nobilis (roman chamomile), aqua (purified water), butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), calendula officinalis (calendula oil), camellia sinnesis (camellia seed oil), centella asiatica (centella oil), cetearyl alcohol (plant derived), chamomilla matricaria (german chamomile), citrus aurantium (neroli), citrus grandids (grapefruit seed extract), lavandula angustifolia (lavender), macadamia integrifolia (macadamia oil), myrtus communis (myrtle hydrosol), panthenol (vitamin B5), phospholipids, prunus armeniaca (apricot kernel oil), rosa damascena (damask rose hydrosol), tocopherol (vitamin E). 

Now you might think, with all the essential oils used.. they must be fragrant. Actually they're not. They kind of smell... creamy with almost barely there scent but still noticable. Very faint! I am loving Sodashi so much, the moisturiser.. the skin boost.. the cleanser.. they are radically changing my skin. I still do suffer from sensitivity time to time, but it's mostly due to the hormonal fluctuations during that time of the month which cannot be helped from the outside. I have used it for over a month now and whilst it instantly calms, it does take time to adjust but it's worth the wait.

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  2. Great review Asti. Unfortunately you have made me want to try the moisturiser when just the other day I was thinking how I don't need moisturiser anymore since discovering facial oils.

    Also, I just couldn't help myself and bought the Calming cleanser the other week thanks to your previous post. I love my MV Organic Cleanser as the scent is beautiful, but I actually love the Sodashi Cleanser more as it is better suited to my acne-prone skin, and have been using it non-stop since getting it.

    Just noticed today that Peachy Clean has free shipping. The Sodashi Essentials Kits are fantastic value and will definitely be purchased by me down the track.



    1. Yvonne,

      So good to hear from you! Hahahaha oh no! But at least.. everything you buy from Sodashi is worth it. That's exactly my thought, I am obsessed with facial oils but now that I have tried this cream... it's just another story.

      I'm so glad that you are loving your Sodashi cleanser! It is perfect for deep-cleansing and it cleanses effortlessly as well. Have you been using it for morning and night? My skin cannot quite tolerate using it twice a day.

      YESSS. Isn't Peachy Clean awesome? She loves convenience, so the free EXPRESS shipping is just enough to lure you into her website. The Sodashi Essentials are FANTASTIC, that's like more than 50% off! Go get it Yvonne! :)

  3. Hey Asti, yes I have been using the Sodashi day and night. I used it with a flannel cloth though. I initially tested it without the flannel and after cleaning my face wiped with a micellaire lotion-soaked cotton pad and found that there was still traces of foundation left.

    I am sure the Sodashi Essentials will be added to my collection one day soon...!


  4. That's a wonderful review.

    Sodashi's sensitive-skin-rage does wonder to the skin, and the texture's luxurious for no doubt. I have tried its facial treatment using the same range a month ago and it's by far the only treatment that gave me supple skin with no trace of getting oily as I usually experienced with others that I had tried!