Summer Holiday Skin Care Pt.1 (The Basic)

Packing can be fun, but it is always sooo difficult to choose which ones not to pack (oh the dilemma). I love all my skin care products, there needs to be one, yet, to be too disappointing enough for me not to bring. But alas, I have finally made my decision within my last-minute packing, almost literally

Sodashi "Calm" Sandalwood Clay Cleanser. Thankfully, my Clean Dirt was running very low so I didn't really have to think twice. This clay cleanser wonderfully cleanses any grime, sweat, dirt and even make up off of my face. Deeply purifying making it my perfect night cleanser. I personally would dodge using this in the morning just because too much clay can be too purging for my skin. 

Intelligent Nutrients Renewal Complex Eye Gel. The eye gel is actually quite pleasant especially after being kept in the fridge. I prefer eye gels over eye creams any day, because of the cooling sensation it gives beneficial to get rid of puffiness (especially after watching tonnes of movies that suck the happiness out of you uhm). Also, since I don't crave too much for hydration, it is pretty good at smoothing out and controlling oiliness on my eye lid. I still need to cross my fingers on my dark circles though. 

Audra James Rose, French Lavender + Rose Geranium Facial Mist. This mist has been a life-saver under the hot and humid climate! How I wish there's a mini portable fridge that perfectly fits this. But even without it, it is already refreshing enough as it is. Audra James cannot go wrong, she's an aromatherapist so the scent is very calming too. I bring this with me EVERYWHERE. (I wanted to bring my TH Hydrating Floral Essence.. but the glass + the size wasn't that practical since my suitcase is already overweight...... ) 

Vered Balancing Oil. I'm still trying Vered out but this has made a pretty damn good 'first' impression. The oil is highly absorbent as if it's never there but still moisturizing. I love using this during the day because of its uplifting citrus scent and its oil-controlling ability. 

Audra James BeSpoke Facial Elixir. I have a found a new addiction for another facial oil! I decided to go be-spoke as there's so much love for facial oils, but not one of them can target all my skin concerns. Besides, my skin has been pretty good so going to a holiday where the climate is totally different is going to wreck it back to 0. So far so good! 

All full reviews of each product to come soon! Since I'm going to be in home country Indonesia (where it's hot, humid, and polluted an unfortunate combination in Jakarta!), I packed my essentials, treatment products and some bits and bobs of my make up products. So, this post is going to be separated into 3. I wish you all have a fun summer! and stay warm for people in the down under!


  1. My skin is very sensitive, generally I avoid chemical products for my skin. I prefer natural products.

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  2. The Sodashi Clay Cleanser sounds fab! I'll have to see if I can get my hands on it here in the UK, fingers crossed I can!!

    Gem x

    1. Hi Gemma!

      Oh it is so good! I'm pretty sure you can get Sodashi in the UK ;) http://www.sodashi.co.uk/ there you go!

  3. Hey Asti, I really enjoyed this post and the accompanying photo - so many nice products mentioned! The Audra James Bespoke Facial Elixir is particularly intriguing...



    1. Gotta try her bespoke facial elixir ;) I have a feeling you will love it!

      Thanks :)

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