Summer Holiday Lippies!

Burt's Bees in Ruby Moon, RMS Beauty in Sacred, Ilia Beauty in Blossom Lady and RMS Beauty in Modest as Blush

There is no reason not to embrace fun summer colors even in the midst of grey winter. Lucky me, I am in a tropical country which gives me all the right reasons to wear my top picks for the 'summer'! Although I don't usually choose colors in accordance to the seasons, I think it's just a reflex to choose something uplifting and bright. 

As you can see, I am definitely leaning more towards the pink and pinkish red. Something sheer but not too sheer that can be dressed up or down, for day or night. Modest is the only colour that is slightly coral-ly and I love it as a blush. But now that I'm slightly tanner, the colour looks so right on my lips too! Anyway, lets jump on below for swatches and descriptions! 

A huge shout out to my gorgeous cousin, Nabila for letting me 'paint' on her face! XXX. 

RMS Beauty Lip Shine "Sacred"

Everyone, I am so crazy about this colour! It is just so easy to wear and I love to pair it with my pastel blue striped t-shirt from Urban Outfitters. But I think the color will pair perfectly with every other pastel colours there are. Sacred, which Rose-Marie has described it as an 'innocent red' really brings out the playfulness in me which then takes me back to my childhood. It's probably the worst description, but when I was in elementary school, the only soda that I would drink was Fanta Red and I drank that just so that I could get my lips stained. Forget the bad stuff that is in it since we are all aware. The good news is, I don't have to get desperate no more. "Sacred" is definitely my soda pop and I don't think that will ever change.

Kick it up a notch with a slight bronzing on the hollow of cheeks. I used my RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Moment as a sheer bronzer. Megan, recently did a 'battle of bronzers' where she picked out Desired Glow from Kjaer Weis as the winner. But you should check out the other contestants too!

ILIA Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioner in "Blossom Lady"

Blossom Lady was on my wishlist for awhile and I am glad I can finally tick it off. I dislike the barbie-pink lips. Any pale pink colors would always look my skin tone even more dreadful but thank you Blossom Lady because now I have found my go-to nude-pink color. Since this is obviously not a lipstick, don't expect a crazy pigmentation like in Ilia's lipstick just because it claims to have a tint. Personally, I think the semi-sheerness plays the key factor why the color looks 'acceptable' against my skin stone since the paleness is not harsh at all. I have tried a few of Ilia's lip conditioners, in terms of formulations they have all been similar. The formulation lets it glide on the lips like a conditioner while giving a nice tint to the lips. My cousin even noticed the delicious orange-jasmine scent which is a huge plus for a natural product, no tackiness! For someone who is either a bare-lips or red or bright colors, Blossom Lady clearly satisfies me in all levels. 

Burt's Bees Lip Gloss in "Ruby Moon"

Ruby Moon is what I would call a more mature version of RMS Sacred that is suitable for a night out. The colour is darker, just imagine a ripe red raspberry fruit. Actually, because of this, I often find myself wishing that it was scented with some delicious flavors like vanilla! Or... Berries?! Anyway, although RMS and Burt's Bees are different in consistency, the finish comes out to be slightly similar. It is not too glossy which is the main reason why I love RMS lip shines. Just giving you healthy pouty lips that look like pillows! I previously reviewed this lip gloss here.

Would love to know what are your top picks for lip colours currently?! 


  1. You've picked such beautiful colors<3 And your cousin is sooo gorgeous!<3 xx

  2. I second what Jana said. Nabila is beautiful, and your picks are lovely!

  3. Beautiful! xoxo

  4. Sacred looks gorgeous on your cousin :) xx

  5. I've recently picked up the RMS Beauty Lip Shine in Sacred and haven't actually popped it on my lips yet! That's tomorrow's makeup experiment sorted! It looks gorgeous on your cousin too!

    Gem x

  6. You did a great job 'painting' Nabila's pretty face! Love the lip colours, and the subtle RMS as a bronzer.

    Yvonne :)

  7. @Jana @Lilly @Rmsbeautyblog @Tammy @Jade: Isn't she such a beaut!? Thank you!!

    @Gemma Oliver: Love your swatch on Sublime lip shine! Looks very pretty on you. It's my fav colour too! and thank you for the compliment on my cousin, she is truly beautiful!

    @Yvonne: Thank youu! :) Moment actually makes a nice subtle bronzer but it's slightly too sticky to be used as a blush I think.

  8. Such a pretty colours. And I agree, wearing shades like this whenever you want is the best policy, because it lights up face within seconds :)