Vered - Balancing Facial Oil To Scare The Blemishes Away

My current skin companion at night to control acne in this hot and humid summer weather. Bright, uplifting, and warm. Who says oily skin can’t get a healthy dewy glow? This one by Vered is luxuriously enchanting, sinks in easily and softening to the skin. Oh the wonders of healing plant oils such as Jojoba that is similar to our own skin’s sebum thus highly balancing, Sweet Almond oil that gives your facial skin silky soft feeling, and also Rosehip to regenerate your skin, excellent for scarring left by your acne. The ingredient list obviously doesn't stop there. Vered, the woman behind the brand is an esthetician and is also an expert in herbalism. It's no wonder that they call her hands 'Healing Hands', tell me who is not persuaded enough to try out her products because my skin sure does need some of her magic touch. The oils of Jojoba, Sweet Almond and Rosehip make a wonderful base to a number of essential oils and herbs that Vered had skilfully combined. My favorite are definitely Lemongrass, Myrrh, Calendula herbs and Chamomile essential oil. Lemongrass and Myrrh are both excellent to heal and prevent acne while Calendula and Chamomile are really good at calming the skin. You also might not have heard Chickweed, Echinecia, Plantain Leaf, and Speedwell being used in a facial product often. I really like the unique combination of essential oils and herbals here as they are apparent to tone down my congestion. 

Although this oil is specifically made for problematic skin and even oily skin, I do find that it is hydrating enough for normal to dry skin gal like me. If you still crave for hydration, maybe 3 drops is enough for you or layer it with a facial cream of your choice. I personally only need 1 -2 drops depending on how my skin feels. Because I am in a tropical country, I only reserve my facial oil at night. I use my Vered Balancing Oil almost daily, other days I would use my Audra James facial oil that is super soothing. Whilst this might be your best bet of a moisturizer if you have problematic skin, I personally cannot rely on it alone to control my acne. Also, worth mentioning that I am unfortunately unable to use this oil on my neck as my neck skin seems reactive to it. 
Get yours from Spirit Beauty Lounge.
Ingredients: jojoba oil*, sweet almond oil*, rosehip oil*, helichyrsum flowers*, chickweed*, speedwell*, lemongrass essential oil**, lavender essential oil**, selfheal*, calendula*, lemon thyme*, lime**, lemon**, niaoli**, chamomile*, tangerine*  
*certified organic
** certified organic or wildcrafted
Tips for the summer: I definitely still get odd bumps here and there. So, to really suck those gunk and dirt out of your pores, my favorite is to apply an intense-treatment mask by May Lindstrom Skin or Absolution. And seriously, I am in need of my Clean Dirt to brighten up my complexion! Admit it, we all need a time-out once in awhile. 

What is your summer-skin savior? 


  1. Great minds think alike! Just posted on this one too, and it's been my summer oil as well! Interesting about the reactive neck, I think my neck reacts sometimes to Dr. Alkaitis and Vered sort of calms it down. I definitely need to get on something to suck out the gunk since my sister took the Acure mask...

    1. My facial and my neck skin are totally different! I find it more often than my neck would be more reactive than my face, weird, but at least I never get any product wasted. What I can't usually use on my face, I can use on my neck haha! Yes yes, I have been less diligent about putting a mask on..

  2. Another great product and review :) x

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