What's In My Bag

I never want to go without a facial mist and a blend of essential oils. They are both so important as I get headaches and eye-strains quite easily, and slightly nervous too. My choice of facial mist is the one by Tata Harper.. it quickly recharges the level of my facial hydration, and gives slightly cooling sensation and dewy-finish. The beautiful herbal-floral aroma also cannot be passed up. On top of that, I keep my Sodashi Calming Concentrate handy. It is actually a facial liquid exfoliator, but I just love how relax it makes me feel. The way I do it is to cup my hands and inhale it straight from the bottle. I wonder if I can ever finish it up somehow by breathing it? Ha.

Apart from having a bottle of water always, I go to a supermarket and buy a CocoBella coconut water if I feel dehydrated and hot. It is such a thirst quencher, so so refreshing! Loving Earth sells Coconut Water Powder which is interesting because once put it inside a cup of water, there is your fresh coconut water. It eventually adds up much cheaper than buying each of CocoBella water. I told you Loving Earth has great products!

As for make-up, I only sometimes carry what's pictured. If I'm going out from day until night, "Un" Cover-Up and Living Luminizer by RMS Beauty are the absolute essentials. Kjaer Weis creme blush is also beautiful, and I don't forget a natural-pink lipstick for the day and a red lipstick for the night. Unless I want to strip it all down to basic, I bring RMS Lip2Cheek in Illusive, sweet enough for day and night.

I never realized how much stuff I always carry until I pull out everything in my backpack (I'm actually bringing less stuff to a real camping LOL). Keep in mind that of course I don't bring this all with me if I'm only going to a certain hang-out. If I know that the activity involves some sort of site-analysis or anything that includes sketching, cutting, measuring... I grab my translucent A5 pouch. I also never let out my pencil case out of sight, my absolute necessary stationery are in there. And can I just say that Clairefontaine has the best paper ever for writing? Also, An Ipad Mini has been a life-saver for me (oh people and electronics these days..), a film camera if I'm going to stay outdoor for long and finally a good book and an Ipod if my trip is going to be long.

Have a lovely weekend to y'all! 

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