About A Book, The Honest Life by Jessica Alba

Moving to Australia, I was exposed to the awareness of healthy and safe ingredients for my body..  I am talking from food to the beauty products that I slather from head to toe. My brother, my dad and I all have sensitive skin -itchy skin and bumps is an everyday thing- but now that we've strive to eat healthier, eliminated some no-no food, our skin got a little bit better. It didn't occur to us, not only food, but environmental factors such as water, air, our daily activities, and also the cosmetics that we use.. we never know what's exactly around us. It's time to smart up, do things that minimize the effects from environmental stressors and start reading labels.

Overwhelmed.. overwhelmed. If only there was one book to guide me into green living.. so thank goodness for The Honest Life. It is somewhat comprehensive but an easy-to-read book to ingest. Truth sometimes hurts but it is being delivered softly, not the kind that scares us off or turn me back into a skeptical-being that I am. The book pretty much stresses on the importance of your well-being from the inside and what can be done to your home to make it more.. love-able. Lets jam-pack our pantries with fascinating spices, pure & simple whole grains that need no-brainer to make, and non-artificial, non-processed non-sense. Let's fill up our fridge with the fresh-est seasonal botanical produces from our local farmers. This is where some say 'organically' where possible, but truthfully, sometimes price is way over-the-top, so there are stuff like onions, cabbage, sweet potatoes which contain the lowest amount of pesticides. On an interesting note.. my friend and I are currently debating on some organic produce that can be more harmful due to mycotoxins and crops undergoing plant stress. Interesting what's going to come out of the study. click below to read more. 

I really love the list of pantry staples in this. It is so helpful to give me a bigger picture of what needs to be replaced and added especially alongside nutritional information in regards to whole grains, clean proteins from meat and beans, and also seasonal produces - and some recipe ideas what you can do with them -. My advice if you're struggling with replacing... just replace them once and for all. You will then be less tempted to 'ruin' your good collection. Also sign up for a box delivery service.. it costs much less in a long-term and it requires absolutely zero fuss, no excuse. If you're a student.. Melbourne-based, especially RMIT, Organic Empire has a weekly box for you just for $19.50.

The book then carries on talking about styling, make-up tricks, home decoration which are all fun but at the end of the day, it is a very personal thing. It might be non-relatable but I find it all fascinating. Moreover, while she also gives a lot of great insights to what's in our skin products (body oils, sunscreen, toothpaste.. everything!), a few of her recommendations are not the cleanest. E.g: Hourglass is not the cleanest brand to recommend in a green book. I admit though, at the start, finding natural alternative to something like shampoo, deodorant and especially sunscreen are difficult. Luckily for us, there are already many great brands that are in par with what we're used to, you just have to look at the right place (check out my blog friends, there are natural products that will make you not want to look back!). Also, go to your local wholefood and don't be afraid to look confused and keep asking questions because even though we're going into the green direction, not all of them are suitable for our skin and body.

All in all, this book has found a striking balance in living healthily without the constant rambles that make us go in a panic mode, it is very fun, graphic and easy to follow. You obviously do not need to listen to all her tips, find ones that are suitable for you and your lifestyle. My other favorite is her indoor garden plants to purify the air inside your home but also check out her wisdom and tips throughout pregnancy if you're expecting. And as for an allergy-girl out there.. you are not alone. There are answers. It's definitely not a scientific book that give all the complicated answers you need, but it has made it to the top of my list for a permanent bookmark.

Get it from Amazon for $16.28. Check out Jessica Alba's Honest products for US customers. 


  1. I've got this book on my wishlist, it sounds like a good read. I have books that are more on the nutritional side of things but less on general day-to-day living so it's good to read recommendations.

    1. Hi Meeta! It is a fun and useful book to have. It's not as detailed as your normal nutritional books, it's simply a book to guide you every step of the way from food to something like decorating your home. Is there any books you recommend me to read? I have been wanting some 'raw dessert' or food book to buy, but not sure which one is worth it...

    2. Hi Asti
      I really like The Beauty Detox Solution, Honestly Healthy, and The PH Miracle. I don't have any that are completely raw food based, but some of these do have raw food recipes. I think websites like The Wellness Warrior are really good for inspiration too.

    3. Noted! Thank you for your recommendations. I know this raw recipe book using Chocolate as an ingredient, it's created by an Aussie model, it looks good but after looking at a couple of recipes, there are some items such as food dehydrator and stuff that she used and I don't have that. But I think I will still get the book eventually.. :)

  2. I liked it too. Inspired me to get back into natural products