Once upon a night.. MUN Dream Youth Serum happens

Ever heard of Munemi Imai? Well, she's a renowned make-up artist that has been booked in for Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar to grace her talented hands on her living canvas.  When I found out that she was the one responsible for creating this magical regenerating facial oil, I am not surprised. That means, she knows how to heal her models' stressed out skin to make them feel renewed and radiant again.

I hope I didn't lose you on the word 'magical' because it truly is. It is such a gorgeous, lightweight facial serum/oil that will benefit all skin types from acne-ic to mature skin, I really don't care, it's for everyone. Remember the light texture of Argan oil? It's pretty similar. Within overnight of using 2-3 drops of this precious oil, my skin seems to heal itself much more quickly. Literally, every-time I have irritations or slight redness from pimples, I resort back to this which makes me wish that my sample would never run out. And when my skin is looking dull and sallow, this one is the all-in-one solution that brightens up and evens out the skin and yet balances the oil production of your skin while adequately hydrates. Go to sleep, sweet dreams and it will put a smile on your face the next morning. The Rose scent whispers its delicate sweet scent and still mingles around until the next morning. If you have fine lines and wrinkles, I am confident that this serum will smooth them out overtime as it makes my face unbelievably silky the next day!

Img credit: http://www.portfoliocollection.com/go/kingswaldenlodge (photo edited)
I can't believe that it takes only one night for convincing. Some of you might assume that it is one of those products that contain a long complicated list of ingredients, but absolutely not. There are only 3 ingredients which lessens your chance of getting irritations if you are prone to lots of things. Sometimes, simplicity is better since it can bring out the best out of the ingredients performance, especially when they complement each other so well like soul-mates. All the ingredients are native to Morocco and are at their most potent and purest form. Prickly Pear Seed or Barbara Fig Seed is extremely high in Essential Fatty Acids & Vitamin E to deliver one of the best anti-oxidants supplements for your skin, helpful to diminish fine lines and wrinkles while it does its magic to make you radiant! wonderful for dark circles too (talk about an eye treatment as well!). On the other hand, Argan is a nutty source of Vitamin E and is abundant in anti-oxidants to restore your skin to its absolute best as a result from environmental factors and tones down any inflammations. Lastly, Rose oil which symbolizes purity, love, and fragrant perfection.. what, should I explain more?

If you're looking for a wonderful anti-ageing serum (or not) with a simple powerful blend, this facial serum will worth your money. Although I must say that this did not provide me a substantial amount of hydration (one of the cons of being lightweight), but this blend still treats my skin like a queen. If you are already happy with your Argan or Prickly Pear Seed oil alone, try this one for a change, you won't regret it. I was fortunate to get a generous little sample of this (but a little goes a long way) and I am definitely IN once I finish out my other facial oils. Yes, totally, this should be on your holiday wishlist this year. Oh Munemi, since this one is called No.1 Nighttime Dream Youth serum, can there possibly be No.2 or a Day Time one in the works?

Have you tried MUN serum? Will YOU try? I hope this has tempted you enough. Get it from I Am Natural StoreSpirit Beauty Lounge, or MUN website


  1. Mun sounds amazing! Does the rose scent linger long? I am currently using Shea Terra Argan & Berbere Fig Oil, which is slightly similar. It has organic argan, berbere fig and pomegranate oils. I've been using it daily since late-April and with the two-oz. bottle, I have about 1 oz. left. Have you tried this oil?

    1. Yes, MUN is a fantastic facial oil, I think it's worth the hefty price tag. I find that the rose scent lingers as long as you have it on, it is truly divine if you're a fan of Rose. I am now a convert since ever I used this (was never really a fan of rose). The scent is somewhat sweet and rosy because I have heard that the Prickly Pear Seed smells like cotton candy!

      The blend you're currently using sounds so nourishing! It does sound slightly similar with the Argan + Barbary Fig Oil. How is it working out for you? I don't notice the blend is stocked at Shea Terra website, I hope they didn't discontinue it. I have never tried Shea Terra products, but I am intrigued.. the shipping can get a bit expensive for me, so I always wait around for their sale. Facial oils always last long, you need a tiny bit and it goes a long way (I usually use 1 drop to 2).

      What I can tell you is that, this MUN is worth a try. I just LOVE how it brightens up and evens out my skin tone! I feel like a million bucks every time I wake up and what makes is truly luxurious too is the Rose scent.

      Btw... I LOVE your blog! A subscriber now :)