Underwhelmed with Intelligent Nutrients Renewal Complex Eye Gel

When it comes to eye treatment, I am not quiet concerned as long as I have my facial oils that will hydrate my eye area. They never give me milia as far as I can tell. Just until recently, its come to my attention that I need a product to address my dark circles and de-puffing. As you might have known, I am a big fan of Tata Harper's eye cream but I cannot justify the price for a little part of my face just yet. So I was fairly intrigued by this one. As soon as it came out, I grabbed it off of SBL with their 15% sale. I thought it wasn't too pricey for what it claims.. and I crossed my fingers hoping it would work.

Unfortunately, I am feeling underwhelmed by this eye gel. It is a runny gel texture goes well with the massaging applicator. It takes long to absorb which is useful if you really want to massage it in instead of patting it with your fingers. For the first week or two, I was excited about the idea of the applicator but then I just gave up. If you're committed, then go for it. I honestly don't see any drastic difference with or without the applicator. I find that even though it's a gel (which usually implies for lighter hydration in comparison to creams), it is slightly too moisturizing for my sometimes-it-feels-tight eye area. I don't like it during the day as I notice oily residue in my eye lines.. and when gel doesn't absorb nicely, it becomes slightly sticky on the skin. So, as a concealer wearer, I definitely have to be aware of tugging.

Good news is, it works kind of well for de-puffing as it does feel cooling and refreshing at times. I wouldn't say it is completely effective but yeah, it helps. There also seems to be a very faint scent of Edelweiss flower.. which technically almost smells like nothing, so that's a positive point about the fragrance.

Saying that, don't let my thought on this hold off your purchase. Intelligent Nutrients makes a great Cellular Renewal Complex for a facial area treatment that receives rave reviews. I know Spirit from SBL looooves it. I can see a slight similarity with the ingredients used, so I do believe that this eye gel can work on some people. Although I am not impressed, I can recommend it to those who are battling fine lines and wrinkles and also eye area that is dry. Worth a try.


Stayed tuned for an excellent eye product that I have been loving recently...  


  1. It's too bad that you don't love it.Hopefully next one will be better :) xx

  2. Shame, I had high hopes for it but it's fine. Do you have your favorite eye product?

    1. Right now i'm using Trevarno eye cream and also really like100% Pure with caffeine :) I also use oils on top of it in the evening :) I'd love to try Pai eye cream, everyone loves it :)

    2. Great picks. I heard good stuff about 100% pure one. How well does it work against dark circles?
      Ohhh yess, Pai one is nice and gentle! I want to try it myself

    3. Hmm i didn't see any results on dark circles :/ Now that i'm thinking about it I kinda miss this cream :) And i have to get my hands on Pai one, it's just a bit expensive for me right now :(

    4. I see, dark circles is a hard one. I still want to try it out though. Where do you usually get it from? Btw, Blissoma just came out with a brightening eye serum, sounds exciting http://www.oandncollective.com/blissoma-bright-eye-vitalizing-nutrient-serum-new/

      And I bet Pai is going to worth the $$! I don't think you can go wrong since it is very soothing.

  3. I'm still on the fence with regards to eye creams and serums - not sure I need a separate product for the area. Plus, I get irritated eyes very easily and haven't found one that works and doesn't itch my eyes!

    Having said that though, the Elizabeth Dehn for OLO Vitamin E Eye Balm is still on my wishlist.


    1. Yes how I felt at first. But I have been battling with an on-going dark circles problem and although TH eye cream really worked in that category, it's just too much $$ for my little part of my face. Besides.. I kinda love my dark circles makes me look like I have pulled an all nighter to work hard (joke).

      Maybe you should try Pai eye cream, it's really gentle, creamy and soothing. An all around good eye cream unless you are looking for something specific or fast-acting. the Vitamin E Eye Balm sounds really good! I love the ingredients, I reaaaally wanted to get it but knowing that my eye area is not all that dry maybe balm is not a good option. But you should try it! Nature of Beauty does a good sale sometimes, and the shipping to Australia is affordable too.

      Btw, have you heard of the brand SURFACE skincare? I have been using their brightening serum for my eyes actually.. so good.

    2. Thanks for the info that Nature of Beauty ships to Australia affordably! So excited, love SpiritBeautyLounge but the shipping is too expensive if you can't catch the products on sale to justify it.

    3. Hi kels! Thank you so much for stopping by. So happy to have found your blog. Do you happen to have Bloglovin' where I can follow you?

      Apart from Nature of Beauty, Epic Beauty Bar also has 10$ flat rate shipping worldwide and it has many more exciting brands to offer as well. I know how you feel about SBL. I used to only buy from them whenever there's 20% sale (or up) and the total still got cancelled out by the shipping fee. Thankfully, there are already a few international retailers who are willing to offer us cheaper shipping price and also local Australian retailers without mark-up that's too high. I also like to find deals on Naturisimo, Love Lula and Beauty Bay too!

    4. Yeah I do, I just updated my blog so that the widget is on my home page! Thanks for the info also

  4. I remember you mentioning SURFACE skincare a while back and was really curious about them since they're Australian. Glad to hear their serum is good!

    I have heard good things about Pai but after trying a few of their face cream samples I was a bit underwhelmed. However, I like the look of their oils...

    And it's funny you mentioned Nature of Beauty as that was the site I was thinking of purchasing from. It's quite hard to find a website that ships the Elizabeth Dehn for OLO line at a reasonable cost to Oz. I was so sure Eco Diva Beauty was offering $20 international shipping, but the next time I was on the website intending to make a purchase or three, the shipping estimate ended up at $80 - crazy!

    Joking about dark circles aside - when I was younger I really liked the look of people with really dark circles and wished I had them too! Don't know what I was thinking!

    Yvonne :)

    1. Yes, it's fairly new and they're still tweaking their ingredients. The products are not at the final stage yet and I believe they are going to release the brand officially by next year. They are in the process of getting certification too. I love their ethos and the background behind SURFACE. Honestly, I am quiet impressed by the ingredients. I was given the rejuvenating cream but I end up liking the brightening serum more. Reviews will still be awhile as I feel like I haven't played around with the products more -the brightening serum is intended to be used as an all-over facial serum but i need to keep my layering down!-. Saying that, I've also been trying out another Australian brand called Flight Skincare & Halka B!! There are just so many interesting Australian brands popping up now :) they both are divine.

      Yeah, I feel the same about Pai facial creams. I do admit they are good, but other than hydration, it just doesn't wow me. But it truly is something for very sensitive skin out there! Their rosehip oil is the best quality I have tried, I just finished up a bottle a week ago! The ingredients in the Age Confidence sounds fantastic though!

      Oh gosh, I just checked too, they must have changed their international courier or something. I remember it being 20-30$ from their Canadian warehouse. Phew! Lucky we've got Nature of Beauty who offers $12 shipping!! It doesn't have any insurance or tracking, but from my experience, I have never gotten a problem shipping with USPS economy!

      Oh Yvonne I've been there too! (+ wanting to wear glasses so bad that i did everything i could from sleeping while reading, reading in a dim light but nothing ever happens)

    2. OHH!! I forgot to tell you, Epic Beauty Bar is a new shopping site.. they have a flat rate shipping of $10 only worldwide and they stock that eye balm you want weee!! :) http://www.epicbeautybar.com/brands/One-Love-Organics.html

    3. Guess what?! Just made a purchase on your recommendation from Epic Beauty Bar! I bought the ED for OLO Vitamin E Eye Balm, Vitamin D Moisture Mist and Vitamin C Serum. Looks like the site just recently launched since they didn't have all the brands' products up yet. I thought I would make this purchase and if the service is good, I may go back for the new Kahina Body Serum. THANK YOU for the suggestion Asti - can't wait to received the products!

      I chose the Vitamin C serum (not that I need another face product!) over the LBF Modern Radiance Concentrate since I read it was not recommended for reactive skin. I was so tempted to also add the OLO Love Springs Eternal Serum too because I had just finished a sample and loved it, but I am going to finish two face oils before purchasing.

      I saw that Flight Skincare was very popular on PeachyClean. I will have to read about Halka B as it is new to me. Ahh, too many products and so little time!

      By the way, did you end up buying Yuli Halcyon cleanser?

      Yvonne :)

    4. Hi Yvonne! Sorry for the epic delay in my reply!

      Yayy! So happy that you have bought something from Epic Beauty Bar. It's supposed to ship from Dubai which makes it faster. Let me know when it has arrived.. and that's some freaking good stuff you got there. Very excited to hear what you think of ED for OLO products. Yeah, that's true, not all the brands are up but I'm very excited until they have fully stocked, it can take awhile but I am hopeful! :) :) yay! Finally shopping online is so MUCH easier and cheaper too.

      Kahina Body Serum.. is totally my scent. I am very tempted to get it. Have you tried Skin & Bones facial, hair, body oil? The scent is the bomb, so good. Thought you might love it!

      yes it's quite the superstar on Peachy Clean. I think they deserve it, I am quite happy with what I have tried so far (cleanser, exfoliator and camellia serum!).

      I didn't end up purchasing the Yuli Halycon cleanser because it contains clay. I am trying to be as gentle to my skin when it comes to cleanser for everyday use as my Sodashi one (while it's great) my skin doesn't end up liking it too often. I am still waiting on people to write review about this cleanser..

    5. Hi Asti,

      Just thought I'd let you know that I received my order and loved everything! Stephanie included a handwritten note which was a sweet touch. I'll definitely be ordering from her again. It took roughly 2 weeks to arrive from Las Vegas. I'm interested in the Marie Veronique products once they're loaded (the SPF specifically).

      Then today, I also received an O&N order (I had a discount code from them) with the Kahina Fez Body Serum. Haven't used it yet but the scent is beautiful. I don't like traditional chemical-filled perfumes so figured that spending on a gorgeous, natural scented body product was equivalent to other people buying an expensive perfume.

      I'll look into the Skin & Bones one - sounds good! Do you recommend a website that ships that brand to Aus?



    6. Yayyy! So happy you have received your order! Packages from the US can take awhile for me too, 2 weeks is not bad. Stephanie seems like a lovely person and she's so hands-on, not surprised she would send you a sweet handwritten note :)

      Oh my gosh, I was literally putting MV Everday Coverage with SPF 30 into my basket, but there's been a dispute over the Emu Oil that they use so I just feel like I need to look more into that before buying it. Really need an SPF product right now! There is also Juice Beauty CC cream (naturisimo), Coola sunscreen & Elemental Herbs SPF stick which both are stocked on IHerb. Still thinking.. would love to try Suntegrity 5 in 1 SPF too though but that one is harder to get a hold of. Did you know that MV is now stocked on Bathing Beauty? They don't sell an individual SPF yet but it's in the Acne Relief Pack currently.

      Did you only order the Kahina Fez Body Serum? I do have a feeling the scent will be out of this world. The shipping ain't bad either, especially if you get a discount code hmmm..
      I know, I never liked perfumes in the first place (chemical or not), so I always opt for scented body oils because they carry a subtle scent and it's also hydrating my skin! So I don't only buy products to smell good.

      Skin & Bones scent is soooo goood. You will like the scent I think!! Everything just falls in a perfect balance with that one. Unfortunately, it is hard to find.. I used to buy it from Urban Outfitters, they still have the Cleanser in stock but not the moisturizer. I think it has the same scent and Kimberly Loc raves about it so much but it's seriously that good. UO also has a full range of Aster & Bay if you're interested (Meghan from Seed to Serum LOOOVES it).

      The only place I know now that ships Skin & Bones to AUS is Amazingy.com it's an european website ships with DHL for roughly $21 for order below $212 and $11 above, free over 354. I use that website to ship to my mum's place (she's in Qatar), and it arrives within days. Remember that we take 20% off to exclude Vat tax so not that bad! You can also order straight from Skin & Bones website or Beauty Habit. They have the same shipping price as SBL though.

    7. Hey Asti,

      I remember that some people had an issue with the emu oil on NMDL. I must admit that I hadn't given it a lot of thought and should also research it a bit before committing to a purchase.

      The Juice Beauty CC Cream seems good - let me know if you decide on that one. Naturissimo offer it as a sample but unfortunately I don't have anything else I need to buy from them at the moment. I'm not a fan of Coola as they seem to offer so many different sunscreens including chemical ones with octinoxate.

      I am loving the Fez Body Serum. I had also bought a cute travel sized sample pack of La Bella Figura, and their new Bohmia Verde hair elixir which smells beautiful. I think it is the jasmine, but I am terrible with describing and naming scents.

      I think with the Skin & Bones I'll wait and see whether UO get it back in stock. I have had a look at Amazingy before but saw that we can now get most of their brands here, so not worth the shipping for me.

      I am actually waiting on an Osmia parcel which includes one of their body oils, so that and Fez should last me for a while. I used to use plain argan oil, grapeseed oil or coconut butter to moisturise but think I am becoming addicted to scented body oils.

      Y :)