What I do Nightly Before I Sleep

I think it is absolutely essential to have a night routine, I know that it has helped me in a lot of ways. Having a biological clock - like when to sleep and when to wake up - sort of makes me look at myself as a battery. I need an off time to recharge. When done properly, I start off my day easy. Two parts of the routine that I prefer (but optional if there's no time) is to take a warm shower and then slather yourself with a scrumptious body oil (The Good stuff or Stroke of Luck) and also blend myself a green juice especially when I feel bloated from dinner. I blend up my kale or green spinach, celery, lemon, parsley, cucumber and green apple, it is seriously a refreshing drink and I always wake up feeling so refreshed and clean inside and out. I drink this up 45+ minutes before I sleep.

I want to share with you all my night routine that has always looked the same since ages ago..

1. Light up a candle. I love to set up the room before I do everything else. A subtle scent and a flickering light burning on the candle wick, you cannot beat that nice relaxing ambiance. It sends me off to a positive realm. My favorite brand is usually Glasshouse, but the one that I currently have is in the scent Lavender & Vanilla by the brand Le Desire. Honestly, it smells like an orange chocolate to me, it is so yummy. Pretty similar to the Lotus Wei range in 'Inspired' just less spicy. It puts me in a joyful mood but also soft at the same time.

2. Since candle scent takes a while to fill in the whole room, I take my time to brew some tea. I have so many kinds of tea (and yet I still finish them up pretty fast), I am loving English Tea Shop in "Calming" and "Immunity" at the moment. Their base is green tea and incorporates Ayuverdic knowledge, a fascinating choice if you're looking for a wellness tea. I then pour it into my favorite cup and let it cool down a bit. If I still have some Raw Cacao Balls in the fridge, I eat one now, he-he.

3. My night skincare routine = my favorite ritual! I still cleanse with my Sodashi clay cleanser in Calming, pat Intelligent Nutrients Eye Gel, tone with Sodashi Calming Skin Boost (or 2-3x a week with my sample of Modern Radiance Concentrate by LBF), apply a choice of serum/facial oil depending on how my skin feels.. (currently testing out Lina Hanson Face Serum, also a sample), and finally put my Sodashi Calm Skin Moisturizer on top if my skin is parched. My basic skincare routine is basically that, and I exfoliate with The Clean Dirt / Acure 2-3x a week and apply The Problem Solver 1x every week/2 weeks. Oh, and I also cleanse my feet before going to bed to feel extra clean.

4. All done, my skin is happy! Grab my cup of tea, my diary and a good book to read. At this stage, I check my phone for any last messages and then put it away to avoid any distraction! I set a goal to spend my time writing on my diary every single night. It's good to have something I can reflect back to, something to think about, to smile & laugh at, and maybe proud of. Sip my cup of tea. Read a book until I get sleepy. Gulp my cup of tea. Blow off my candle.

5. And off to sleep I go! :)

I know some people also love to mist their pillows to help them sleep better or slather yourself with a relaxing body oil from head to toe. Lotus Wei and Aromatherapy Personals offer a great range of body oils, mist, bath salts and roll-on to help you get your best-est night sleep. One other tip - whether you have trouble sleeping or not -, do some stretching or yoga as it takes your mind off of things and your body will benefit the same way too. Here, Esther Ekhart will guide you thoroughly from start to finish. (To be honest, I'm a lazy bum when it comes to starting, but once I actually start it's hard to stop!).

A simple 5 minute bed time yoga that you can do on your bed : 

or there's a 15 minutes long one too for dedicated people!

I am a nosy cat, tell me, what's your night routine like?


  1. Hi! I just came across your blog and saw this post and... Wow! I loved reading it, really! I just love posts like this one. You have a great night routine. And I also watched the 1st yoga video, I'll start doing this before bed!
    You have a lovely blog! x


    1. Thank you so much Vanja! I love posts like this too :). I try to do this everynight, at first it was a hard effort but then I got used to it now. Oh yes, the yoga is pretty fun!! I love doing it, she also does stretching movements and they are truly great.