An introduction to Australia's Apothecary Store

I would like to introduce to you.. Australia's Natural & Organic Apothecary Store that is basically the epitome of luxury right from the moment you enter its brand spanking new store (love the front logo!). I am sure that you will be curious to see what's next from them.. I used to constantly check their Facebook updates before they even launched because they gave us a sneak-peek of brands they're currently trialing and I'm always intrigued by anything odd-balls (or shall I say fascinatingly hit the gap!). So this means that, they have really gone an extra mile in the researching department! Who doesn't like to hear something new right?! (hint: that's how I found ArGentum, a brand that is super exquisite and hits the niche in natural & organic genre). Crosses fingers that it will make its way down to Australia!

There are only a few brands listed currently, but I got a little secret I'm holding in.. but I promise you, it is something GOOD once it comes out! Danielle, the founder, has always found a fascination in forensic science, anatomical pathology and human body since ever she was a little kid. Although might be somewhat unrelated, it inspires her to use natural & organic products with a focus on physical and emotional wellness as well. However, sometimes a few significant struggles in life that has affected us emotionally and physically could lead to us to something momentous.. A lot of stress-related illness started creeping in until a light was finally shed especially after she came down to The Golden Door Health Retreat in Sydney. One of the topics that she listened to was a class about toxic and chemical ingredients in our daily products. From there she realized that lots of people were still surprised about what's contained inside the products or were even more surprised because products which seem 'natural' on the bottle, turn out to be something they're not. That's how Danielle started Apothecary Store.

If you're also wondering why everything on that site is expensive, I understand that going natural & organic doesn't mean health has to reflect the $$$$ of products you use. But what Danielle wanted to achieve and promote was to deny the fact that natural & organic products are not only for granola eating hippies.. I know some of my friends whom I've told always give me "I would rather eat that" comment which I still cannot make sense in my head because isn't that better for you?! Products that are stocked on Apothecary Store are result-driven that have obviously been tested, and they are also clean and reflect the price point. Going natural should not be a compromise of luxury and effectiveness. We're also talking about products that you want to show off on your vanity or take out of your purse and also feel dreamy on your hands. For an example: May Lindstrom's products are truly life-changing in the way you perceive a beauty ritual and how you feel about yourself. Lina Hanson has searched into every corner of the globe to deliver you the most exotic plant and essential oils in her Global Facial & Body Serum. Same goes for Goe oil, if it wasn't so special it wouldn't have been featured on countless of blogs and magazines such as Vogue, Nylon and Harper's Bazaar to name a few (this product is travel-friendly + multi-functional too!).

What's more.. Apothecary Store is starting to fill up its Detox Store that showcases Danielle's favorite superfood as supplements and the famous INDAH coconut oil (I swear, this is the best coconut oil I have ever tasted and I specifically use this internally because it's that delicious!). Apothecary Store also has an exclusive service to cater your wedding needs. Yup! This exclusive service will include everything from choosing your herbal teas, chocolates, tinned mints, soaps, and candles for your big day! There's no need for the stress, they will take care of your Bridal Party Gift Sets to even setting up a perfect scent ambiance for your wedding using Timothy Han London and Vie Luxe (eco) Candles especially catered for your wedding to make an everlasting memorable scent.

Watch out this space, it's going to be a great one! Sshh.. Flight Skincare, Surface Skincare, R.L Linden & CO, Loving Earth and Bare Blends are going to arrive soon too!

Free shipping over $100 within Australia, and New Zealand customers are welcome too (free shipping doesn't apply).

Curious? If you're new to using green products and want to start off with something super indulgent.. why not try my favorite picks: INDAH Coconut Oil for obvious reasons, May Lindstrom The Youth Dew: a facial oil for all skin types and Soapwalla deodorant that everyone raves about (works great but I'm sensitive to it!).


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    1. it really is a fab store! Can't wait to see what's more .

  2. It's interesting you introduced us to this store and the brand ArGentum and IANS claims on facebook they found out about it first...and that they are selling it 'exclusively', just interesting because I read about it here first!