Happy Day: The Finders Keepers

Karina's Orange Eyeliner. Sweet!

Niki & Karina @ Hazene stall, love them girls

A little OOTD for you: Super comfortable muscle tank with Topshop leather jacket, River Island Tie-Dye Jeans,
Converse, and a random bag
 -I was told that I looked like a cat when I smile =3=
Karina's OOTD: Polkadot Yellow Shirt Thrifted, Mesh long sleeves top underneath, her favorite Topshop
jeans and boots from Rm Williams. 


The Finders Keepers is an annual event to host many independent designers and art markets. So happy that this year Hazene got to be a part of it, especially thanks to Frankie Magazine for making that happened! 


  1. Nice photos:) You look great!:) xx

  2. Aaaaaaa i miss you guys! It reminded me of the lilbopeeep days, taking outfits and stuff. You guys look so fresh and the weather seems so lovely.

    The packaging for your presents is adorable, i wanna eat it.
    My present to you will come soooon ;)

    1. We miss you too! I know, that's exactly what we thought. I miss those days, if only we have all the time in the world, the problem is.. it's not everyday that we are bothered to bring a heavy SLR camera outside while dressing appropriately for an OOTD. Love doing it again though! It was such a lovely day, sunny and windy but there are many shades and grass area, so relaxing to be at. Awesome to witness how our clothing style has changed slightly!

      It's from Kikki K!! Mayyynn, that place. We're planning to go to their FO near Southern Cross (yup yup discounted Kikki K stuff), any stuff you need or want but not need?

  3. Love love love these photos, Asti! That venue is gorgeous too, what a lovely place for a craft fair!

    1. Thank you! It was such a gorgeous venue and definitely a fitting place for a craft fair. Melbourne University actually holds their final exams there too.. haha.. (always brings back stresful memories whenever I enter that place!)

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Asti! (I assume it was your birthday by the present?)

    Looks like a fun day and the waffles look delicious!

    Yvonne :)

    1. Thank you so much Yvonne! My birthday was actually on 30th of September. The hang out was a bit overdue, but the venue was still so much fun. Have you ever attended The Finders Keepers?

      I am in love with waffles!! and the waffles were definitely SO delicious!