September Color Favorites

These are my make-up products (and a necklace) that revolve around my month of September. RMS Magnetic is the most beautiful silvery taupe I have ever seen and Solar is a shimmery golden that will make your eyes pop -Just FYI, RMS creamy eyeshadows do not have the almost undetectable mica that RMS usually opts for. I find them very noticeable although they are still considered tiny.- The very pretty sheen and silky moisturizing texture makes it a stand-out from other cream eyeshadows. I know you wouldn't think of putting coconut oil, beeswax, jojoba oil and cocoa seed butter on your eyelids but it can work very well on mature or dry eyelids with maybe slight creasing. I, myself, battle with oily eyelids all the time so I love using these as a base or putting setting powder on top. I would put Magnetic all over my eyelids and take it beneath my lower eyelashes as well and Solar in the inner corner. This creates a subtle smokey eye that is plummy with a touch of golden, which I think we all yearn for the Northern Fall. Then, I either powder VERY LITTLE of RMS mattifying powder (to avoid taking away the beautiful sheen) or Applying Kjaer Weis Wisdom on top of Magnetic and Cloud Nine on top of Solar. 

If I want to spend my time more on my make-up, I like Dr Hauschka Trio. I use the Rose one all over my lid, Chocolate as a contour and White for the inner corner. They don't crease so it is much less maintenance. The problem is, they can come out too subtle for the evening and might also fade throughout the day. But at least a good eye primer will fix that quickly -I use All Natural Face one-. 

Elizabeth Olsen Inspiration for Magnetic and Solar and Miranda Kerr wearing Sacred + Promise on the lips
Last but not least, I am still in love with RMS Lip Shine in Sacred but mixing it with Promise lip2cheek looks fantastic too! I got this inspiration from when RMS posted up a picture of Miranda Kerr working them lip colors as usual. I like that the Promise mutes down the vibrancy of Sacred a little bit. Promise is a gorgeous shimmery salmon-pink color, but it can look too bare at times. So Sacred + Promise looks like a good match to me! 

And lastly, my favorite jewelry is an hourglass necklace that I got from River Island. I love love this! I am a fan of wearing necklaces for the longest times because it creates such a nice touch especially to a simple outfit. With this quirky necklace, it truly is a stand-out piece in your day to day outfit! Love this with my uber comfy grey over-sized knitted sweater. And my favorite read for this month is actually Acne Paper Issue 13. Again, I am a fan of their magazines. For $20, it's not your usual pretty editorial and full-of-advert magazines, it is in fact text-heavy but also full of mind-blowing photos. It is one that has been very carefully curated that makes this magazine a valuable collection. It is a past issue and the theme was Human Body. 

picture from Art Info's blog

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