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Mascara is the hardest to find, conventional or not, agree? Remember my Beauty Routine Tag where I mentioned I did not use mascara at all? It probably surprised some of you but there there is no point in me buying if I won't use it. I got desperate though so a month ago, I jumped into Kjaer Weis mascara bandwagon but Dizao also kindly sent me their mascara to try out. Can I say, this has been the best November of my life? These two, rock my world because it has changed my perspective completely about natural, organic make-up!

"The ingredients in our organic mascara contain nourishing properties, with 99.8% sourced from organic farming. It glides on easily, with a sleek wand that adds the perfect amount of product, delivers great definition, and adds layers to eyelashes". 
Kjaer Weis 

"95% organic mascara provides all-natural care for your eyelashes, strengthens and moisturizes them without causing the irritation of eyes and periorbital skin. Dizao mascara has a definite lengthening and volumizing effect."
Dizao Moisturizing Mascara

I use this mascara every single day without a fail unless I want something more dramatic. The ingredients are luxurious and it smells very lightly like roses - the kind of smell when you pass someone wearing some fancy pretty perfume. That's a scent I've never smelled before coming from a mascara and only green goodies can pull it off, am I right? The packaging is a show-stopper, it is so sleek like the ingredients and the formula, however the packaging is not as heavy-duty as it seems.

My experience with the mascara has been good, it never ever smears unless it is you who break down, or the sky. Saying that, I tested it on a hot day a few times, not extremely humid and hot, but I found the mascara to never budge. Maybe there are flakes, but they are almost non-existent. What impresses me the most is not only the longevity on my lashes but also the formula and the wand. The formula is really lightweight and silky, making your eyelash application like a breeze. This will be easy if you want to build up even though you can only build it up to a certain extent. The wand also looks like a really classy cactus, it separates the eyelashes really well. Formula + wand is a perfect duo for a no-clump application to make your lashes look defined.

But is there really a world out there with a perfect mascara? Unfortunately, it does not hold my curl very well. My lashes are super straight and even though it doesn't spring back to its flat nature, the curl does not give me a wow factor like the first time I curl it. It still holds good though because my lashes are.. super straight.

Ingredients: glucose, water, lavender flower water*, mica, cetyl babassuate, cupuacu butter*, beeswax, castor seed oil*, carnauba wax*, glyceryl caprylate, white clay, jojoba seed oil*, glycerin, carrageenen extract, plantago leaf extract*, canola oil, rose damask flower oil, rosemary extract, ci 77891, ci 77499, silver oxide, citronellol**, geraniol**.

Dizao Organics Moisturizing Mascara $AUD28

applied to the bottom lashes as well

Well hello, drama! I'm usually no drama magnet, but yes I found you! It is seriously amazing and it's the type of mascara that I would use for a night out or whenever you feel zazazoom (I don't even know, but WHOA factor you know?). The formula is definitely thicker and the wand looks like traditional volumizing wand, nothing that makes me want to investigate too deeply but I wish it was a bit smaller/shorter. It does not leave your lashes as soft as Kjaer Weis and it can also look a bit messier but fair enough, because this mascara carries much more drama in its tube. You, people who reside in Europe are lucky because currently that's the only place where this company ships to. Dang. I literally went "OMAGOSH" the first time I apply the first coat, probably because I am a mascara noob and I'd never seen my eyes that bright and open. I was amazed.

The good news does not stop there. So I wore it outside and was happy to find my lashes still look as fresh as new even after I came back home. It totally solves my flat lashes problem. I also accidentally rubbed my eyes a few time and nope, no smudge! no flake! I came home perfectly happy. So I had a very good feeling about this mascara and decided to be more adventurous and applied it to the bottom lashes as well. Damn, this might work! As long as you don't introduce water (but I can yawn so much in a day :( ..). Like I said, the formula is thicker and it dries like a clay but without the flakes so I wouldn't say it feels moisturizing although it might be, but I couldn't tell. I think the wand + formula really lifts up the root of the lashes to volumize and even though the application is not as smooth as Kjaer Weis, it has its plus sides as well.

Worth noting that there is a distinct scent. To me, it is a hint of white chocolate or some fruity chocolate jam factory in there. I'm not sure where it's coming from maybe what I'm smelling is a hint of coffee. Colors are derived from Coffee Beans and Shellac. Interesting.

Ingredients: water, chamomile hydrosol*, beeswax*, carnauba wax*, coffee powder*, rice extract*, sunflower seed oil*, corn starch*, shellac, lemon peel extract*, grapefruit seed extract*.
Ingredients in Italic can be controversial, shellac might not be suitable for vegans as it is a by-product from lac bugs and grapefruit seed extract is seen as a 'natural paraben'

I've been wearing these two mascara depending on the occasion. Kjaer Weis is my no.1 choice for darkened, defined lashes, just elegant while Dizao is my go-to for when I want a bit more craziness on my lashes. I might reach for Kjaer Weis a lot more just because it is easier to go on and I have been running on and off these days. Anyway, I did not mean to compare the two because I think they are in a very different category in terms of finishes and I love each one of them as much. Both are really really fantastic, good staying power without smudging although non-waterproof.

Let me know if you have tried either one or whether I need to be on a look-out of another mascara because I am currently obsessed with this hunt! :)


  1. I really loved reading this review on both mascara! But I have to admit, I'm such a mascara noob myself too!! The first and only time I tried using an eyelash curl was not a good experience! I think I'll have to get the Kjaer Weiss mascara one day because it's just easier to find.

    1. Ahh.. I had a bad experience too with eyelash curler, I have to keep reminding myself to curl at the right angle especially I don't have the longest lashes in the world. I hope you really do try KW mascara someday, you will have to let me know how it goes, seriously good. I was underwhelmed with the impression at first, but I find the silky texture to be a bit build-able.

      At first I thought there's no way that these green mascara can be better than ones in the drugstore people rave so much about.. (I mean those modified synthetic chemicals MUST do something amazing right! But not really!).

  2. Great reviews Asti! :) I'm so happy you found great mascaras, I've never even heard of Dizao :) I'd love to have a mascara that smells of roses!<3 i could also use to one that smells of chocolate and gives great lashes :D xx

    1. Thank you so much Jana, hopefully you have found these reviews helpful. Mascaras are the hardest to find for me, everything smudges so I'm pretty surprised that my good bet is hidden in this green beauty world. What are you using currently? I hope you will try Dizao someday, it's so good! The KW is really beautiful and the Dizao one is as impressive :)

  3. Hey Asti - so glad you loved kjaer weis' mascara! It's my go-to as well for all the reasons you mentioned, and for the fact that it washes off so easily with an oil cleanser. I've never heard of dizao, but you've certainly made me curious..although so odd to see shellac in the ingredient list!

    1. Sonja! Thanks to YOU I was finally brave enough to snatch up a natural mascara. I didn't regret it! I agree, it is very easy to remove, I even use my normal cream cleanser and still rinses off easy. No tugging on the lashes.

      Dizao is a relatively new brand but I am loving their mascara. I really do hope that they launch more internationally and possibly the US since they're made IN the US. Shellac has actually been used widely (maybe not that wide) in cosmetics and to coat pills, fruits (like apple to make it shiny, shudder. why.) and wood furniture varnishes. Quite scary to think about its various of uses from furniture to cosmetics, but it is apparently food-safe, although probably I won't snatch up the apple that is coated with it if I knew just because it is unnecessary. I'm not sure if the use of Shellac was the sole reason for coloring in Dizao, but since it's used in various of stuff maybe it does help to make the formula glossier and stays well on the lashes. Looking at the rest of the ingredient, formulation seems very simple. Dizao rinses off as easy though but formula is definitely thicker.

  4. I'm currently using the Kjaer Weis and it's a good defining mascara, but I have to curl my lashes beforehand as it doesn't have much lift without. I am alternating this with Physicians Formula Organic Wear as I do like a bit more volume and drama and KW is not really that kind of mascara.

    1. I agree, it is a good defining mascara, not as lengthening as I thought but decent. I curl before and after, but still does not help :(

      Thanks for the suggestion! Physicians Formula is so famous but I never tried it, it's much more expensive here :\

  5. Kjaer weis is my current fav (although for me 'the rose scent' smells more like an old aeroplane)... The Dizao one sounds amazing!!! I'm a lady who loves lashes of volume AND I live in Europe so this is great news xxx

  6. The Dizao mascara is the best natural mascara I have ever tried. Stays on all day without smudging and makes your lashes very volumous. So I can warmly recommend it!