Movie Night & Green Liners

Read more below for OOTD & to find out more natural version of Rimmel's green eyeliner

Hi everyone!

What did you come out as for Halloween?! I was Wednesday Addams last year but sadly I didn't celebrate it this year. I have an old bum like that. Instead, I watched the movie Rush the other day, the one with Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Bruhl and Olivia Wilde in it. It's pretty much a biography about former racer rivals James Hunt and Niki Lauda. I must say, I didn't expect to enjoy this movie at all as I don't have fascination about F1, cars and what not.. but seriously the tension in the rivalry and their friendship is what glued me to the seat. Both of them had an opposite personality but somehow they managed to appreciate the difference and still becomes friends in their oddest way. At some point, I really wanted to read a spoiler online because I just couldn't handle the suspense. It's that good! Hemsworth and Bruhl were SO into their characters it felt real, especially Bruhl.. he was amazing. Thought it's worth sharing, if you haven't watched it.. yup whether you watch racing cars or not!

So at that time, I just felt like dressing up unlike my usual desire to just dress up in pyjamas and wear snuggly thick socks. But I tried something new, I wore a green eye-liner. For someone who wears a purple eyeliner it's probably not that big of a deal but damn, that deep green color just brings out brown eyes. I'm obviously not the best at putting on make-up as you can tell haha, but nowadays I enjoy exploring and painting colors on my face, it kind of feels therapeutic. 

For this look, of course the green eyeliner is my favorite part. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it's supposed to be a vibrant forest green shade and really brings out the color of the eye. At this point, I couldn't get a more natural version in hand so Rimmel Scandalous Eyeliner is my go-to green. It was very affordable and convenient for me to get and the pigmentation is amazing especially because I don't have to bother applying any pressure at all. The best thing? doesn't smudge (and doesn't irritate my eyes). You can check out its ingredients here, but I'm going to find a more natural version once I run out. Alternatives are at the bottom below if you're thinking of getting one. 

I also love Au Naturale cream eyeshadow in Rosette. I believe, they don't have that shade anymore but it's a very pretty rose-gold shade, almost nude and is so wearable for daily. Because of its drier consistency (almost like a gel-cream for me), I find it last longer than my RMS cream eyeshadows, it would still crease but less likely to do so. A review to come as I'm planning to get more of their cream eyeshadows. They're currently having 30% off storewide!! 

Ok, so I smear Rosette all over my lids, curl my eyelashes, apply Kjaer Weis mascara and then line with Rimmel. Simple & quick. I finish off with Vapour's lipstick in Au Pair to sweeten the look and then a touch of blush with RMS lip2cheek in Promise, a salmon-pink color with a hint of gold shimmer. Very very subtle. 

As for my outfit, I kept it very understated with a black silk cami dress from Topshop, Gap jeans and comfy with unbranded flats. I thought throwing in the jeans made it more casual and the dress wasn't too long for it to look weird to be worn under a jeans. I'm not one to be able to pull off silk cami without it looking like a sleeping wear, so the jeans helped too in that sense. I also think that wearing a triangle bra would look better, but the dress material is too thin for me and I wish there's a triangle bra that's cupped..? 

And as promised, I searched the hi and low and put together these alternatives to Rimmel's green eyeliner when I'm not happy with it anymore. It was a bit difficult to find an exact replacement but I am keen on Jane Iredale's Mystikol eyeliner which comes with a highlighter. The Silk Natural one is a pretty shimmery teal too and Dr Hauschka in Grazioso looks like a good replacement for a black eye-liner. Which one is/are your favorites? 

01. Silk Natural Cream Liner in Peacock - Deep blue-green shimmer $6.50
02. Pencil Me In Cosmetics in Liberty Green $6.99 or buy it in a set of 4 for Brunettes $26.50 
03. Couleur Caramel Eyeshadow in Pearly Peacock Blue or Pearly Bluish Green
04. Au Naturale Cream Eyeshadow in Bora Bora - Aquamarine hue $20
05. Dr. Hauschka in Grazioso - Silvery green shade $17.95
06. Alima Pure Satin Matte Eyeliner in Denial - Deep forest green $12.50
07. Au Naturale Eye Pencil in Meadow - $18
08. Couleur Caramel Eye Pencil in Green - $23.95(AU) or from Nature of Beauty $14.75(US)
09. Jane Iredale Mystikol in Malachite - Mossy green with creamy nude highlighter $20(US) or $30 (AU) from Ry Shop 

I would also recommend NYX Slim Eye Pencil / Eye Brow in Teal or Seafoam Green that has these ingredients (photo courtesy of make-up & beauty). If you can get a hold of them, they make very affordable eye-liners and contain mostly natural ingredients. They bring so much fun to your eye-liner collection, I love using them! Australia used to stock ones that have these ingredients, but now the ingredients are different :(


  1. lovely post


  2. I agree with Michelle, lovely post! :) You seem like such a nice person:)
    I heard quite nice things about Couleur Caramel, did you maybe try anything from them? If i'm not mistaken their mascaras are great, i have to buy one sometime :) xx

    1. Thanks Jana!

      Couleur Caramel is doing well I think, so many rave reviews on their concealer too!! They recently came to Australia and is able to give out 50% discount off for whoever wants to spread the words on the brand. Need to try it out!! Which mascara do you think I should try - Volumizing or Lengthening?

      Btw, I wish I could get Alverde from here!!! Do you like their line?

    2. That's great, hmm i don't know..volumizing :) I'd have to see what the brush looks like :)
      Alverde is great! I love their blushes and some lipsticks are amazing :) But it depends on a product, fortunately is quite cheap so it's not that big of a deal if it is not perfect :))

  3. You look lovely, love the Topshop dress! :) x

    1. Love the Topshop dress too! It's simple and yet is elegant as it can be, love silk!

      Thank you for dropping by !

  4. Lovely outfit, and I really dig those green eyeliners tho I only have one in my stash and I rarely use it.

    1. Thank you!! Loving your blog.. it was a nice Friday night read for me..

      Aw why?! Which green eyeliner do you own?

  5. Very pretty look Asti, including the outfit! I also have Vapour Au Pair and really like the colour.

    Yvonne :)

    1. Thank you Yvonne! Au Pair is definitely my fav color too, I actually bought it by accident but GLAD that happened.