October Favorites

November. Okay. While I'm jealous with everyone celebrating their fall season with their pumpkin spice drink, sweet spicy scented body products and warm colored outfits, us over here are ready to embrace the warmth that the sun shall bring! Summer calls for some fun with colorful flip flops and fancy skirt right? Right. Today was Melbourne Cup day, and the city was absolutely packed with parade. It made me realize that I haven't walked around in the city for long! It exactly made me feel like a tourist, especially when I get myself lost in little quirky stores in Flinders Lane. The Notemaker also had a fun stand where we decorated a cat mask with washi tapes. Washi tapes are my favorite ever, I want to stick them on almost everything! I love recycling my Myron glass jar or any jar, turning them into a usable container and make them pop with washi tapes. Do you use washi tapes? 

Onto my beauty favorites for the month below.. 

As most of you know.. I adore Jess. She gathers, prepares, formulates each ingredient and product on her own. That's from start to finish. Talk about dedication and long live passion! Awhile back, I opened up my first giveaway starring Jess and her Etsy store and I'm glad that it was well-received. She is an amazing woman and her passion is shining bright and inspires us all! 

The vanilla bean balm that I received is nothing short of amazing. I received this on the day when I had a high fever with a downright cold. My lips, my skin... especially my nose were dry and flaky. I don't remember how many times I had reached out to this balm, I use it constantly up until now. I don't think the balm was designed to be used as a protective layer for your lips like what a lip balm is supposed to do. This is merely a balm that will help to soothe, nourish, and will get absorbed into the skin quickly. The scent and taste is decadent, you will appreciate the true vanilla note. The first layer of Vanilla beans can get annoying when it's stuck on the lips so I use this around the house mainly, love the little pot though! This is also my go-to lip treatment item before I apply a 'dry' lipstick, it will leave your lips feeling exfoliated, soft and without that overly wet feeling. 

Ingredients: organic extra virgin olive oil infused with calendula flowers, garden grown violets and burdock root, local beeswax, organic and fair trade vanilla bean. 

I regret not purchasing more of their cream eyeshadow back then. It feels good to save on the shipping cost but luckily, today is the last day you can snatch up this goodie with 30% off sale storewide. I seriously love this cream eyeshadow. You might not like the dry tacky texture of this but you will be surprised with how much pigment you pick up as you swirl around your finger to warm up the product. The gel-cream texture I described as dry and tacky actually helps the pigment to glue onto the eyelids much better. I extremely enjoy the matte finish of this cream eyeshadow and although sometimes it creases a little bit, it stays really well otherwise! Better than Maybelline Color Tattoo dare I say! 

The color Rosette is no longer offered but I would describe it as a rose-gold with a hint of mauve, it's really pretty and I wear it alone when I don't have time to dress up! 

I took advantage of their sale so stay tuned for a review and lots of swatches. 

Ingredients: organic meadowfoamseed oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride (fractioned coconut oil), organic castor oil, mica, wildcrafted candelilla wax, organic jojoba seed oil, castor wax, tapioca starch, ultramarines, iron oxides, kaolin.

3. ARgENTUM La Potion Infinite 

Joy, the founder of Argentum Apothecary was ever so kind to send me a full size of this cream. The cost of this baby right here can be over-the-top, priced at 147 British Pounds for 70ml! I don't dare to give this a full review now for that reason but for a month of using this cream constantly.. I like it a lot. I have to say, this La Potion is a unique one. A few times I felt the need to use another moisturizing layer on top and every time I did, I found out that I didn't have to. This milky lotion somehow manages to be super hydrating without leaving a SINGLE film, which contributes to the soft-focusness and poreless quality to my skin (one of the reasons why I dare taking a selfie now is because of this cream...). Although I like the scent, it can take some time to get used to as it is quite heady. It reminds me of an 'expensive' male perfume but it is very unisex too.

La Potion Infinite prides itself in using Silver Hydrosol that regulates skin flora in anti-bacterial properties and DNA PH (based on the work of Nobel Prize winning scientists) to promote cell regeneration.

Full review to come!

Ingredient: silver hydrosol, coconut oil wax, palm oil, dicaprylyl carbonate (vegetable origin), sweet almond oil, glycerin (from karanja tree), argan oil, shea butter, caprylic/capric triglyceride (from coconut oil), aqua, sugar & coconut extract, caffeine, DNA HP, sodium stearoyl glutamate (from vegetable oil), sunflower oil, xantham gum, aloe vera extract, perfum (essential oils), potassium sorbate, vitamin E, sodium benzoate, citric acid (vegetable origin), limonene, linalool, eugenol.

You might have heard Carla Oats, she's a famous Naturopath in Australia, and if not, you might have seen her top-selling Inner Beauty powders flying off the shelves!! If you're not keen on browsing for DIY recipes on the internet like me, this book will be perfect for you. The ingredients are easy to get a hold of and the recipes are fool-proof for beginners like me. There are recipes for every skin type and I cannot wait to venture into this direction. I actually bought this book on E-Bay for cheaper with free postage here.  

5. Oriental Teahouse Baked Apple Sencha 

My friend, this tea is gooooooooooooood!! This is my total definition of a dessert tea. It uses my favorite green 'wonder' tea, and it has been infused with dried apple pieces that are just so damn delicious. 'Nuf said! I indulge with a tsp of honey, and a little bit of lemon. I have to say, most of the times I feel like my body is 'detoxed' after drinking this. So, be aware.

What have been your beauty highlights for the month of October? 


  1. I've had my eye on that book! It's been in my amazon cart forever. It's cool to see a picture of the inside too.

    1. Mary! That book is quite good.. it's a nice one to use as a basic 'guideline' as I am clueless about doing DIY. This is a good starting point, exciting recipes different from what we find on the internet. Let us know when you've bought it and what you think of it. It's a very simple and straight-forward book, not much explanation.. just recipes. Wish there was more to it!

  2. Book looks very interesting! I love the lip balm, i also use it at home :)) xx

    1. I love that book, jana.. it's a good starting point when doing a natural DIY recipe. Some of the recipes are quite exciting and I like that everything is in one book.

      The lip balm is good right? Smells and tastes so yummy. Sinks in right away (in a good way) making my lips so soft.

  3. Great picks! The cream eyeshadow caught my eye, I've been searching for eyeshadows that won't easily crease or fade. I haven't heard of Au Naturale Glow but it looks like they have some nice products. Looking forward to your review :) http://pleinvanity.com

    1. Hello!

      What kind of eyeshadows are you looking for and what finish and consistency? Au Nature Glow is a fairly new brand but I bought their products before last year too. Their ingredients are really clean, and I think their cream eyeshadows are seriously the star of the brand. Let me know when you have tried it :)

      Will definitely do a review, don't worry! Thanks for visiting.

  4. Hi Asti,

    Your Melbourne Cup day sounds like fun! Must admit I ignored the horse racing completely and enjoyed the gorgeous weather instead.

    The eye-shadow shade is beautiful. I'll have to hop onto their website and have a look. Looking forward to seeing the swatches of what you bought.

    My October highlights would have to be Osmia Stream body oil, which I have been using almost everyday due to the lovely scent, and the Osmia cream deodorant. I love my Kahina Fez body serum but reserve that for going out as it is pricier.

    Yvonne :)

    1. Haha Yvonne, my Melbourne Cup sounds like a pretty normal day. Although I do enjoy watching horses and riding them.. the weather that day was truly beautiful hence why I was walking around in the city and going to parks! :)

      I will surely do swatches of their cream eyeshadows. I love them so much! Their pigmentation is medium but I love how they only SLIGHTLY crease on me, and have a 'matte' finish (not cream to powder!).

      You have tried.. OSMIA! would LOVE to try their products. How does the Stream body oil smell like, is it the floral one? And give me feedback on the cream deodorant, especially how it compares to Soapwalla if you have tried that :). Oh Fez body serum.. someday someday.. I will get it. I will snatch up a sample at some point from SBL. Are the scents of both of these body oils stay on for long?

    2. I am so bad at describing scents, probably because I have a limited range of knowledge of what different essential oils, herbs, flowers etc smell like. Osmia website list geranium and juniper berry in Stream. I think it smells fresh and natural. I received a sample of the juniper berry soap and really liked it too, so I must like the smell of juniper berries!

      Osmia deodorant is much smoother and softer than Soapwalla. I can't use Soapwalla more than a couple of days in a row otherwise my skin becomes irritated, but I haven't experienced any irritation with Osmia. The scent is earthy and herbal. It is inoffensive, but I was not sure that I loved it at first smell. However, what is great is that the scent becomes sweeter and develops nicely throughout the day once it has mixed with my body's 'personal chemistry'. Oddly enough, my clothes end up smelling really nice! I have already ordered a second one because I like it so much.

      You will love Fez. It's exotic and evokes what I imagine Morocco (or an idyll and romantic depiction of Morocco) to smell like. The other day after I had applied Fez in the morning I received a compliment about how beautiful I smelt. That's always nice to hear!

  5. I have Feeding Your Skin too and have loved making recipes from it! So many great one to choose from as well :) x

    1. I know! I'm only starting to. Which ones are your favorite recipes? I think out of the whole book, my fav is gotta be the one about the toners.

  6. Hi Asti!!
    You have gorgeous fav's !!
    I love sencha too ^_^
    I'll check that book too

    Big kisses from Italy ❤

    1. Hey!!

      Thank you so much and Sencha tea is just GORGEOUS isn't it! I love it in cake and ice cream too, so yummy love the slight bitterness.

      Love that book! A good starting point if you're into DIY :)

      Thanks for visitng.

  7. I need that tea in my life!! Sounds absolutely delicious! x