Cacao & Banana Glow Mask

$65 for 60g
"Zeolites & Clays deeply cleanse, exfoliate & remove toxins to create softer, smoother skin. Raw organic Cacao delivers essential antioxidants to provide the ultimate weekly dose of skin nutrition. Our special Super Fruit Blend provides vital nutrients and vitamins to keep skin healthy & radiant"
The Little Alchemist

Ingredients: ivory clay (kaolin), raw cacao*, banana*, acai*, goji berry 40% polysaccharides, noni fruit*, mangosteen*, maca root*, amla*, spirulina*, pomegranate*, cordyceps mushroom, sea buckthorn, chlorella - thin cell wall, alfalfa leaf*, green papaya, ashwagandha*, bladderwack, pink clay, yellow clay, zolite, coconut juice*, turmeric root*.  *= organic ingredients

The Key Superfood: 

Raw Cacao: Super high in anti-oxidant as they repair your damaged skin tissue while blocking out harmful free radicals (almost 4-5x the amount of goji berries' & acai, and 62.1 to 2.4 ratio of raw cacao to blueberries) . Its array of minerals and vitamins helps to calm and relax your tenses and nerves.

Banana: Commonly used as a nourishing ingredient to enliven dry and dull skin. High in B Vitamins & Potassium.

Green Papaya: Contains enzymes that will eat up dead skin cells revealing a smoother, healthier and brand-new skin. Also helps to reduce skin inflammation due to its high content in Vit C, E and Beta-Carotene.

Zeolite: A mineral that provides a deep-cleanse and detoxification for your skin. Result? Unclogged and refined pores.

Turmeric Root: Praised in many ways as an anti-ageing, anti-inflammation (calms acne), anti-septic, and skin-lightener.

Firstly, I get why this mask costs $65. At some point in my life, I was a superfood nut! I tried Goji Berries & Acai, drinking Noni, putting Raw Cacao and Maca in every smoothie, Kakadu Plum, Spirulina, all the pinks, greens, purples.. I mixed them all! However, a body can only absorb so much and I try to limit my intake to experience the real benefit of these superfood. Plus, they are so costly and I finish them up quickly. They're all great in their own ways and provide me a boost of strength and energy, especially when my fulfilling base is banana and avocado. Love some superfood in my life, it helps me to stay energetic for a long time and also revitalizes my brain since I have a short span of focus.

Anyway, can I just say that this mask is da-bomb.com for my congestion? And don't you think that it has this modern urban feel to it? It feels and looks awesome to have. Contains an array of superfood and fruits which its vitamins and nutrients are still in tact (raw & unprocessed are important to reap the full benefits!). Using this mask, I personally don't see results right away, especially the glow that it claims. In fact, even though I leave this on only for 10 minutes, it tightens my skin (makes sense since it is a clay mask) and leaves my skin a bit dry. Feeling underwhelmed, I just slept it off but that's when I discover a change especially in my skin clarity. My skin never feels that incredibly purified, I mean.. where are my clogged pores at?! (OK exaggeration but trust me when I say it really helps!). My pores are unclogged and look minimized, I think they are having a party elsewhere. I am actually pleasantly surprised because the brand seems to focus on anti-ageing which I usually associate with hydration, but I feel that this mask is best for purification and skin renewal, I also see a more even skin tone as well. Since ever I got this, I have been using it with a constant use of 2x a week (sometimes 1x, interchangeably with Problem Solver's magical massaging hands). I believe that my skin feels healthier and it boosts skin to repair itself and maintains its balance.

A serious enemy to clogged pores and whiteheads indeed.. I urge you to try it if you are acne-prone.. the nutrients and vitamins this mask packs, cannot be missed.

How to use: 

My favorite consistency

Simply mix a tsp of mask with an equal amount of water, coconut water, rose water.. whatever you fancy. It turns into a just-melted chocolate consistency and glides like a soft-serve ice cream on the face. This mask is so straight-up smelling like raw cacao on your face, no other distinctive smell I can detect. Even though it provides enzymes that will exfoliate, I do a gentle physical exfoliation with the Clean Dirt beforehand for a more effective result. I then leave this on for 10 minutes and my preference of using this is always at night!

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  1. Hi Lovely, thanks for your review and I'm glad you are enjoying it :)

    1. Hi Natalie, our e-mails have been so long over-due, so sorry! Will reply to you in a bit. and I thoroughly enjoy it :) I can't wait to mix it with honey, yoghurt, ect for a more hydrating impact.

  2. Wow ingredients are just amazing!<3 I have to try DIY face mask with banana, never done that :) xx

    1. Isn't it amazing?! I too want to try a DIY face mask with mashed banana, yoghurt, and any superfood I have in hand. I can imagine it to be super nourishing and moisturizing :) let me know how you go!

  3. Lovely mask! never came across it before! sounds such a goodness for the skin!x

    1. Hi Audrey! The Little Alchemist is such a fantastic little brand, other than skin care.. it also makes perfumes and delicious smelling body butters. Currently having a 20% ;)

      You should totally check out the innovative ingredients specifically for anti-ageing, so interesting :)

  4. The ingredient list is incredible! I've had the little Alchemist on my watchlist, but I'm glad I found your great review. It definitely looks like a supermask :-) x Liz

  5. This mask sounds sooooo delicious. I'm in love with the whimsical fonts on the packaging. Good design both inside and out with the ingredients and packaging! Now, those ingredients ... wow. I love that it has papaya and turmeric in it. My mom talked about how her mom used papaya in her skincare back in the old days, but I've yet to find much American skincare that takes advantage of it. I am going to have to get more familiar with The Little Alchemist! Thank you for the introduction :)

  6. Sounds absolutely amazing, I must have it!!!

    Mayah x