The Blue Cocoon

You do know how much I love my MLS products so it is very tough for me to say.. (wait for it..) that the Blue Cocoon has became my no.1 must-have from the line. Lets be frank. I am constantly impressed by the result, feel and quality of her products and I usually would love each one of them equally. The Blue Cocoon however, it's one product that I cannot truly live without. So why is it an essential staple for me? Click below to find out. 

I wouldn't say that my skin is sensitive but it can get reactive upon waking up/after morning shower. My journey so far with skin care (natural/non) has been more unfortunate than fortunate. I get welts from time to time on my upper body (sometimes on my face too) which can get annoying so an instant soothing treatment is much needed. I was beyond ecstatic when May sneaked in her first version of the blue cream in my past order. I fell in love with it but that was a creamier texture which I found more hydrating and not as multi-functional as the new formula. A couple of months later, she finally released the final version of The Blue Cocoon and it did not take long for my excitement to build up and explode as she teased us with this blue-crystal-like in the making. You've probably heard its reference to Breaking Bad Crystal Meth, no? It's true. The balm will make you feel in a certain way, it's quite magic. 

The real texture and color that I received, slightly different from the commercial photo. Below is how I scoop my balm if I want extra hydration, otherwise, I swirl around the jar to get a lighter application. Sorry, crap video quality.

May Lindstrom Skin The Blue Cocoon from asti anisa on Vimeo.

My Blue Cocoon is a hard balm rather than soft buttery texture so it does not turn into blue liquid as effortlessly. From the video you can see that it takes a few seconds for the balm to warm up from the heat of my finger. It also does not appear as a striking blue (mine is plain baby blue) but I think with a completely natural product that contains no preservative, coloring, filler in balms and creams, factors such as weather will definitely affect this. May can assure you though, that the product quality has not changed.

I use Blue Cocoon as a 'spot treatment' for my welts or any itching. I like to mix it with 50/50 of Kunzea & Blue Cypress essential oils that I got from Halka B for my acne spots. The combination is just perfection, it is my super acne fighter up to this date because both are soothing and healing and I can always notice the difference the next day. If you have done facial extractions, this also acts very fast to cool down any inflamed area. It usually takes half a day for the redness to go away but with this, an hour or less. With top-notch list of aromatic oils used, not only my skin is benefited, but my soul too. Blue Tansy (/Moroccan Chamomile) makes a spotlight in the balm. This powerful ingredient is proven to be a muscle relaxer, beneficial for bumps, bruises or anything sore and also a nervine to calm nerves, relaxes & eases stress and anxiety due to nervous tension (source). On an emotional level, it has a profound calming benefit to let go and allow more flow in your life. It's awesome for my migraines caused by computer screen and my work demand. This balm is very concentrated in its calming benefit but as for moisturizing, it is still quite light which I guess depends on how much you scoop out of the balm. One more use of this balm is to use it as a primer before my foundation/concealer to soften the area I want to conceal. I personally use a different cream moisturizer and apply Blue Cocoon on whichever area needs more treatment. That's why I really don't mind that this comes as a hard balm because I can control how much I want much easily.

Ingredients are note-worthy. What I love about MLS is that each one of the ingredient is a star because you cannot help but list them all. Blue Cocoon has a base combination of Cocoa + Shea butters and exciting plant oils such as Camellia (my fav!!), Marula, Yangu and Baobab which are all so lovely. Marula, Yangu and Baobab are extremely high in Essential Fatty Acids to help dry/damaged skin regain its softness, elasticity and vibrancy. In addition to this, there is also a list of aromatic oils that read like a poetry to me. To my nose, it has this sweet peachy, cheerful but still herbaceous and minty which I find very uplifting and relaxing that steal your senses. I can detect the distinctive scent of Myrrh and Frankincense too.

Ingredients: Camellia oil*, Shea Butter ***, Cacao Seed Butter ***, Virgin Marula Oil ***, Yangu Oil, Baobab Oil *, Blue Tansy Oil*, Myrrh oil**, Lavender oil*, Frankincense oil*, Geranium Rose Oil*, Vanilla co2 total essential oil*, magnolia vine berry fruit co2 extract, immortelle oil*, ravensara oil*. 
*= Certified Organic, **=Wild Harvested, ***=Fair Trade, Raw & Unrefined

I bring Blue Cocoon with me everywhere, I am sad that the Dandelion flower on the cap has rubbed off!! Make sure you keep it in a soft/velvety pouch or put it in a separate jar for travelling.

Would I recommend this? Heck yes (yes yes yes absolutely) but I understand how the $160 price tag will make you cringe. Before buying this, think about what you personally want to use this for. Easily reactive or stressed/damaged skin, or whether you just want rejuvenation inside and out, or if you crave for that calming moisturizer after your weekly facial mask (pairs perfect with Problem Solver), you will much benefit from this. If you're specifically only looking for a deep hydrating moisturizer, you can find something that is much cheaper elsewhere. If you're unsure, get a sample. May is generous and will help cover what you need.

My final verdict: Finally, a special treatment for easily irritated skin like mine and is so versatile because it serves different purposes. I notice that my skin is in a much calmer state, I know I don't typically use this all over (because I treat it like a jewel) but it is something truly special because of its instant effectiveness to me. Like I said before, I cannot imagine living without this and it's currently on top of my must-have chart.

Living in Australia? Get it from I Am Natural Store, The Apothecary Store ($192), Spirit Beauty Lounge (US) or May Lindstrom herself. 


  1. Hi Asti
    Thank you very much for your review - your photos and video really help in understanding what the texture is like as I wasn't quite sure what kind of balm/cream this is supposed to be. The cost is off-putting but I can imagine this would last ages as it seems to be concentrated. I only have The Clean Dirt and I'm not even half way through my bottle even though I bought it over 6 months ago. I'm catching up on Breaking Bad at the moment so that reference makes me laugh, it does sort of remind me of that!

    1. Hi Meeta, I'm so glad it's helped. I know a lot of people is a bit confused what The Blue Cocoon is exactly. I would say that it is really multi-use but I definitely use it more as a treatment for dry & itchy spots, acne treatment, burns, welts, ect and I also like to massage it on my face too sometimes (like a moisturizer), for a calming effect on my state of mind. The video is merely to show the texture of the balm that I've received. I noticed with others, they might get a softer version of it (but keep in mind that it can be due to the weather!). It is very concentrated, probably a few months although I can imagine finishing it in a couple/3 months.

      I know what you mean, MLS products are magic, it feels like they keep refilling themselves!

      Oh my, which breaking bad season are you on?!

    2. I'm currently up to Season 4 Ep 5. Loving it!

  2. What a gorgeous product and review. I was already curious and you have sold it to me although it will a few months before I can splurge, I have reactive skin and love a balm for my face Xx

    1. Hi Ana, I was sold the first time I tried out the sample. I needed something like this, I'm so happy that May finally brought it to the market. I don't believe there's anything quite like it before. What I love about it is that, it's made for sensitive skin type but it's not the standard calming lavender and chamomile :) Blue Tansy, which is also a chamomile has a fruity twist to it! (It might also be because of the myrrh!). I really hope you will get your hands on this someday, I can't wait to hear what you think <3

      This is the second balm I've tried, my first one was Green MOA which I liked as an all in one cleanser and moisturizer. I've always been scared trying out balms, but I notice that with balms.. I can scoop out with control MUCH easily!

  3. I love this thorough review Asti! I have been debating whether or not I would try this product when my budget next allows it...

    1. Hi Kels! I really love Blue Cocoon so much, there isn't anything like it I've tried in the market. I was thoroughly impressed and I will continue to buy it for sure! The result got me. The scent especially. My skin needed it. I really hope you will be able to try it someday! Wish we were neighbors, I wouldn't mind sharing a jar with you haha :) (it's a wide jar btw)

    2. If we were neighbours, I would definitely be up for that! Imagine the goodies we would have between us!

  4. OH my gosh get this in my life!!!! it sounds amazing.... but the price is so high : ( xx