Happy 2014! (Late Post)

Greetings! I wish I could post as frequently as I would like to, but time and internet connection just didn't allow it. I was on a 'spiritual' journey for a week and it was such an amazing way for me to flip to a fresh page. I made peace with myself inside, I surrender, and I feel more calm than ever. So, happy belated new year! My diary is filled with plans and goals, and I am ready to conquer with an open heart and a wide smile. Welcome 2014!

In my last post, I gave you a review of one of my favorite releases of the year.. that is Blue Cocoon. I mentioned that I use it as a treatment on top of my cream if I still feel a bit parched in some area. I thought I would kick off my first 2014 post with my current skin care routine. It's nothing radical, but I feel better about my routine now that I've streamlined it a bit (yes it needs to be in bold and italic).

Daily Cleanser: Antipodes Grace Gentle Cream Cleanser

My preference with a cleanser always needs to be creamy and relaxing while still acting as a true cleanser that removes daily dirt and grimes including light make-up. In a flash, Grace fits the category, specified for sensitive or easily irritated skin. I kind of gambled when I had just one more day to shop until I left Australia, it cleanses well but it's nothing special. Texture-wise, it's creamy and easy to work into the skin (damp skin) but there is barely anything else that tickle my senses. Although formulated for sensitive skin, there has been a few times where it feels 'warming' on the skin, nothing major though.

Treatment Cleanser: May Lindstrom The Honey Mud

2-3x a week, or when my mum takes my Antipodes cream cleanser to her bathroom and then lock her bedroom, I use The Honey Mud as my special cleanser. It doubles as a soothing facial mask, which I love since I happen to have a cold right now. Cleansing with honey is excellent, but I still prefer the 'traditional' way of cleansing with creams/gels for daily. Saying that, it's not that The Honey Mud does not cleanse the skin well because it does. In fact, it ticks all the boxes including light make-up as it dissolves into a milky cleanser when you introduce water to it. Rinses off easy, smooth application, not sticky like Honey. Scent reminds me of a honey-liqueur, kind of like Bailey, I really enjoy it.

Daily Moisturizer: Antipodes Vanilla Pod Hydrating Day Cream

What is a moisturizer that does not hydrate? Unfortunately, I have experienced a few. In texture, it is pretty stiff for a cream and leaves a bit of a film when you first massage it, it's not my favorite texture. But let the goodness absorb, you won't even notice until you touch your face for the first time that day that it is so soft, juicy and supple. All cream moisturizers promise that but this one is telling the truth. It gives sufficient hydration so I can imagine using it all year around. Now that my skin is feeling super parched, it's not the case of 'a little bit goes a long way', but it makes the most flexible moisturizers I have ever used (whether it be summer or winter). The scent is a bit of Vanilla and Almond with a spritz of Mandarin, sweet but subtle. I use it day & night.

If I still feel dry, I use the Blue Cocoon as a flaky spot treatment.

Treatment Oil/Serum: May Lindstrom The Youth Dew

I swear by this oil since it is the only facial oil that actually feels like it's healing and softening my skin. I always have this rough spot on parts of my face that even an exfoliator won't do, but this does it. It's the most hydrating facial oil I own, quite dense but sinks in easy. The scent is uplifting, cheerful and yet relaxing and mellow. I don't like to go overboard using it everyday so I use this 2-3x a week, at night, to balance my skin, plump it up and give it a healthy dose of nutrients that it needs.

Facial Scrub: Acure Facial Scrub

I have given it a thorough review here, I like to call it the St. Ives scrub of the green beauty. It is affordable and does quite the job in removing dead skin cells. Don't get me wrong, my heart still beats for the Clean Dirt (and a shout out to Dr. Alkaitis enzymes exfoliator!). The reason I use this more instead of The Clean Dirt is because my skin cannot take the stimulating spices when it's sore. Acure's scrub, in terms of grittiness is not any less gentle (it's a bit rougher actually) but it is much of a no-frill scrub that I can use anytime I want to, although not as effective as I'd like it to be.

Facial Mask - Purifying: The Little Alchemist Cacao & Banana Glow Face Mask + La Bella Figura Healing Mask & May Lindstrom Problem Solver + The Honey Mud 

Without realizing, I might be slightly fanatic about honey for the face. If I've been breaking out a lot and the weather is humid, I use The Little Alchemist mask with water alone or mix with a tsp of raw honey. It is my quick fix for my problematic skin. If I want something soothing but still a bit purifying, I steal my mom's La Bella Figura Healing Mask. And what I'm about to tell you is quite the superstar too that I recently discovered: Problem Solver + Honey Mud to get myself blushing again! If you find Problem Solver too intense for your skin, try it with honey. It seriously tones down the intense spiciness and it makes my face so smooth, glowing and renewed. It is my mum and brother's favorite mix too.

Sometimes travelling forces you to bring the stuff that you TRULY need and you know will be gentle for the skin. I will, of course, give each product that I have not reviewed, a full review in the future. Have a fantastic year, looking forward share more. 


  1. I've missed you posting Asti, welcome back! x

  2. Welcome back Asti, I've missed you! :) xx

    1. I miss reading everyone's posts too, thank you jana!

  3. Hi Asti, great to see you back! The Little Alchemist Mask sounds lovely.

    1. The Little Alchemist Mask is my miracle worker for zits, but I think Yuli Pure Mask is up next to try.

      Thank you so much for the warm welcome.

  4. What a lovely round-up! I LOVE The Youth Dew - am using a sample now and it's almost gone. It worked so well for me especially in preventing hormonal zits.

    1. Youth Dew is fantastic for almost everything, it is so worth the heavy price tag :)

  5. Hi Asti,

    I'm a bit late with this but welcome back! I've missed your posts. I like the sound of The Little Alchemist mask but I have so many that I am trying to use up before buying any others. (I can recommend the Yuli Pure Mask - gentle but effective.)

    Yvonne :)