Sit Back Session

How long has it been since I last recapped this stunning jet-black mask? My review was here, but I probably have raved about it all over Twitter and other blogs. Since ever the Honey Mud comes out and since my mum finished MY jar (which she already bought another), I saved up my $40 to buy Manuka honey for my Problem Solver. I feel the need to sound like a broken record because Problem Solver + Honey is one perfect marriage. If not perfect, it's pretty close.
I love how it softens the heat and tingling sensation from the mask alone. I know some people can find it too overwhelming because I do too sometimes. And just because it feels more gentle does not mean that it is not as purifying, I still get the same results except no redness.. just after-glow! The best thing, the satisfaction always comes the next day after I wake up. Problem Solver and a sweet jar of honey sounds like an obvious choice for tonight, don't you think?

And of course before problem-solving, I exfoliate either with Acure scrub if my skin is a bit rough or Flight's creamy exfoliator if I want hydrating, softening, and plumping effect. Flight is the one that I have been reaching for these past few weeks. It uses both white jojoba beads and really fine ground walnut to softly get rid of the dead skin cells away. I like to leave it on for a few minutes, it feels so... dreamy.

And finally, I take a long hot shower while I scrap all my mask bits off and then slather Avocado oil all over my body (super nourishing but still sinks in easy!). At night, I always layer my body oil with Antipodes Delight hand & body cream. The scent is velvety and to die for. 

Which products are pampering your skin with this weekend? 


  1. This weekend I used the Kahina Antioxidant mask which I love. Nearly finished it, but I have many more others in my stash to use up!


    1. Kahina Antioxidant mask, mm! I love the scent and the creaminess, quite comforting. I want to get YULI Pure mask after finishing up my jar of Problem Solver, but it will be awhile :(

  2. Love this so much Asti! I have still yet to shell out for a manuka honey to blend with the Problem Solver, but I will someday. Love the look of that Flight exfoliator--looks delicious.

    1. I think you will love the combo, it's my fav.. not sure why I didn't think of it sooner. I have slightly reactive skin so this combo is perfect for me, especially in the long run. The flight exfoliator is really decadent :) I will be putting up a review of it soon once I have made up my mind about it completely.

  3. Your product reviews are great and so helpful!

  4. Hi Asti, great product review as always!

    I have been pampering my skin over the weekend with my own skincare line - So Pure Skincare. www.sopureskincare.co.uk

    I have been using the Purifting & Enzymatic Facial followed by the Activated Charcoal Detox. Folowed by Radiance Flower Nectar and the Antioxidant Face Glow and Eye Balm during th day. Night time I will alternate with the Anti Ageing Nutrient Elixir ( packed with Prickly Pear , Date seed and Tomato seed oils or the Purifying & Balancing Concentrate.

    Luxury for the skin!

  5. Hi Asti, I'm literally in love with your blog and obsessed with your product reviews!

    Lately I've been pampering my skin with the Guerlain Creme Camphrea, which I can't really recommend so far, because it costs a bunch and hasn't really done a lot unfortunately..