Stellar Sunrise #Color Combo

The lip color combo is inspired by Revlon Liquid Lipstick in Stellar Sunrise which color I love. While I was browsing at the drugstore the other day, the shimmery peachy-red color really enchanted me. While it does sound like 'what a stellar sunrise', it is not a bright orange either. I pulled out my lip stash as soon as I came home and see if there's any 'healthier' alternative that I can combine to make something similar. My first reaction was "RMS in Promise!".

Promise is a peachy-pink salmon and also has very fine golden shimmers to it. Similar? I dab Promise as my lip base and then add a layer of Ilia Bang Bang for a sheer red. They make a perfect combo since Promise is a bit too dull-looking against my skin tone (see here), but Bang Bang just gives it a touch of sweetness and warmth.

Recently, I have been trying out W3ll People Mineral Foundation in Dark Neutral. It's my first time playing around with powder form make-up. I think I really like the result so far, I will give you an update. I'm not sure how it compares to Alima Pure but SBL did tell me W3ll People might just be easier to blend especially if you're new to using powder foundations.

On my face:
Base & Blush - W3ll People Powder Foundation in Dark Golden #17, The Balm Concealer for Undereyes, RMS Lip2cheek in Promise as blush
Eye - Borjouis Contour Clubbing Eyeliner in Blue Remix
Lips - RMS Lip2cheek in Promise + Ilia's Tinted Lip Conditioner in Bang Bang


  1. Love this Asti! Nice and pretty combo--also love the pop of blue eyeliner.

    1. Thank you Jade! I've been wearing this lip shade for awhile now, it's my favorite lip combo ever. Always love a pop of colored eyeliner :)

  2. Gorgeous makeup look - I especially love the lip combo and blue eye! Reminds me, I recently saw a photo of the Kjaer Weis Blue Wonder eye shadow on a model and am tempted...


    1. Thank you, Yvonne! The eyeliner is my favorite too.. must find a good alternative to the Borjouis one (with shimmers!). Hahaha we are EXACTLY on the same temptation, I am itching to get Blue Wonder eyeshadow after seeing how the model wears it. But the thing with me and eyeshadow, I will NEVER ever finish it.. so I think I'm snatching up a sample version from SBL :)