Soft White Gentle Face Polish

Are you looking for an effective creamy exfoliator that is a bit gentle but still effective to get rid of dead skin cells? Creamy and yet buffing + effective and yet soothing? If so, this exfoliator by Flight Skincare might be the answer you are looking for. Enriched with the nourishing Macadamia Oil, Passionflower that is high in Vitamin C and very finely crushed walnut and rounded jojoba beads to exfoliate, you will reveal a smooth and maybe an even brighter complexion too. 


ED4OLO Vitamin C Body Oil

I'm a little late to the ED4OLO party but it's better late than never in this case. I was pleasantly blown away by the sweet experience I had with most of their skincare products and eager to try more. This summer, they released a body oil that promises to deliver an intense hydration with its dense serum-oil facial grade ingredients, but for the body! It smells like their famous oil cleanser, so I just have to try.


Sneak Peek Into My Mum's Bathroom!

My mum complained about not finding an effective skincare line that addresses to her skin concerns and I think switching into using natural & organic product is not a coincidence. It has been two years now and she said she would never go back to using her usual Body Shop products. Her skin honestly looks better and natural & organic products only proves that it can be absolutely effective as well!


My Emergency Beauty Summer Kit

Summer is the most inconvenient because sometimes I forget to let the skin breathe -Oil, Cream, Foundation, Sunscreen..-. Where I am, the sun is still shining bright and while endless daylight can mean fun, I avoid staying outside when the sun is at its peak (it can reach 40c here!). These are my must-have items particularly for this hot season to keep me cool and sane. Have a great summer (sorry if I'm late) but I'm still drinking some icy fruity water and snacking on frozen grapes :) 


My First Dive Into Indah Organics

Indah Organics is a dive into tropical goodness somewhere in Bali overlooking deep into the vast Indian ocean. I imagine myself being transported in the calmness of Ubud while immersing myself in the richness of traditional beauty treatments that Bali has to offer. It's true that scent triggers memories, luckily, Teisha who is an Australian model as well as a health & well-being coach at Queen Coco, has almost captured this moment perfectly for me.