Yuli Pure Mask

I have a slight obsession with treatment products but you already know that. My pores often gunky and congested and all I want is a reliable hand to count on (not my hands, promise!). Pure is another powder mask that is activated the moment you mix it with water and then glide that soft velvety paste onto your skin, leave on for 10-15 minutes to inject nutrients and antioxidants, purify and refine the skin, exfoliate and stimulate the skin with its botanical beauties. Question is, is it as good as it says?


My Signature Spring Look

More like winter/spring/crazy moody weather, am I right? Any Melburnian out there? Anyway, after seeing Jade's signature Summer look, I decided to do one my own but for Spring!  I love the rose cream shadow by Au Naturale and RMS Beauty lip2cheek Modest. Those are here to stay in my make-up bag. And uhm, I did eyebrow threading for the first time. Can you tell I rarely do my brow because you can see the tan line?