Empties #1

My first Empties series.. a few mists, one facial oil and cream moisturizers for the face, body and hair.

Antipodes Hand & Body Cream in Joyful and Delight 

I have given this a review here. It makes a nice cream for light hydration or layering after a body oil. I find it more suitable as a hand cream rather than an all-over body cream given that my skin is soo dry. I cannot get over both scents, so good.

Repurchase? This was given to me as free gifts when I bought 2 products from Antipodes. It is not likely that I will repurchase since the price is a bit too steep. Although if they were to make body oils in these scents.. sign me up.

ED4OLO Vitamin B Cleansing Oil

This is like Pinacolada but with real pineapple and coco-craze vitamins in tact. It did not take me awhile to appreciate the scent even though I usually prefer a more herbal-woody scent for my face. Nonetheless, I ended up liking it and most importantly.. I have repurchased this for a reason! Although I have not had many experience with a water-soluble cleansing oil (I give up with hot-cleansing method), I just don't see any reason to find a new one when this one works perfectly well to take off tough make-up and SPF. I do double-cleanse, but when I'm lazy and just use this cleansing oil to cleanse.. it never causes me to break out.

So, repurchase? Yes.

ED4OLO Vitamin D Moisture Mist
I am crazy about facial mists, but not many has impressed me so far that I would repurchase over and over again such as this. I have stocked up on this twice already because it imparts a different quality and function to other facial mists I have used. I don't use this to 'tone' but rather, to spray throughout the day or after I moisturize when my skin craves for extra hydration. Steph from Epic Beauty Bar advises me to use it that way since it contains glycerin beneficial to seal in the moisture. If you wear mineral foundation like I do, but it lacks that nice dewy glow (you know how sometimes a little bit of sweat or humidity.. can look attractive?), then I find it the best for that!

Repurchase? Does it keep my powder foundation looking good? Oh, yeah.

Flight Camellia Facial Treatment 
The scent oh the scent! I am so crazy about the blend of Neroli, Sandalwood and Lavender.. just take me to a garden that smells like this, please. This oil is one of my favorites because when my skin is sore and parched during fall/winter.. my skin drinks this up. It must also be the effect of the scent that just takes my skin to an instant state of calm. Texture is on the heavy side, so this is perfect for dehydrated or dry, sensitive and/or mature skin.

Repurchase? When a cold and dry season comes again!

May Lindstrom The Jasmine Garden (Trial Size)

Like all thing May Lindstrom, her products always smell so incredible. Whether it be gourmet or floral, it always hits the right bar. This one does not disappoint especially with the Jasmine craze flying around. I don't use this to spritz my face, but instead, use it as a hair perfume or to re-freshen up my body after a nice shower/bath.. the smell is just too good. Interesting mix of Jasmine and Cocoa, reminds me of Blue Agave perfume by Jo Malone (which I love!).

Repurchase? I always crave for MLS products just like chocolate because I love gourmet scents.. I won't repurchase anytime soon but at some point, I will.

Rahua Conditioner (Travel Size)

I love this conditioner so much! It took me a long time to finish the travel size because I use it as a treatment or whenever my hair feels lifeless. Probably no more than 2x a week. This one renews my hair making it so soft, silky and bouncy. I prefer the classic line over the voluminous line even though I have straight and thin hair but has volume (which falls flat on bad hair day). I don't like it combined with the classic shampoo because it would weigh my hair down slightly. I also did not know that Palo Santo smell this amazing.. reminds me of being in a temple. So calm :)

Repurchase? Yes!

Sodashi Calming Moisturizer

I find it SO hard to find a cream moisturizer that first, does not break me out and feel like it's suffocating my skin and second, does not make me look greasy in the middle of the day. This does neither, thankfully. What I love about it the most is the light whipped-cream texture that is airy which leaves a pretty semi-matte finish to my skin. I do not have a problem also layering this on top of an oil/serum if needed or if it's layered underneath a sunscreen.

Repurchase? Not likely for the steep price. Although it probably provides the best cream-hydration for my skin, it does not calm my skin like it claims. Sometimes, I also think the essential oils can be too much for my skin to take so I just don't see a long-term benefit apart from the near-perfect hydration it gives.

Btw, I got my mom super hooked on the Sodashi Rejuvenating line.. She moved on from Amala just because it was harder to ship overseas and Sodashi also worked better for her skin type. She is going to repurchase.

Yuli Panacea Elixir
For some reason I did not enjoy Panacea Elixir because it looks like it is coating my skin. I found it a bit too sticky (I look too sweaty), did not absorb and just stays there which is weird. No, I don't spray tons of it.. but I managed to put it to use to keep my mask moist. This makes me forget about my first impression of Panacea when I first got it.. I really want to know the reason it did not work. I did pause using this elixir for about 2 months because I could not take everything with me overseas. On the other hand, I just received Cocoon Elixir and not going through the same experience as Panacea.

Repurchase? No, but out of curiosity.. I am going to purchase a trial size.

I will continue my #Empties series in the future! For now, tell me in the comments below.. what products have you finished recently and is there anything listed above that is your likes/dislikes?


  1. I had exactly the same experience with the Panacea Elixir, after using it I looked sweaty and it felt as if the gel stayed on top of my skin without absorbing. I would also love to know why this happened. Next I will by using another elixir by Yüli, let's hope that it will work better.

    1. So sorry that you went through the same experience as me! On another note, I find Cocoon elixir to be really lightweight without stickiness, just like how floral water should feel.

    2. Panacea was a no-go for me, too, but Cocoon is high up on my list to try. Your description of it sounds perfect!

    3. I remember your review of Panacea Elixir. Hope you get to try Cocoon in the near future, so far I'm likin' it!

  2. What a luxurious set of empties! Seems like the Vit D mist will be a good investment for setting make-up, I will KIV that! :)

    1. Thank you, Ru! Some were really beautiful products that I enjoyed using.. I feel both sad and happily relieved that I finished them up. I really think that Vitamin D is a good investment. It is a small size of spray (60 ml) but you do not need to spray like 4-5x (how I usually do with mists) to feel hydrated. Excellent product!

  3. Nice post! I am really tempted to try the OLO cleansing oil….:-) x

    1. mmmm OLO cleansing oil is so effective, hope you get to try it in the future! :)

  4. Loved your post! I enjoy Rahua's conditioner too, so far the best product I have used to help detangle my fine hair. I tried a tiny sample of OLO Vit. B cleansing and I really want to order the full-size product. I ordered Yüli's Halcyon cleanser, I hope my skin will respond well to it :) x

    1. Thank you Liz! I never thought I would like collecting empty jars, cans and bottles of products but it's all worth it at the end. It gives me focus to assess how much I'm liking the product and whether I will repurchase it or not.

      Hi5 for loving Rahua conditioner too. It's the only product that is able to detangle and soften my hair like those hair ads, I love it. And the cleansing oil is so so effective, I don't think you will regret it if you already get on with it the first time.

      I just received my Halcyon too, lets cross our fingers that this one makes a difference! x

  5. Love this post! so many fantastic products. I've never heard of Sodashi before--looks great and bookmarking now.

    Panacea felt somewhat sticky for me as well and it smelled bad to me.. not like herbal.. but like yuck.. still used the whole bottle because of the price/stellar ingredients~ my skin reacts much better to plain organic rosewater though. I just bought Jasmine Garden-- it smells so HEAVENLY, but I use it on top of makeup like you do with the ED4OLO Mist because of the glycerin--afraid it will clog my pores!

    1. Thank you Ashtynne! Sodashi is an Australian spa products that use natural and organic ingredients as well. The power of their products I think lays on the quality of the ingredients that they use, you will feel it when you use it. I think that they are very potent, you will either get on with it or you don't. Recommending their moisturizer and facial oils a lot.

      So sorry to hear that you had the same experience with Panacea. One thing with Yuli is I'm always taken by a surprise with their scent since they never cover up their ingredients with added scents. I don't necessarily hate the scent of Panacea but it does smell like Chinese herbals or tea that is not everybody's cup of tea. Glad you were able to put it to another use.. and isn't Jasmine Garden just smell so lovely? It enlivens my mood, makes me feel so pretty from the inside :) the trial size that I had did not contain glycerin or feel hydrating like ED4OLO mist.. I have to try the new version!

  6. What a gorgeous collection of empties!<3 xx

  7. Hey Asti, I am a little late to the party but thought I'd add my comment anyway. I like many of your empties, especially the ED4OLO Vitamin D mist which I have repurchased 3 times. I am 1/4 through my last bottle and feeling a little anxious that I need to stock up again. I also love the Vitamin B Cleansing Oil but it unfortunately breaks me out a bit. Products with fruit enzymes don't tend to agree with my skin, so I have been using it to remove eye makeup only.

    I see what you mean about the Yuli Panacea. I have tried all the Yuli elixirs and my favourite is Cocoon. I was considering purchasing May Lindstrom's The Jasmine Garden instead of the ED4OLO Vit D mist since it is easier to source in Australia but from all the reviews, I don't think it's quite what I am after.

    I am still intrigued by Flight Skincare. Have you tried their Floating Hydration Serum or White Tea Hydrating Mist yet?



    1. Vitamin D Mist by ED4OLO is so fab, I love its hydration and dewiness.. I cannot find anything else quite like it yet. I'm trying to hold back from repurchase-ing that toner though (3x times noww!) just so that I can allocate my spending on new toners. Do you have anything in mind with what I should try next? I'm loving Cocoon Elixir so much.. it actually does calm my skin from irritations. So totally a contrasting experience from Panacea, very happy about it. With The Jasmine Garden, I want to purchase it too for the scent and refreshment. But I'm not sure if it will give me a skincare benefit! Tempting though. Have you had a sniff of Jasmine Garden yet?

      I want to purchase Flight Skincare again especially their cleanser. Unfortunately, I have not tried neither of those you mentioned, but Meghan from Seed to Serum really enjoyed those two. The Anti-Ageing serum has a realllly nice silky texture as well. I like that it does not add any actual 'hydration' (I still need proper moisture afterwards) but it does plump the skin.

      We always like so many of the same things, always love hearing from you xo

  8. I love the ED4OLO Vitamin B Cleansing Oil and YÜLI Panacea Elixir! Divine picks and I'm also eyeing May Lindstrom's The Jasmine Garden.