Cocoon Elixir, I wish you don't ever finish!

There might no be a relation between a chair and a toner but we might be seeing a clear pattern here.. Yuli here and Yuli there. While I have not tried a lot from the brand, there are already products that I would repurchase over and over again: The Cocoon and Pure Mask. I wish these two to never ever finish. There is also a Liquid Courage deluxe sample that's going to be featured on my next Empty post. I used it up a few weeks ago and I'm planning to purchase the full-size in my next shopping at IANS - I'm going to talk about that more later!

The spotlight now is on Cocoon Elixir.

I have told you that Panacea Elixir and I did not get along. There is always a horror when miracle products work on mostly everyone else but not you... but I persisted on trying the other elixir where I had 2 choices: Metamorphic for dryness or Cocoon for irritation. My dilemma is completely solved thanks to the ever-growing discussion on the love that Cocoon Elixir has been receiving.

What makes it so special? Well firstly, this one is truly a hybrid of what you wish toner could ever be: balancing, lightly hydrating, refreshing and healing.. what? all that could be just in a toner? Apparently. Smirk smirk, I meant an elixir. Cocoon is described as an ultra-refined toner that reduces stress, irritation, inflammation and redness on the skin. That could be pretty much the description of my skin when it's not at its best (or after extraction, threading and waxing). Instead of containing essential oils that could be too powerful for some skin or daily use, the toner is a combination of flower and plant hydrosols with a mixture of the skin-repairing MSM (sulphur), skin-destressing Rose flower essence and skin-protecting Acerola to find your skin in a state of zen again.

Complete Ingredients:

aloe, calendula hydrolat*, rosemary hydrolat*, lavender hydrolat*, chamomile hydrolat*, frankincense hydrolat*, frequency enhanced water, MSM, rose flower petal powder*, acerola extract, colloidal silver. *organic 

Plus, the hydrosols are my favorites: Calendula, Rosemary, Lavender, Chamomile and Frankincense. They're all botanical and flower water you are looking for when you want to calm and rejuvenate the skin. I really can't describe what the scent is like so let it surprise you. I don't think it smells exactly floral, it still reminds me of Chinese herbal medicine but a stripped down version of Panacea. I spritz 3-4x after I moisturize as a finishing product and to re-hydrate, refresh and calm throughout the day. I like that this one does not leave skin dewy, but still adequately moisturized (another reason to go crazy with the spritz!) which is probably why it says it's ultra-refined. 

I swear by this because this one just works. 

Would you care to try?

The problem is now, I'm savoring every bit of Cocoon Elixir as I'm typing this and I won't be able to repurchase it anytime soon. But you know I would if I could. Please, skin.. don't panic without it.


  1. Nice post! I am very tempted… I am quite curious about the smell though (I didnt get along at all with the scent of Panacea elixir, so I want to be sure this time :-).x

    1. Hi Audrey, thank you for reading!

      The scent of Panacea can be too herbal for some people, even me included. Compared to Cocoon, this smells much lighter and cleaner. Ok for instance, Panacea smells like tea that's been brewed for 10 minutes whereas Cocoon is like 3 minutes - light and easy to take. I tried my best. If you want, you can get a sample of the toner which they sell online to make sure you like it (which I hope you do because it's amazing!)

  2. I wasn't completely taken with Panacea but Cocoon sounds lovely, I would like to get round to trying this at some point.

    1. Hi Meeta! Same here! Cocoon is such a light and soothing blend, I hope you do try it in the future. It's a fave!

  3. So happy to hear you love Cocoon so much too! I'm almost out of mine :'(

  4. I have been wanting to try this brand so bad!!

  5. Hi Asti,

    I love the Cocoon also. it's really soothing to me after a cold windy day.

    Could you tell us more about your hot cloth face cleansing method. What are the steps ? Do you do this everyday ? I don't really like physical exfoliation, maybe this method can help me.


  6. I really want to try this. Great review x

    Maggie x