Introduction to Australian Brands

Curious about what Australia skincare brands have to offer? Discover my 13 picks below!

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With names such as Dark Side of the Spoon, Merchants in Menace and Landlocked Lovers packaged in the coolest bottles (the green Dyptique who uses E.O, resins and absolutes!) will quickly snatch your attention. Further investigation, the cool-sounding names also reflect the complexity of these concoctions: try bewitching musk, natural gourmand, tropical floral to citrus with a dark twist - it will always be unpredictable. This Sydney-based natural perfume studio owned by Sally also releases Gypsy Elixir, Chia Concentrate and Rose Night Balm for your skincare addiction.  

Black Chicken becomes your perfect travel companion
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Black Chicken Remedies 

The serum, toner and salve have been featured in Caroline Hirons' top shelf and the Love Your Body Oil had once been stocked at Self Fridges in 2011. The question is now why on earth would you not want to try it now? Black Chicken is owned by Chey Birch who claims that her products ain't no myth or magic, everything lies in the power of essential oils that she uses to help you look better, feel better and love better. There is a complete skincare regime from a purifying oil cleanser to a facial serum that make you love your face. Luckily, Black Chicken offers a travel-size version of most products packaged neatly in a mesh bag if you want to discover the brand! A highly raved cream deodorant and body oil included.

Evohe skincare products being used backstage at Australian Fashion Show
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Evohe is a brand who uses ingredients that are constantly impressive - clever and unique blend of plant and seed oils, flower essences and colloidal silver known to be anti-bacterial and therapeutic. The hero product is the Repair Intensive Treatment used as an anti-irritation and a moisturizer for acne-prone skin that uses repairing Calendula, Gotu Kola and Sea Buckthorn. The mask is also pretty amazing incorporating Silica, minerals and green superfood to feel revitalizing on the skin so it's no wonder that it's a brand of choice to be used on models before Australian Fashion week. While you're at it, try Omega 3.6.9 Oil that stars Arctic Cloudberry Seed, Sea Buckthorn and Brazil Nut oils.

Why can't skincare be playful and gracious at the same time?
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Flight Skincare

Flight Skincare is a brand that I believe, has already been on everyone's radar. Made and packaged beautifully by the healthy and radiant Kym Jacovich.. have you checked their Instagram? You must. Flight is a perfect skincare if you have dry and/or mature skin dealing with sensitivity. My favorite products are their milky cleanser that contain goats milk, honey and white willow bark as well as the Camellia Face Treatment that saves my skin during a dire situation in the coldest winter - absolutely soothing-feeling and smelling. They have a complete anti-ageing skincare regime from a plumping serum to a floating hydration you can wear under your cream moisturizer.

Indah's four beautiful solid perfumes
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INDAH Organics

Indah resonates with me because firstly, I come from Indonesia so I am quite familiar with the scents. INDAH means "beautiful" in the most gracious way just like how I feel about using their products. INDAH incorporates therapeutic benefits into very-wearable scented hand & body care products. The aroma and balmy texture are so on-point, very smooth and modern at the same time. I highly recommend their hand & body balm in Ginger & Geranium, Zen Meditation Perfume and Sari Sandalwood Body Butter. They are great to be used for daily meditation, to feel centralized  and when you're feeling especially sick. It is very nurturing to your mind and body 
whether or not you are a novice green lover. 

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The Little Alchemist

When is the last time you come across the most chic looking packaging with the most natural and cleanest ingredients? For me, it's when I laid my eyes on The Little Alchemist, it feels like finding a gem in a treasure box! The founder Natalie is one of the most generous and loveliest founders that I have ever talked to - do you follow her on social media where she gives daily DIY recipe? Try her amazing Cacao Powder Mask to purify and soften the skin and also the Ultra C Radiance Serum that is lightly hydrating and effective at evening out skin tone. She has the perfect anti-ageing skincare regime, an all-in-one effective serum and defense complex in the Ultimate Skin Trio Kit!

Stocked in Cult Beauty, The Detox Market and I am Natural Store
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MV Organics

MV Skincare is founded by Sharon Mcglincley, who I would say.. is a skincare expert in skin sensitivity affected by acne, eczema, rosacea and Polycistic Ovary Syndrome. Although, of course, it's been formulated for all skin types! Everything within this line is formulated very simply with minimum ingredient list and highest efficacy. Her hero ingredients are carrot seed, calendula and jojoba just to name a few, according to an interview done by Genuine Glow. Coveted by the beautiful Emma Watson, Rosie Hutington-Whiteley and Poppy Delevigne (and many more!) this becomes a celebrity, top bloggers, makeup artist A-list products to effectively calm the skin and give a much-needed nutrients and moisture.


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Sodashi is one of the most re-occurring brand here on Skjonnhet. The 100% natural skincare brand is stocked in the most luxurious spa around the world like Four Seasons. The founder, Meagan, formulates this brand to be 'chemical-free or nothing', and she has an unparalleled background in aesthetics, aromatherapy, Ayuverda, meditation, biochemistry and natural healthcare - endless talent basically. This high-performer excels not only in the purity but the quality of each ingredient they use does radiate. Plus, it's the only company that encourages meditation daily in their office, isn't that so great? My mother sees massive improvement in her hyper-pigmentation with the Rejuvenating line! I rave about this one constantly.

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The Beauty Chef

Alison Casar, the creator of the brand has been a reknowned naturopath for 12 years. The Beauty Chef was born out of an intention to spread Inner & Outer Beauty to be done right. Her initial reason to become a Naturopath was to battle with acne throughout teenage and adulthood and focused on addressing internal health and using natural topical skincare. She has now come up with Glow, Detox and Body Inner Beauty Powders in which they all can be mixed into yoghurt, smoothie or drink on their own - they taste delicious.

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Jacqueline Evans Skincare

What you eat, digest, assimilate, excrete, what you drink, think and do is far beyond 'you are what you eat'. Jacqueline believes that our face is a canvas upon which we write our stories, and it's the first thing that people notice about us. Jacqueline wants to create skincare products that are founded on Naturophatic principles, highest quality botanicals to deliver vitamins and herbals that are truly beneficial for our skin. Try her castille cream cleanser that delivers smooth and buttery consistency while removing every bit of oil, dirt, makeup, perspirant and dead skin cells with macadamia oil and lemongrass. Plus, everybody's necessity for ultimate refreshment: hello roobios toner!

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Be Genki

Be vital, be serene, be sensual and be tranquil. Available in 5 options of your choice: oil, body oil, face mist, candle and even tea in each category so that you can decide the level of immersion you would like to commit to. Genki is actually a Japanese word that means to be happy and be in harmony with yourself - such a beautiful word, isn't it? I freaking love aromatherapy products especially if they are as pretty on the inside as they are on the outside too. In this fast-paced environment, we need a little bit of mind sacred-haven right? Regain your physical, emotional and energetic state of being with Be Genki. Beautifully packaged too.

La Mav

La Mav is a comprehensive line of skincare range who wanted maximum anti-ageing benefit but dealing with skin type such as adult acne, hyper-pigmentation, dehydration, wrinkles or just needed more firming. La Mav Organic combines science and ancient natural wisdom to create what appears to be the complete natural version of Jurlique - more effective too. I'm intrigued by the Brightening line and BB Cream is liked by everyone who has tried it!

Hanako Instagram

'There are life defining moments that in the blink of an eye can change the course of who you are - and decide
who you want to be'. Inspired by painful loss and heartbreak, Hanako was born out of that defining moment of embracing love, light, courage and hope in what seems to be the darkest moment. Whether it's the joy or darkness that have moved us, The founders husband and wife Jeff and Rachel,  have asked us for a moment to set ourselves with positive energy, awareness, support, love and kindness. Choose your vibrational scents, meredian blends, hanako essences, happy tracks or baby blends.

With many new brands coming from the North and Europe, the down-under seems to be slightly harder to reach. Choosing just 13 Australian brands, (not in a ranking order!) was hard.. it started from 5.. 8.. then it's down to 13. I just have to list them all! There are so many beautiful Australian brands to show off and I obviously have not tried everything. So, I would love to know which one/s have you tried or you are interested in trying and what experience have you had with them?!

And have you heard that Seed to Serum is releasing her own online shop?! Ahhhh the excitement!! 


  1. Great overview! I'm glad that quite a few of these lines are making their way to UK shores, so hopefully I can try them out once I get through some of my current skincare. MV, Flight and Little Alchemist I think are first on my to-try list.

    1. Thank you for reading, Meeta! I'm glad that these brands are branching out to the world. Which products from the 3 brands are you most interested in to try?

    2. I like the sound of the moisturiser from MV, the cleansing milk from Flight, and the cleansing milk and face glow Little Alchemist.

  2. Hi Asti,
    Thank you so much for sharing! This is a great post!
    As living in Europe, i don't know all of them, but have already ordered and enjoying some from The Little Alchemist, Flight and i also have a sample of MV to try.
    Why don't you use Instagram anymore?
    Yes, I am as well very excited about the Seed to Serum online shop!

    1. Hi Melanie, thank you for reading! I realize that many have mentioned, Australian brands are not that known outside Australia so I decided to make a little overview of my favorites. The 3 you chose, are great. Which MV sample do you have?

      Have a great day, Melanie! x

  3. Lovely post Asti! I've already seen some brands and I really want to try The Little Alchemist, Flight and MV Organics. Australia has some amazing organic brands and I'm glad you shared them with us :) xx

    1. Thank you for reading Jana! I have a little interview with an Etsy brand based in Australia as well. I am very excited for everyone to read it. The 3 are great picks, hope you will get to try them soon.

  4. Ooh curious about the Hanako therapies! Xx

    1. I just discovered them as well! Looks sooo lovely. x

  5. Thanks Asti - it's great to see the natural Aussie brands receiving more recognition. I finally purchased some Flight Skincare when they had their heavily discounted re-location sale. I am enjoying the toner. Also bought the Camellia oil, Floating Hydration serum and Silk Protein day cream which I haven't yet opened.

    I have previously tried MV Organics and enjoyed it but thought the range better suited to drier skin-types. I'm curious about Jacqueline Evan's Rooibos toner and The Little Alchemist line next.



    1. Yes, I want these brands to have more recognition! There are just so many great Australian brands that even I, still get surprised I didn't know it before! Oh yes, I remember their sale awhile back, glad that you finally got to try Flight Skincare because I know you were really curious about it. I hope you do enjoy, and let me know how you like everything! Please do smell the Camellia Oil asap it's very gorgeous.

      Which products from MV Organics did you try in particular? I'm enjoying the cleanser a lot and I've gotten myself another bottle to use. The Rose Plus Skin Booster is another one of my favorite as it is great for hormonal skin. I am also curious about the Roobios toner! There are soo many things I want to try!! :)

  6. Thank you for your informative post. I will be heading to Melbourne next month, so was searching for some Aussie beauty brands and your post came in handy. Cheers