My Soothing and Nurturing Skincare Routine

As a beauty blogger and not fortunate to have a resilient skin to begin with, I must say it's difficult. Exploring products are fun but changing products from time to time for the skin does not help. In my experience, my skin's proneness to congestion is usually due to moisturizers that are too heavy and products that are too sensitizing for my skin. Internally, I suspect hormonal imbalance as I've been getting acne on my chin, jawline and lower cheeks which I've never had before. Mentally and physically, I never feel great. I have seen a naturopath once which was very costly without a rebate but it was worth it as she explained a lot of good food, ingredients and a couple of supplement to be incorporated into my diet to alleviate the symptoms. As of now, I'm heavily focusing on my diet and probably 'easy and quick' supplements to take in between before we dwell even deeper to find the root of the problem.

All that aside, having a skincare routine that is soothing and nurturing is highly beneficial for my current state of being. With a more mindful diet and lifestyle, added supplement and suitable skincare routine, I do feel and look better inside and out. I have probably followed this routine for about two months now (except for the moisturizers which were new-found love) and I have seen good results. I have been using this during the temperamental spring-summer weather in Melbourne and also the hot and humid Indonesia. I usually panic not knowing what products to bring home since the weather is different, but I believe, this skincare routine is great for at least, most skin type, and is very balancing. 


In the morning, I either cleanse with OLO Apple a Day Foaming Cleanser (not pictured) or the MV Organic Gentle Cream Cleanser. They both are purifying but contrasting of each other, one is foam and one is thick cream. The foaming cleanser is very quick and actually very gentle and light, but when I want a mini pick-me-up and a deeper cleanse, I go with the cream cleanser using hot-cloth method to remove (important step). Feeling fresh after starting the day with a clean canvas, my go-to choice to prepare the skin before moisturizing, is a simple thermal water.

Moving on, I find cream moisturizers to seal in the much-needed moisture during the day better. I go with either a very generous sample of MV Organic’s Rose Soothing Moisturizer or Annwyn Organic Brightening Moisturizer*. The MV is more matte while Annwyn leaves a silkier and semi-matte finish which is my preference. Both of them hold up throughout the day without looking like I have sweated myself - you know what I'm talking about right? I reach out for Annwyn more often unless I want to add a Rose Plus skin booster to the MV Rose Moisturizer if skin is too dehydrated.

Oh yes, and before putting on my moisturizer, I apply the amazing Kahina Eye Serum to my eye area. I do feel and notice an instant transformation to my eye area (!!!) - it is very firming and refreshing. PS: I have gone back and forth to Mecca Cosmetica to ensure this is for me. 

Throughout the day and after my moisturizer, my last skincare step is actually to spritz my face with an aromatic facial mist. If it's feeling sensitive, I go with Yuli Cocoon elixir. If I want an uplifting zest, I go for Odylique Balancing Citrus * mist that smells like citrus and a heady ylang ylang. Both sprays release very refined mist which I really appreciate.


My night routine is my favorite way to wind down after work and late nights before I drift to sleep. Even when I’m already feeling absolutely drowsy, I always force myself to do it and never feeling a single regret afterwards. My routine is ever so similar to my morning actually, I cleanse with MV Cream Cleanser using the hot-cloth method. I have to tell you that I was so lazy when it comes to the hot-cloth method but now I love it. It provides a deeper cleanse than slap, splash and go and my congested-prone, dehydrated and slightly reactive skin truly appreciates this. I won't deny it's an extra step and I might let out a sigh when I have to boil my water first, but it is a worthy step.

Because I wear no face make-up lately, I have been neglecting  my ED4OLO Oil Cleanser (sorry but I still love you).

Anyway, after I cleanse, I spritz with a thermal water and use only facial oil during the night. Ok, this is where I have a couple of options:

Feeling hormonal and dehydrated: 3 drops of MV Organic Rose Plus
Finicky sensitive skin: 3 drops of Sodashi Calming Serum (not pictured)
Congested: a drop of Skin Nutritious Clove Clearing Serum* used as spot-treating. 

The Rose Plus and Calming Serum are both great for balancing and 'desensitizing' the skin. I reach out to Rose Plus a lot more because I find the rose scent so luxurious and make me feel feminine and beautiful. The Sodashi Calming Serum smells more nutty and green like Chamomile so when I don't feel like Rose and want a more neutral scent, I go for this. They both are reaaaaaallly nice, light and do what they say so they will always become staples in my routine. Occasionally, I use the clove clearing serum all over the face as well but I much prefer it as an effective spot-treatment. It is warming but not stimulating and in fact, anti-inflammatory.. soothing my acne flare-ups (Thank you Amorganica for introducing it to me!!).

Extra Treatment

I very rarely exfoliate manually with my beloved Clean Dirt now just because the cleanser and hot cloth method have given me a deeper cleanse. Otherwise, I just feel like it's too much. However, a mask is still a must twice weekly to keep my skin clear. I rotate with either Herbivore pink clay + rosehip mask (so pretty!) when my skin is not acting up too much. If I break out, I use my trusty Yuli mask that will solve the congestion in no time..

You may change up products from time to time too, do you have a trusty calming products in your routine? I think I'm sticking with this one for a long time


  1. Lovely post!!! I love the simplicity of your routine! x

    1. Thank you Audrey! This routine has been really kind to my skin :)

  2. Great products! I love YÜLI and One Love Organics. Plus, I'm definitely eyeing quite a few of these, including the Skin Nutritious Clove Clearing Serum.

    1. Hello, thank you! I almost finished my Cocoon Elixir and unable to get a hold of another one until next year. I am truly sad, it's a great toner for inflamed skin!!! And OLO is a really good brand overall, there's nothing from them that I'm disappointed with.

      Skin Nutritious is a new discovery of mine. The Clove Clearing Serum is a simple blend of Jojoba, Clove and Bergamot.. love it for my acne.

  3. Lovely selections! I still haven't tried anything from OLO but I need to ASAP! And Yuli sound great too. I have only recently got Clean Dirt & I absolutely love the scent of it but I do prefer hot cloth cleansing as my skin feels more thoroughly cleansed!

    1. Hi Amber, thank you for dropping by.

      Both OLO and Yuli offer really fantastic products to try. I would be more than happy to recommend some of the products from them, both brands are kind of my all-time faves.
      I tend to use clean dirt to exfoliate rather than cleanse because I'm not convinced it's good as a sole cleanser daily. But the scent is really good isn't it? Glad you love the hot cloth as well, it does thoroughly cleanse. What cleanser do you like to do it with?