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Thank you so much for kindly dropping by at my blog. I have to admit that writing is not my best asset but it is one of my ways of sharing my obsession with beautiful products with you. My view on organic and natural products I think also reflect on how you take care of yourself from the inside, you want to make the best choices when it comes to your beauty and health. I am not saying that natural products are less irritating or necessarily 'works' instantly, because just like conventional products.. it is still a play of being an alchemist and/or a chemist to find the correct ratio that works on the majority. I do believe returning to the nature rather than resorting into 'man-made chemicals' is a healthier choice for the body and mind. I am also saying do what feels good to you and be honest with yourself.

I hope you truly do enjoy your stay here and chat with me through social media. I also love talking to you personally through e-mails!

My Skin Type 

Skin type: Normal-to-dry, easily disagree-able and congested prone along cheekbones, lower cheeks and jawline. Also suffering from hyper-pigmentation after not treating my skin well with an adequate amount of SPF for years and years.

Emergency Saviors: a calming serum & sunscreen / products with a choke of anti-oxidants.

My Skin Coloring 

Medum-dark skin with an olive undertone, not too golden or too tan. Often mismatched at the beauty counter to be overly tan which makes me look unnaturally golden (always happens).

Not necessarily a perfect match in heaven but here are some foundation/concealer that I use:

1.Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Syracruse

2.Vapour Beauty Foundation in 125 but do not match the concealer
3.W3ll People Mineral Foundation in Dark Golden
Both colours are slightly lighter than my normal coloring (but colors above are too tan). However, these blend VERY well into my skin because of its creamy and seamless texture.

4.RMS Beauty Un-Cover Up in 33 & 44

5. Alima Pure Manzarita or Warm 5.

Lessons Learnt

1. On switching to natural because it is more gentle. The lesson learnt is that just because it is natural does not mean it is more gentle on your skin. In fact, sometimes it is more potent and it all depends on the proportion that your skin likes. Just like harsh chemicals, natural products also has drying and pore-clogging ingredients. The best thing to do is trial and error and carefully reading labels. I also urge you to get samples first if the company offers to avoid any disappointment! If you don't see it, reach out to them and ask kindly.

2. On Color-matching. I generally, do not trust other people to do color-matching for me especially if done inside a department store. Go outside, have a feel with the foundation or coloring you are trying on and see if it really suits you and if you WILL really wear it! Also, don't be tempted to buy it right away, feel the texture and how it lasts throughout the day.

3. On expiry date. Because a few do not have a box packaging that officially lets you know when the product was made and when it should expire, ask away and label the products yourself. This is to keep in track of the longevity of your product as most natural products do not rely on preservatives that could keep the products for years and years.. you don't want to use an expired product, do you?

4. On storage. Always keep it in dry and dark environment such as your cupboard. Make sure it is always tightly secured. Some products will melt and harden depending on the temperature, ask advice from the brand in what to do.

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