The Power of Flower Essences

Irises in Monet's garden by Claude Monet | 1900 | Oil on Canvas| Musee d'Orsay, Paris, France

I was one of those who was sceptical about the healing power of aromatherapies. I always wondered to myself if it was merely a placebo effect that you can counteract whatever sadness or stress or pain you're feeling. How can a drop of essence or essential oils can make your stomach pain go away? can get you a good night sleep after countless of sleepless nights? can make you feel at peace after a long-going of stress and sadness? How? Just because the bottle claims to heal a specific thing, will you automatically think so?

I now believe that the use of aromatherapy has certainly helped me in how I carry myself. It helps me evolve as a person, and helps to rediscover what I really am and want to be as a person. It sounds cheesy I know, but it's true. Life has ups and downs, and we do need support every now and then. A drop of my favourite essence that brings delicate beautiful smell can really stand as a pillar before I go out of the house. I always set goals each day, to challenge myself and in accordance to the goal, I choose my essence. It acts like an affirmative to help me commit. Negative thoughts can often get inside of me but things as simple as smell can act as a powerful tool to remind me of what I have set for the day.

I personally love flower essences more in comparison to essential oils. Just the idea of the words 'flower essences' set me off to feeling vibrant and delicate, it instantly calms me down. Different from essential oils, flower essences do not have a scent and are extremely diluted infusions of flower, it is so diluted that there are no plants parts left in the water (source). Rather than physically extracted, essences are diluted inside a water or alcohol, and they are infused and diluted this way to capture their true vibrational energy in relation to spiritual (emotional) and physical health (source). Flower essences are generally safer than essential oils because they are very gentle and yet effective, they be used by anyone from pregnant ladies and babies to pets! (although when in doubt, consulting with an expert is the best way to ensure). Flower essences stimulate lasting changes by balancing your personal 'vibration' or unique energy pattern, thus it is adaptable to each person. In terms of effectiveness, flower essences should be used 3-5 times a day in order to feel a quick difference and keep using it to have a long-lasting result. It carries such positive energy that can immensely affect your inner. Many ways to incorporate flower essences to your daily life is to use it as an elixir (mix it into your beverages), as a mist throughout your work or living spaces, rub them on your face and neck, behind the ears and also pulse points, massages, or a bath.

My favourite for flower essences is the balancing serum range by Lotus Wei. I have also tried a couple of their elixirs but yet need to try how effective the mists work. Will be reviewing the brand on a separate post.

'I am sure that cellphones when they first came out, people were sceptical about the idea that there were little waves coming from their phones on the other end of conversation. But now, we all accept of it as a normal part of daily life. For some reason it's easier for people to accept little waves of energy can eminate from their phone, but it's harder to believe the waves of energy coming from a living plant or flower, or a person for that matter' - Katie Hannees, the founder of Lotus Wei.

Have you tried flower essences? Do you make your own concoctions or is there particular mix from a brand that you love?  


  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog from May Lindstrom's Facebook Page! I just started blogging and included her Youth Dew among my favorite facial oils.

    I LOVE flower essences, flower waters are amazingly gentle but have transformed my skin. If you live by Whole Foods, some of their stores carry a line called Evan Healy, she makes really pure tonics made out of simple floral waters, the Rose Petal one is my favorite. If you want something a little snazzier, there is a line called YULI that also uses flower essences. They use more flower waters in their products and kick it up a notch by adding in other (all natural) ingredients.

    1. I visited your blog and I love your facial oils guide! They all sound so luxurious. I will be sure to try out the Youth Dew someday!

      Aren't flower essences amazing? I have only tried rosewater, but I am going to try more from this good4you on etsy store The brand YULI sounds great! Is there any particular product you like from YULI as well beside the elixir?

  2. I'm really keen to try Lotus Wei products. I saw them in Being Content last month and was certainly interested but wasn't sure quite how they worked. Are they very expensive? Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Flower essences are therapeutic in a way that it 'heals' and balances your emotional state rather than essential oils which focus on targeting certain systems in the body such as physical, digestive or nervous system. Flower essences have been extracted in a way that the vibrancy of the flowers are kept in tact. Just like any other living beings including plants, we all carry certain positive/negative vibrations which can affect other people and flower essences do exactly this. It might sound too good to be true, I was a sceptic believer but I tried it and it worked.

      Lotus Wei is a great brand. They have a selection of serums, elixirs, mists and perfume. The elixirs are a true 'tasteless' and 'odorless' flower essences that you consume internally, but they have been diluted in alcohol and a bit of honey for taste. Whereas the serums, perfumes and mists are scented with essential oils in addition to the flower essences to really give an aroma-therapeutic scent to target our senses. There is no right or wrong in which type of flower essences you would like to use. I personally love the serums because of the essential oils contained as well. They are quite expensive, but I don't use perfumes (which save me loads) and for the benefits that really work for me, I don't really mind. My favourites are Infinite Love which smells like roses and honey and also Inner Peace. The scent is not monotone like other essential oil blend I have tried, if you know what I mean. They smell really unique and they don't disappoint.

      I know that living in the UK, everything can get very expensive due to the tax, but so does living in Australia. However, there's this great website called (australia based) and they price Lotus Wei serums for $35 instead of $50 before sale. If you're interested they ship worldwide! :)

      Hope it helps.


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