RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek 'Rapture' & Ilia Beauty Lipstick 'Femme Fatale'

(left to right) Ilia Beauty in Femme Fatale & RMS Beauty in Rapture 
(left to right) Ilia Beauty in Femme Fatale & RMS Beauty in Rapture 
I am a massive fan of Ilia Beauty lip range as well as RMS Beauty lip2cheek. I have not personally purchased any tinted lip conditioners by ILIA but 3 of their lipsticks are absolutely amazing. As for RMS, I love their versatility and universal colours. Anyway, I needed a deep colour but ended up picking up Femme Fatale and Rapture. Read more for swatches and descriptions. 

Femme Fatale
Both of the lip colours have that deep red tone to it but Femme Fatale is a perfect marriage of berry and burgundy whereas RMS is a pure brick red. I have never found a berry-red colour that looks as perfect as Ilia's because usually it always leans more towards one or another, but this is just so balanced. I really like how these two colours wear against my olive skin tone. I tend to wear Femme Fatale during the day when I just want to look nicer whereas Rapture is usually my go-to lips for night-time as the red feels more 'formal'. 

Both lip colours deliver fantastic pigmentation, one swipe will give you nicely stained lips. They might be a little bit on the pricy side, but honestly, you need a little bit they will last you forever. Femme Fatale has a creamy texture but I would still recommend to apply lip balm underneath to make application easier. Rapture though, feels like a 'lip stain' although reapplying on the lips is needed (but long-wearing on the cheeks). My tip is to dab bit by bit until you are happy with your desired layer because I find that applying too much RMS colour will transfer to my teeth when I smile. You can compare the texture of these lip colours on the swatches above, you can imagine how the Rapture has a texture of a coconut oil whereas ILIA is more creamy and blurs out cracked lines on the lips. Saying that, RMS is far more moisturising and I honestly love both colours so much. 


  1. I love the RMS "rapture." One of my favorite lip shades that they have.
    It's a great color during the fall.
    I love almost all RMS products (:

  2. I love the look of the ilia femme fatale! I've just bought my first ilia lip conditioner and love it so their lipstick is next on my list and it look like it's going to be in femme fatale xx


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