March Post + Vapour's Au Pair and RMS lip2cheek in Promise mixed.

The photos above are my old stock during the fall season. Sorry for the blurriness, I was experimenting with my film camera that could not view manual focus and a light meter that did not work. But I so welcome Fall with open arms. I love seasonal transitions. There's just something about it, it's like the air is breeding a new fresh air that gives me the opportunity to start anew. I have been loving the gloomy weather lately with just a bit of sunshine shying through. 

Brunch at Red Robyn in Camberwell (oh! and I ordered their hot chocolate with bergamot as well)
A gluten-free brunch cafe that does not sacrifice taste

The month of March was somewhat exciting for me. My friends from Indonesia were visiting Melbourne for about a week. It had been really fun taking them around that it made me forget how good it feels like to be a tourist. Isn't it weird that there are so many things you can do and go to but sometimes you take it for granted just because you live here? It is one of the things that I have reflected back to myself and I must correct. I keep saying this over and over since ages, but sometimes I just get muddled up with works and end up forgetting. I made a commitment this year to just go explore something new at least once every week (I wish I can do it more often too). And people who know me know how lazy I get watching a movie alone but they know I get hooked onto it so fast, so one other goal is to watch a movie (that I haven't watched obviously) every week! There's a cinema here called Cinemanova and they also showcase foreign movies that are hard to get. 

Pampas Grass Seeds with Pink Feathers
So, my two friends and I have been staying over at my friend's place at Malvern. It is quite a walk from the train station but I have been enjoying passing this house just to appreciate the beauty of this pink feathers plant. So lovely! I actually googled 'pink feathers plant' to find out the name. Just in case. In a way, it reminds me of one of my favourite artists called Anslem Kiefer. Sometimes, he works with materials such as straws, clays, ashes and ect to create something organic. If you were one to buy an art book but I know how expensive they can get. Get his. It's full of textures, dynamism and just beautiful, so so worth it.

Anselm Kiefer - Wild Flowers (1985 - 1991) - at NGV
medium: oil, gesso, emulsion, soil, foxglove on canvas

Immune tea by English Tea Shop (green tea + ginger + coriander + black pepper + cumin seed + turmeric)
some sweet afternoon snack 
I have also been enjoying this tea by English Tea Shop that I got from the 'health' section at IGA. I bought one for Immunity as pictured above and Wellness. They use green tea for all their base. I also have been loving Black Orange & Mango Tea by Oxfam Fair. It is a major staple in my kitchen cupboard as it always draws me to it after I have my lunch I just need to drink it! A totally refreshing drink. The brand has an affordable line of organic tea ranging from the basics such as earl gray, black tea, green tea, to roiboos and fruit tea. For 25 bags pack, it is $3.25 and it is fair trade and 'premium' organic. Hehe. I always giggle when I read the word 'premium' on the packaging. My friend always makes this inside joke just because it is premium does not mean that it is always premium. But anyway, love the brand!

Vapour's lipstick in Au Pair + RMS lip2cheek in Promise = Fav berry colour!
As for beauty favourites.. make up wise, you can find me always wearing Vapour's Au Pair topped with RMS in Promise. I like Au Pair alone but when I got promise, I would be tempted to add a bit of shimmer and salmon touch to it. Au Pair is a cool pink tone, but not too light that it would look weird on me. Do you own these two colours?