Rossana's Beauty Routine for The Summer - Autumn

Meet Rossana, the owner and founder of I am Natural Store. I feel all giddy and excited but mostly privileged to be writing about her beauty routine. Look at that gorgeous picture of her, doesn't she just radiate all the positiveness in the world? So, lets read on to find out what she has got in her alley to keep her skin young, fresh and beautiful from inside out! 

 'My routine is pretty chaotic, but here is a tip.. keep up the work and you will see the magic' - Rossana, the owner and founder of I am Natural Store. 

facial skin type: combination
body skin type: dry - even more drier during winter months. 

About Rossana 

To feel truly alive, vibrant and youthful inside, for Rossana is to do exercises such as yoga and eat right! She is lucky that she has always loved healthy food - unlike me who started off eating everything - and do not smoke or drink unless it is for social outings. In terms of food, she never really associates with her weight, as long as she feels right then it's all good. The key is to never overstress the body and have a discipline. Don't try to do anything that demands too much effort that you won't be able to make it your daily routine. Keep doing it even whether or not you are in the mood and you will feel the long-term benefit. Rosanna also enjoys to take long walks and meditate. While you're at it, try the elixirs from Lotus Wei. It is her favourite way to keep calm in the midst of feeling uneasy! She also practices Yoga as it is so much more convenient especially with a job that demands her to travel every 2 months. FYI: Did you know that Rossana is such an amazing dancer? I remember when I wanted to be a dancer or ballerina so badly at the age of 15 but my muscles have grown too stiff already by then. I wish my parents forced me into those gymnastics/dancing classes when I was young just so that I could have awesome flexibility and show off cool moves (ha.ha.ha.).

Beauty Routine In The Shower 

Rossana always does dry-brushing as it increases the circulation of the skin, assisting with toxin build-up, and generally just awakens the body. For me, the great time to do dry-brushing is in the morning! If you are not familiar with the benefit and the how-to, read this introductory articles to dry-brushing written by Kora Organics here and here.

In the shower, the shower gel by ILA essentials is fantastic to use and then followed by a body scrub depending on how much sloughing off the skin needs. The aromatherapy benefits coming out from ILA's products are so amazing whether it be that you take a shower/bath in the morning or night. It's like beauty and wellness gorgeously packaged in a product! After the shower, She uses this anti-cellulite cream by Madara at the moment - Slather it on hips and legs where the cellulite love to stay. Some other days, she may use lots of creams in replacement of that while adding the Absolution body boost that can be mixed with any body moisturiser of your choice. Madara body moisturiser is a great one to be mixed with - not only it moisturises the skin liberally in the summer, it smells like freshly cut grass, very very summery.

Beauty Routine For The Face

For facial skin maintenance, her favourite brands to choose from are definitely Madara, Pai or Suti because of their lightweight feel on the skin suitable for the warmer season. In the morning, she cleanses with purely water and then moisturise with either Suti oil or Patyka/Ila day cream depending on what the skin needs. As for an eye cream, she uses eye contour booster from Absolution that adds an instant radiance to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Rosanna's make up routine is no fuss either.. when she wants a light make up, her go-to is Madara tinted moisturiser while rocking a natural/bold Ilia choices of lipstick and a mascara. For more of a full-face make up, Alima Pure powder foundation is her favourite. It covers evenly and offers tons of colour options ranging from light to dark skin. In addition to this, she applies Vapour Skin Perfect 'Soft Focus' in 130, Eye Mesmerize & Multi-use stick. To achieve more dramatic eyes, she chooses a mineral eyeliner from Alima Pure and the recently added Studio 78 mascara that gives such an amazing length and curl.

At night, she removes her make up and daily impurities using Suti balm cleanser followed by Suti's organic cotton muslin cloth drenched in lukewarm water to take off the excess - a great alternative is also Pai cleanser and Madara purifying foam because both are very light and do the same great job. After night shower, she uses the same moisturiser in the morning, but on legs if they are too dry, try Amazonia Viva Caucasus intensive cream that does wonders for really dry skin. Twice a week, she would take sometime out using a mask and she is currently in love with The Problem Solver by May Lindstrom Skin. Rosanna describes May Lindstrom as 'the girls of my eyes' not only because May is an inspirational person but the brand itself is really all about loving yourself and getting to know your skin up and personal. Not to mention her Clean Dirt, which may be used almost everyday to gently purify and tone the skin. I can see why Rossana is a big fan of the brand because I am too - and so are most people. Rossana also uses The Good Stuff which is a body oil that contains micro particles of Mica making you look like a super gorgeous walking goddess and May's face oil that smells like a delicious explosion of citrus and roses- it seriously glides on like silk and makes your skin plumped up and super soft! She keeps alternating between The Youth Dew and the new MUN facial oil because honestly they are truly fantastic at hydrating and balancing the skin at the same time. If you have oily or acne prone-skin, try out charcoal facial puff by Morihata. It has been used on her daughter's skin which is very young, and it has been proven to do a good job at lessening spots on her face. 

It might seem like a lot of products to be mentioned but hey, being the owner of I am Natural Store, she is proud and in love with all the brands that she stocks! She uses them all depending on the season and mood. It does not necessarily have to be 'the more is the better' because sometimes, eliminating products can help your skin find its balance too.

The Store

I am Natural Store places a special place in my heart, if you're only starting into using green beauty products, definitely check it out. It carries one of the most extensive range of products from skin care, hair care to body care products so you have got a lot of options to choose from. There's a live chat during their opening hours to make it convenient for you to get product recommendations and what not. What I love the most is that Rossana is such an open and helpful person and she loves catching up with her customers. Most of the time, I don't really expect any store (or brand) owners to talk to customers directly so it just shows how much she believes in what she does and is committed to help her customers finding the right products for them. 


  1. Great post and some great tips :) I always try to body brush in the morning before showering x

    1. Thank you!

      Dry brushing is great, isn't it! I do it too but I still need to get into the habit properly. I sometimes forget especially if I'm in the rush! Thank you for visiting :)

  2. Thanks for this post Asti. It was really interesting to discover Rossana's choices, especially when she has so many lovely brands to try at her disposal!

    I love I Am Natural Store - great service, and I am so glad to be able to support an Australian business, and one that prices their products very competitively with the larger international websites (and also against other 'green' Aussie sites).

    I noticed that I Am Natural Store recently stocked Mun. There is another oil to add to my wishlist list!


    P.S. Thought I'd let you know that I have been using Vered's Balancing Face Oil and Anti-Ageing Oil for over a month now and highly recommend both of them, particularly the Balancing. I also bought the Yuli ME Skin Feul and two of their Elixirs. So far, loving all the products but you're right, shipping IS expensive (I saw that you had commented on the Yuli over on Coco Beaute).

    1. Hi Yvonne!

      I was definitely excited to discover what Rossana uses on a daily basis. It's just very interesting to know the beauty routine of a beauty store owner ha! :)

      I Am Natural store does have a great service! I love buying from them. Yes, price is definitely the biggest factor in purchasing THINGS in general in Australia. The mark up price is very high especially if the items are imported. Mecca Cosmetica and everything else you name it, price their products almost 50% higher than the normal price in the US (if my calc is not wrong haha). I am so happy that I Am Natural Store has a base in Australia (they are originally from Brazil) so we can get a safe, a more affordable and healthier skin care plus make up products that are luxurious but are still priced reasonably and very competitively.

      YESSSS. MUN oil, I am dying to find out what the oil is like! Spirit said that it wasn't just another facial oil. A must try indeed!

      Ohhh thanks so much for letting me know! Hope I Am Natural Store stocks Vered someday *winks*. There isn't just enough online stockist for the brand, SBL is the only one I know who carries it and ships internationally. Glad that Vered oils are working wonderfully for you. Can't wait to try them!

      Yesss shipping is flat rate 25$ to Australia from Yuli. It is quite reasonable I guess in comparison to other websites (Yes, SBL please choose a cheaper shipping option for international!). But I feel like I must order a few products from them all at once to justify the shipping price haha. I am going to try out Yuli someday particularly their elixirs. What do you think of the elixirs? Are they 'more' than just a toner and worth the hype? :)

    2. Asti, it's terrible but I have since made another SBL order which includes the MUN oil (sorry I Am Natural Store! SBL were having 20% off and there were a few other things I added to cart that I could only purchase on there). I'll let you know how the MUN goes, but probably won't be using it for a while as I want to finish my other oils first.

      And I also wish that IANS would stock Vered! I would definitely repurchase the Balancing Face Oil.

      Regarding the YULI elixirs, I have the Cocoon and the Metamorphic and enjoy them both. I've only used them for a week so am yet to see any difference. However, they actually do feel different from other toners. It's hard to explain but they feel 'more' than just a toner. For oily skins, I could imagine that they would be moisturising enough without applying anything else. Having said that, I still love my Kahina Toning Mist and like having the three options.

      I think after I finish the ME Skin Fuel, I may venture to try some of their other serums. Good thing is that YULI sell trial sizes of most products. They were also prompt in answering a query I emailed.

      Before 'going green', my favourite store used to be Mecca but agree that some of their products were outrageously marked up. To their credit, they have a great return policy and generally very good service. However, now that IANS have started stocking Kjaer Weis, the only brand I will purchase from Mecca is Kahina.


    3. Haha Yvonne! I don't know how I missed the 20% sale on SBL noooo. But I usually order from SBL once a year taking advantage of their summer/winter sale. My hard-to-get brands from there are definitely VERED, Honores De Pres perfume (they have it in Myer but for a whooping 150 bucks- which used to be 204$...!) and W3ll People. With the discount, it cancels out the shipping price so I'm quite fine with it.

      YAY! MUN oil! What other things did you get? So exciting! :)

      I see. Yuli elixirs are definitely a must try then. Kahina's toning mist is soo nice, the first time I sprayed it on I just knew I had to get it. TH's hydrating floral essence is very good too. I just made a crazy purchase this month (bought a good blender finally!) so I need to cut back on shopping haha.

      As much as I love toners, I still tend to concentrate on buying other things that are a little bit more expensive to make up for the toner. Such as moisturiser and a good mask. I have a really problematic skin, so while toners are excellent at rehydrating and refreshing the skin... sometimes it can just be an added dollar in my book. When I have the extra to spend, I would always choose a toner over makeup! :P hahaha. Have so many empty bottles in my cupboard, so I'm thinking of creating a couple of nice DIY toners. Do you know any good recipes to try?

      Thanks for visiting. Have a good day Yvonne! :) (you should make a blog to o!!)

  3. Hi Asti
    Thank you so much for your post.
    Loved the comments and i am very open for new products suggestions
    About Vered i did contacted her but unfortunately they aren't ready to expand internationally,
    Feel free to contact me anytime, love to hear from you all about new amazing products, what you tried that we dont have :)
    What you got from us and love or not, i must say i got very interested about this YULI :)...lets see
    thank you girls
    much love

    1. No problem Rossana. Loving your store (and so is everyone else it seems).
      Ah *crosses fingers* that Vered is going to be ready anytime soon so that I don't have to purchase it all the way from the states. Loving that you're expanding to more and more brands.


  4. Great post ! and awsome routine ! I usually shower after a workout and dont feel like body brushing when i am all dirty and sweaty ! Any suggestions for me?

    1. Doesn't she have such a beautiful routine? It makes me want to live in her beauty ritual haha.

      I dry brush after I work out as well! I usually wait for my body to cool down by walking around outside and then pat myself dry with a towel. After that I dry brush and take a shower. It's better in a way because you are releasing the toxins out after you work out anyway so dry brushing your skin is a great add-on to that. Just make sure to clean your brush more often though.


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