A Long Time Favorite: Yarok Leave-In Conditioner

Photo source: Scent Hive & Yelp 

Many have raved about the Yarok line, but I myself, is not ready to splurge for another high-end line especially after my disappointment with the Rahua Volumizing duo. However, I have been a long-time fan of Yarok's Leave-In conditioner. It's been helping me to cope up with my brittle, straw-like ends of my hair.. even when I have long, medium, or short hair. It is long-lasting and all you need is a couple of sprays to get it nicely conditioned. To be honest, I never liked using hair conditioner because it never made a drastic difference unless what I wanted was one that weighs my hair down. I just never had much luck with it. On top of that, I don't like the 3 minutes waiting around time in the shower for my conditioner to absorb. That's why the Yarok Leave-In conditioner comes in handy for me! It never disappoints. I love that it's a leave-in so that it stays on my hair all day and I can use it whenever I want to (to damp hair though!).

The spray delivers a fine mist but I don't like that I don't have a complete control of where I spray this. I just don't want it to travel to my scalp where it gets greasy easily or accidentally sprays the side of my face with it. So I spray it onto the palms of my hands, and that way.. I can just apply only the ends of my hair and wherever I wish. I let my hair dry naturally, and I'm left with soft hair that is free from tangles, sufficiently conditioned. Especially now that my hair is short-medium length, it is perfect! It might not be enough for people who have very dry hair, but for fine hair or curly hair that needs softening and defining, it is lovely.

You will notice that the first ingredient is a Vitamin Water concentrate. Yarok does not disclose what the water has been infused with, but I am certain that it adds nourishment to my hair, even if it's only a slightest bit. The Vitamin Water has been mixed with a number of organic oils that will leave your hair tamed, soft and conditioned. Olive moisturizes and tames frizzy, dry and tangled hair, Grapeseed prevents hair loss, Apricot conditions and softens hair, and Evening Primrose is high in EFA to moisturize hair and scalp and also help to prevent hair loss. The combination of Rosemary and Litsea Cubeba is also quiet pleasant if you're into herbal and citrus smell. I personally quiet like it as it gives a sense of lighter feeling on my hair. I make sure I shake the bottle before I start using...!

On Yarok website, leave-in conditioner is under Styling product category. It is actually meant to be for heat-styling and blow-drying pre-treatment! But I don't do any of those and use it as a conditioner only.

Interested in the Yarok line? If you're in Australia, get it from I Am Natural Store, but everywhere else.. Spirit Beauty Lounge is always my first destination to find awesome brands! 


  1. I would love to try this, I wish I had opted for this instead of the mousse as even though my hair is fine, it is a little drier so I think this would have been better.

    1. Hi Meeta, you should try this! I have fine hair too, and this leave-on conditioner is nice and light. Just gives enough hydration for me.

      I actually want to try the mousse but I doubt I will use it as often as I would like. How do you like the mousse? Does it live up to its claim?

  2. I have this product and like it but agree that I hate not having control of the spray (have sprayed the sides of my face more than a couple of times!). Thanks for the tip about spraying it into your palms, then applying to hair. I'll definitely give it a try next time.



    1. I know. Even though it delivers a fine even spray, it just keeps hitting side of my face! I am very likely to get irritated by hair products :\


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