My Emergency Beauty Summer Kit

Summer is the most inconvenient because sometimes I forget to let the skin breathe -Oil, Cream, Foundation, Sunscreen..-. Where I am, the sun is still shining bright and while endless daylight can mean fun, I avoid staying outside when the sun is at its peak (it can reach 40c here!). These are my must-have items particularly for this hot season to keep me cool and sane. Have a great summer (sorry if I'm late) but I'm still drinking some icy fruity water and snacking on frozen grapes :) 

Thermal Water Spray: Maya Water in White Tea

Having any spray to cool down especially in the heat of summer is great. I really prefer to go with the very basic such as a thermal water spray from Maya Water because it does not add intense hydration or dewiness to my skin - I'm already sweating. Maya gets its thermal water from Skogshorn in Norway and its trace of minerals is an absolute must to revitalize flushed, irritated, tired and dry skin. The Pure one is love at first try (I already bought this 3x!) but right now I'm trying White Tea for an added antioxidant benefit.

PS: I had gone through many thermal water in my life and did not get the hype until I tried Maya. I find Maya the most refreshing and restoring for my skin.

Calming Serum: Sodashi Calming Serum

Sodashi Calming Serum is my ultimate reactive skin savior for any season -hot or cool-! This is a facial oil version of a serum which takes a base of hydrating but lightweight plant oils such as Camellia and Cantella Oil - my favorite to transform dry, irritated skin to a happy calm skin. The essential oils are the Chamomiles, Vetiver, Lavender, Sandalwood and Neroli. The chamomiles and Vetiver really shine in the scent - green and nutty. I use this under my cream moisturizer to soothe my skin instantly from any contact dermatitis or itchy flakiness. If you have drier or more dehydrated skin, The Blue Cocoon is also a fantastic option.

PS: Sodashi Calming Serum is contained in a little glass vial only for when I am travelling. It is originally kept inside the gorgeous myron glass bottle.

Sunscreen: Suntegrity 5 in 1 Tinted Moisturizer

Dare I say it, I dislike wearing sunscreen I really do. But if I must in a situation where I am outside for more than usual, I skip my cream moisturizer and use Suntegrity's tinted moisturizer instead, on top of my serum. This, in addition to my favorite floppy hat. Although it's tinted, it does not cover at all but I dread the white-cast sunscreen look so the tint prevents it from me having that. This one boasts in SPF 30, great for your daily SPF and leaves a smooth matte finish too!

Pimples: Blue Tansy & Kunzea Essential oils 

One of the lo-downs about summer is skin is more often congested.. and then you see pimples. I love to dab a little of 50/50 blend of Blue Tansy & Kunzea to rescue any upcoming pimples or already-too-late-whiteheads. If the pimple is red and inflamed, I mix it with my Sodashi Calming Serum because it works like a charm.

Have you seen my little-pot post where I feature Botani's green clay acne treatment? I love it as much too and use it at night as a treatment for my whiteheads and blackheads!

Exfoliate: Pai Muslin Cloth 

My skin loves to get buffed because sometimes the acne marks can get a little flaky and my congested-prone skin needs to be kept at bay. Although my favorite skincare exfoliator is Clean Dirt, I turn to Pai's muslin cloth when I want a no-frill solution. It's also perfect to travel with or when you run out of your usual exfoliator. The cloth is a bit rough but it's not as abrasive as you think. I use it almost everyday to gently exfoliate the skin while I cleanse with my ED4OLO cleansing oil or any cream cleanser. May I add, this works better than toothbrush (it's more controllable) to brush away those dead skin cells on your lips!!! (my lips are always shedding).

Hair: Lulu Organics 

This is my first time trying Lulu Organics or any natural hair powder in that case. This stuff works great to unravel the greasiness or smelliness that comes after playing outside for too long. Or useful for any bad-hair day really. It gives my hair a fresh and brand-new feeling, but what I like the most about it is the subtle Jasmine scent.

Lets chat. What is in your emergency beauty summer kit?


  1. Asti, I'm seriously obsessed with your blog.
    Your product reviews and everything give me so much!

    Would you mind if I added you to my blogfavorites?

    x Lola

    1. Hi Laura, thank you for the kind words. I do hope I will be updating the blog more consistently. And I definitely do no mind with you adding me to your blog favorites, in fact, thank you so much!

      Just took a stroll in your blog. Love love your casual and chic style! It seems like we like so many of the same things.

  2. Lovely selection of products!!!! x

  3. I love the Pai muslin cloth too, tho I know a lot of people think it's too abrasive. We can be best buddies - I use it to remove flakes from my lips as well! :D

    1. Yay for Pai muslin clothes! I dont ever want to be without it. Thanks for dropping by Ru!

  4. Love this little travel routine. I'm dying to try more form Sodashi and have heard many good things about the Maya thermal waters.

    Mayah x

    P.S Amazing rug!

    1. Hi Mayah. I noticed you tried their lip smoother from Sodashi! Have you tried other Sodashi products? I really recommend their serums (oils) which are Sodashi's powerhouse in my opinion. Their moisturizers is also one of the only creams I can use on my fussy skin! It's hard to not love Maya water, it is so fresh and pure!

      ;) Got the rug from Jordan, they have so many beautiful carpets, if I was an Aladdin I would switch up my carpet everyday like it's fashion!

  5. It's a nice yet neat summer kit to be known of, hair becomes the even harder part when it comes to summer. Hair powder would help, really.

    1. Thanks! And oh man! Doesn't hair become even more finicky during the summer?! Hair powder to the rescue. What's your favorite?

  6. I had to smile when I saw the photo for this blog post - I also have the Maya Water in White Tea, the Lulu Hair Powder in Jasmine, recently bought the Suntegrity 5 in 1 Tinted Moisturiser, and own 3 of the Pai muslin cloths.

    The Blue Tansy/Kunzea oil mixture sounds good but I am too lazy to mix my own. Plus, tea tree oil works well for my skin.

    For my emergency beauty summer kit I bought the OLO limited edition products which I hope will take me through the Oz summer. I also much prefer the OLO hair powder to the Lulu.


    1. We have so many of the same things, that made me smile too. I own 5 Pai's muslin cloths... I always need a clean fresh one, I use it quite often! Don't ever want to be without it. I'm still on the testing stage of the sunscreen although it's quite difficult since I only wear sunscreen occasionally. I've been away in Indonesia though and been using it almost everyday since I'm outdoor often. It's nice because it's my first matte sunscreen! No stickiness and greasiness.

      I have heard a couple people mentioned about OLO hair powder being quite better. I need to try and stock up on that before it's gone! Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. You've got a great summer emergency kit! I've been hesitant about thermal waters but you've got me curious. That Suntegrity's got some nice slip--it doesn't cover much for me either, but I'm thinking about it as my next sunscreen. Lulu's dry shampoo is great, but I've been lovely One Love Organic's dry shampoo from their summer collection--it has the most amazing scent and seems to absorb grease better than Lulu or Acure. My summer emergency kit: ED4OLO Oil Cleanser (melts everything reliably), OLO dry shampoo, a face mist (always love Y√úLI's Cocoon), & Alima Pure foundation & blush (the only foundation I'm sure doesn't clog me after a while as long as I wash my brushes!).


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