My New Spring Scent: Leila Lou By Rosie Jane

"A native Australian now living in Los Angeles, Rosie's free-spirited lifestyle shines through this breezy, light scent. Named after her daughter Leila Lou and inspired by her work as a makeup artist and mother Rosie Jane has created a perfect daily scent".

This roll-on perfume is made with a blend of the finest essential oils. With notes of pear, jasmine and fresh cut grass, Leila Lou is clean fresh and totally addicting. 

While I am not a big fan of overly sweet or fruity fragrance, I do enjoy a splash of floral, greenery and citrus scent here and there to enliven my mood. Especially after a good sweat-session, there is nothing else like taking a good cold shower accompanied by a refreshing herbal or citrus-y scented soap, and then come out like a mouth-watering fruit basket.

While Australia is in the midst of spring, I was craving for a delicious and yet alluring scent that has the right balance of floral and green. I love starting off my day with this one, it feels like I start off the day... right.

Unwrapping Leila Lou 

A brief insight.. Leila Lou is committed to reduce the use of paper, hence the boxless packaging and the recycled paper. When you have any four empty packaging of Rosie Jane's products and return them to her.. you get one free roll-on perfume in return! They have a range of body products and candles.. and a new Tilly fragrance. It makes a neat gift-stocking for yourself of your loved ones! Isn't it so great?!

Leila Lou Experience.. 

I finally succumbed to buying this perfume after going back and forth, sniff it every now and then at MC's Mecca Cosmetica. While I can be impulsive buying skincare and makeup products, scent is one thing that needs to grow on me so I am extremely picky with anything scented. I remember wanting to buy it for a friend's birthday a year ago but then I could not help but fall in love with it myself. For someone who likes gourmet, woody and slightly sweet & spicy scent.. I just needed something different! I really surprised myself with how much I adore this.

I perfectly agree that Leila Lou is spring in a bottle! The scent is bright and yet.. it feels stripped down and just oh-so-clean. It is how I'd like to smell like out of the shower that makes me want to do a little Broadway dance. What got me is the grass note that smells so fresh with the right balance of just-picked fruit basket. When I first sniff it, I notice a ripe pear and grass, with a slightly white musky scent that give it a clean feel I think. I do not notice the Jasmine in it, knowing how much I've been loading myself with that scent, it must have been overpowered by the other notes.

Scent is definitely not for anyone and while I did mention my usual loves for perfume.. I really like this for its freshness and cheerfulness! It stays on me for half a day, not bad considering how most scent that falls under this category gives me a headache after awhile.. this is so mellow and just blends well with my own body chemistry..

"Ingredients: essential oils, coconut oil, fragrance (100% natural) 
Top Notes: Nectarine + Fresh Cut Grass
Middle Notes: Pear Blossom + Jasmine
Base Notes: Vanilla + Cotton Mask"

I purchased mine at Mecca Cosmetica, but I notice Eco Diva Beauty stocks the range now! If you adore a sweet fruity scent with a touch of green, give this a try! 


  1. I want one of these! As a perfume lover, I can't wait to smell this one.


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