Cocoon Elixir, I wish you don't ever finish!

There might no be a relation between a chair and a toner but we might be seeing a clear pattern here.. Yuli here and Yuli there. While I have not tried a lot from the brand, there are already products that I would repurchase over and over again: The Cocoon and Pure Mask. I wish these two to never ever finish. There is also a Liquid Courage deluxe sample that's going to be featured on my next Empty post. I used it up a few weeks ago and I'm planning to purchase the full-size in my next shopping at IANS - I'm going to talk about that more later!

The spotlight now is on Cocoon Elixir.


My Soothing and Nurturing Skincare Routine

As a beauty blogger and not fortunate to have a resilient skin to begin with, I must say it's difficult. Exploring products are fun but changing products from time to time for the skin does not help. In my experience, my skin's proneness to congestion is usually due to moisturizers that are too heavy and products that are too sensitizing for my skin. Internally, I suspect hormonal imbalance as I've been getting acne on my chin, jawline and lower cheeks which I've never had before. Mentally and physically, I never feel great. I have seen a naturopath once which was very costly without a rebate but it was worth it as she explained a lot of good food, ingredients and a couple of supplement to be incorporated into my diet to alleviate the symptoms. As of now, I'm heavily focusing on my diet and probably 'easy and quick' supplements to take in between before we dwell even deeper to find the root of the problem.

All that aside, having a skincare routine that is soothing and nurturing is highly beneficial for my current state of being. With a more mindful diet and lifestyle, added supplement and suitable skincare routine, I do feel and look better inside and out. I have probably followed this routine for about two months now (except for the moisturizers which were new-found love) and I have seen good results. I have been using this during the temperamental spring-summer weather in Melbourne and also the hot and humid Indonesia. I usually panic not knowing what products to bring home since the weather is different, but I believe, this skincare routine is great for at least, most skin type, and is very balancing. 


Introduction to Australian Brands

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